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By Kate Riley March 3, 2014

Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? We don’t have cable so I had to wait for the updates and videos online and get snippets via social media, but I love love love Oscar fashion dress (all those starving stars in beautiful designer gowns!) and Ellen’s Twitter feed cracked me up because she instigates selfies like this (the most retweeted ever) which was amusing because the celebrities, you know, they are “just like us”. And Ellen delivered pizza, awesome.

I decided instead of being productive over the weekend that I would be a complete couch potato and catch up on my entertainment. We watched Gravity  which was good but gave me strange dreams of floating through space, and also 12 Years a Slave and I bawled all the way through, but I’m happy Lupita Nynog’o won Best Supporting Actress (her acceptance speech was so lovely) and that it also totally deserved Best Picture (says the girl who has seen 2 of the 10 nominated films).

I though Chiwetel Ejiofor’s performance in that film was incredible, but I’m also happy Matthew McConaughey won for Best Actor – I secretly fell in love with him 18 years ago when he played Jake Brigance in A Time to Kill and I’ve been a fan ever since, I loved his heartfelt acceptance speech too.

There is always a connection between fashion and interior design, and the Oscars are the height of glamour when every detail is so exquisite. There were so many pale gowns this year, some embellished with sequins or glitz. I love a neutral + sparkle combo in fashion and interiors, these were my favorites.

cate kristin kate gowns

Best Actress Cate in Armani Prive / Kristin Chenoweth in Cavalli / Kate Hudson in Attelier Versace.

meryl jenna portia gowns

Meryl in Lanvin / Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Reem Acra / Portia de Rossi in Naeem Kahn

In the bold category, these were very glamorous.

sandra olga charlize gowns

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen / Olga Kurylenko in Suzy Amis-Cameron / Charlize Theron in Dior Haute Couture.

But I think the win for Best Dressed lady award goes to Lupita Nynog’o in her pale blue Prada, it had tiny crystals running down the flowing pleated skirt, so so gorgeous.

lupita nynogo oscar gown

See so much more up close of the red carpet fashion here.

Late Saturday night, I got caught up on House of Cards on Netflix, tell me you are watching this show! Kevin Spacey is perfect in the role of Francis Underwood and it is so good. His cufflink initials are not to be ignored, am I right?

francis underwood quote

I’m halfway through Season 2 and I can’t stop watching. I appreciate that Netflix releases the entire season at once because I can sit and get completely absorbed and avoid the world without interruption until the end of the last episode, and then shut it off and return to my normal can’t sit still self.

And since I did nothing productive all weekend, here’s a look back on the top projects and posts from January and February when I was not being quite as lazy.

best of jan feb 1

We added some tailored touches to the master bedroom; and a DIY lined shower curtain to the hall bathroom. I released a few winter fabrics in pale hues and neutral colorways, and here is a formula for a fabulous foyer.

best of jan feb 2

We added a weathered gray wood top to a plain IKEA coffee table; and these are ten kitchen trends here to stay, plus how to sew an easy zippered pillow cover. Yes you can mismatch your nightstands; a fantastic dialogue in the comments about vinyl versus laminate plank flooring, also don’t miss this list of sources for affordable rugs.

What have you been watching lately and who do you think was best dressed last night?  .



  1. I *love* House of Cards! If binge watching House of Cards was an Olympic sport, I would be a gold medalist! One of the best shows out there, and Kevin Spacey is brilliant. Plus, Robin Wright is stunning (even though she’s insane). Netflix was brilliant in releasing all of the episodes at once – we were hooked when we started watching Season 1!

  2. I stayed up way too late watching the Oscars and I (sad to admit) haven’t even seen any of the movies! I love watching the fashion and acceptance speeches though..and Ellen! LOVE her! The dresses were beautiful and I can see why Lupita’s was your favorite. The dress would blend perfectly into your gorgeous bedroom!

  3. My first 2 thoughts reading this post were, No cable?? and A Time to Kill was 18 years ago?? I’m feeling old!

  4. I LOVED all the dresses you mentioned above, but I also loved Amy Adam’s dress and the dress that the lady who did makeup for Dallas Buyers Club was wearing. It was deep red and just gorgeous. Just googled her, Robin Matthews.

  5. The neutrals/nudes were lost on me, as were the gauzy gowns. But the bolds – stunning!!! That pink/coral/fuschia made me do a double take Olga, love that color – nice choice. And believe it or not, I live in griege at home and in my wardrobe. Fun post today.

  6. Loved the dresses last night. Unlike most years, I didn’t see any real misses though “Queen” Julia’s top of her gown looked like an off the rack top for a teen. (Donlt thikn she is anywhere near the queen of film). Lupita Nynog’o looked like a princess who was enjoying her dress and the ball!

  7. I didn’t watch the Oscars either. It’s always so boring and I’ve only seen one of the movies…Wolf of Wall Street which was borderline porno. I’ve put watching House of Cards on my bucket list for this Spring. Have you seen Orange is the New Black on Netflix yet Kate? I’m addicted!

    • You’ll love HOC Denise and thanks for recommending a new show to watch!

  8. Not only do we have the same taste when it comes to interiors, looks like we enjoy the same shows; Downton, Mad Men, Scandal, and HOC. My husband refuses to watch HOC with me because it’s so evil!

  9. My favorite dress easily was Lupita’s. That beautiful blue on her skin tone and the flow of it was just lovely.
    I’m so with you on House of Cards, we just finished the 2nd season marathoning it on the couch all weekend. Frank Underwood is so deviantly diabolical!! The first episode of season 2 had me talking for days about him! When Kevin Spacey started speaking in his southern accent on the Oscars show last night, I was so amused that I really LOL’d. :)

  10. I’m watching right now! Still haven’t picked my jaw up from the floor after the first episode and season 2. I’m loving it!

  11. House of Cards! The cuff links!

    Loved that Kevin Spacey did a little Frank Underwood when he initially walked onstage at the Oscars.

  12. What no cable? I’d go crazy without cable..ok maybe not since there is Netflix. I have two shows that I have been dying to watch, Mad Men {nope never seen a single show} and now House of Cards. The rain was much needed and a great way to stay inside and watch those shows, why didn’t I think of that? Loved, loved the Oscars. Ellen did a fantastic job hosting, it really made the audience more relaxed and enjoyable. I felt that all the awards given were well deserved, even though I haven’t seen one of the movies. My favorite part was watching Matthew Mcconaughey get his Oscar. Alright, alright alright.

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