Wood Drawer Pulls

By Kate Riley February 19, 2019

The more spaces I design, the more I’m convinced every room needs something in it that’s made of wood. It’s the texture and warmth of wood that gives a room depth and character and has become a necessary ingredient in my eyes.

Over the weekend, I linked to a houseboat renovation that I love and on closer inspection I noticed the kitchen’s cabinet pulls were wood. A wood cabinet pull looks especially good on painted cabinetry when it’s tied in to the wood tones in the floor, countertop, or room accents. It struck me that wood cabinet pulls and knobs are a gorgeous alternative to metals and one I won’t overlook in the future.



rejuvenation / fabrikate


Keep in mind most of these are available in both natural and walnut wood stain!


brass & wood / arc swirl / round beech knobs

ellis walnut pull / walnut veneer / square x 2 knob / wood inlay

moon pull / groove pull / silver walnut / bird’s eye maple

lila knobs / danish semicircular

arts & crafts pull  / nordic triangle / half circle



  1. I’m wondering if the handles would need to be treated to protect against water/ food damage. In a busy kitchen I could see them getting kind of beat up over time.

  2. Marianne, I picked carved walnut (the really old fashioned fruit & nuts design) pulls for my kitchen 21 years ago. Other than routine cleaning and a little oil once in awhile, they were great!

  3. Wood is also organic. The use of some natural elements in a space is really important. They add warmth, and texture, and keep a space from looking too sterile.

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