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By Kate Riley February 24, 2019

I’m up in the mountains this weekend with a group of girlfriends, we do an annual trip to the snow in Lake Tahoe every year and the group of us is having a ton of fun! It’s been in the news lately that there are health benefits to hanging out with your girlfriends, but isn’t that something we’ve always known? That spending quality time with genuine friends improves your quality of life!

I consider myself so blessed to be surrounded by an amazing tribe of women. They didn’t just come to me, in many ways I had to seek them out, but once I did and when I invested my time in those female relationships, I discovered how much they enrich my life with their wit and wisdom, and I can’t imagine life without them! So that’s what I’m up to this weekend, living in the moment, playing in the snow, laughing it up and and making memories with good friends. I do hope your enjoying your weekend too!

Favorite links from the week:


How amazing is this shower tile installation?

Nicely done! This very cool design around a bathroom mirror.

The best looks of Karl Lagerfeld in Vogue magazine.

Interesting: how mirror meditation can improve self love.

Shameful, the thieves among us: tile bandits and succulent smugglers.

Hotel life hacks to note while traveling.

I’ve read it a dozen times already, isn’t this poem/quote just so hopeful?



  1. Thank you for the travel tips. I always put the remote in either the ice bucket bag or Zip Lock bags. I always bring Clorox Wipes. Can you tell I was in nursing…lol?

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