Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley February 16, 2019

What is it about February that is so dreary? Ugh, I’m so over winter! We’ve had so much rain (and snow) which I admit is good for California but makes for miserable conditions.

I stay positive by remembering people and nature need periods of dormancy for rest because spring is truly just around the corner. :) Hope you all are staying warm amidst these last few weeks of winter!

Favorite links:

Hello beautiful – this renovated houseboat in Australia.

This may just be the prettiest butler’s pantry ever.

Awesome DIY: this mountain scene made of wood.

Not just for home, set priorities in your mind with the Marie Kondo method.

Related: 17 quotes to inspire you to declutter your life.

Sneak peek of a few scenes from the upcoming Downton Abbey film.

New study: restrictive diets may shorten your life.

Impressive questions to ask in a job interview.

Long weekend getaways v. week long vacations, are they better?


  1. Thank you so much for the link about setting priorities in your mind. So so good – I know several people that need to read this….

  2. Just wanted to say that I look forward to your “Weekend Reading” every weekend, I love it! THANK YOU. Also, I said the exact same thing to my husband this morning, “I’m SO over winter and rain!” I live in Salinas, not too far from you, and we too have had constant rain. Bright side…hills are nice and green :). They say that there might be another Super Bloom on the Carrizo Plains in San Luis Obispo County. Okay, now I’m off to read your links with my hot cup of coffee. Then I’ll find some indoor projects to work on…

    • Thanks so much for sharing Jamie! We’re getting some sunshine today, it definitely lifts the spirits!

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