Patterned Tile + Bathroom Vanity Combos

By Kate Riley February 22, 2019

I’ve been back and forth to San Francisco a few times this week meeting with a client. She has a full home renovation in progress and now that the drywall is up and the walls are painted, we’re in the ‘picking-of-the-finishes’ phase of the design (my favorite!).

We’ve been focused on the two bathrooms and for her hall bathroom we chose this porcelain tile for the floor and this vanity in charcoal and I’m so sooo excited to see it all coming together.

I love a bold patterned floor tile paired with a modern vanity. I suggested this vanity and tile medley as an alternative, should she be feeling the love for a blue and white combo, but she preferred the above pairing.



I could do this for hours, combine bathroom vanities with bold patterned tile. I love making an statement in with bathroom flooring, it’s an opportunity to have some fun when the remainder of the home’s flooring is something more basic for flow.

Just for fun: a few more tile and vanity combos that would look swell together:



black & white star tile / limed oak & granite vanity



brass & marble vanity /   blue & white geometric tile


 black & white paloma tile / driftwood vanity


  1. Just FYI – Your blog title comes up as “Wood Drawer Pulls” in my reader (feedly) and changes often based on the title of your blog entry. It’s the only one in my feedly that does that, so I thought you should know!

  2. I just got the SAME vanity in charcoal gray after stalking it online for months. It’s in a box downstairs while I’m getting a new floor tiled!

  3. These are super pretty pairings! You are really good at that. I like to look at other people using patterned floor tiles but I’ve learned I can only handle low contrast in my actual home- I like texture rather than graphic pattern. I’m doing a hall bath refresh right now to make it acceptable until we can remodel, and I’m going with a tonal hex sheet vinyl. I really wanted lattice pattern but the tonal one was the wrong undertone and the one with black accents in light gray made me feel like I was going to have a conniption!

  4. That match looks perfect, It’s a little hard for me to decide which bathroom tiles are best for my bathroom. I see your tile and vanity matching so beautifully I want to do exactly the same haha

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