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By Kate Riley July 25, 2016

Hello friends! I’m back from my 2 ½ week trip to Europe, I flew home from Germany yesterday and am still feeling a bit of jet lag this afternoon but it’s not too bad. For my first 10 days in Europe I had a traveling companion, my good girlfriend Karin accompanied me to Paris and London and we had such a blast. I spent a few days in Salzburg alone, then was joined by my husband for the last five days which we spent in Austria and Munich, Germany. It was a dream trip and I can’t wait to return, I’ll share some highlights in the weeks to come.

In Europe I was so lucky with the weather and I ate the most fabulous food. I saw soooooo much because I walked just about everywhere I went. I averaged 8 miles a day, and some days I walked up to 12 miles! I never had any issues with sore feet because I invested in quality footwear (all that walking justified extra cheese and beer ha!) so today I thought I’d share a quick post about the three pairs of shoes I lived in while I was there.

A friend of mine recommended the Naot brand and she was right, the two pairs of Naot sandals that I walked the big cities in were lifesavers, no blisters and no aching feet, not once!

 naot sandals

Kayla sandal in white snakeskin / Acacia sandal in black leather

Europeans wear good looking sneakers so to blend in I bought a pair of Josef Siebels and I really love them. They come in so many great colors (how cute are the red ones and the blue ones?) but I chose platinum metallic to coordinate with my wardrobe (the platinum color is slightly more gold than silver).

These sneakers were perfect closed toe shoes for those days when my weather app predicted the chance of rain and were perfect for the two times it actually did. Also great for plane travel too, very comfortable and chic!

 siebel sneakers

J. Siebel Caspian sneaker

All three held up so well I’m tucking them into my closet for my next travel adventure that will require a lot of walking. I highly recommend both brands for your travels too!



  1. The most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn (besides flip flops!!!) are Sketcher GoWalks. I wore them hiking mountains in Italy with no socks and never had one problem. They are reasonably priced and sold at Kohl’s so with a 30% coupon they are cheap. They truly are the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. Can’t wait to see pics of your trip!!

  2. I’ve recently jumped on the Memory Foam sneakers bandwagon. My sister and parents own a pair of Skechers, but I had to return mine as one shoe was way too tight. I found a pair of decently priced sneakers at a Spanish department store (El Corte Inglés) from their own brand. They were on clearance and they were a lifesaver on our recent trip to London -we probably were there at the same time as you and your friend-. My sister was lucky enough to snatch her Skechers for a great price, as she has really small feet and can get the children’s range.

    Has anyone tried anything similar for winter? My best find so far are from Austrian brand Leggero.

  3. Welcome home Kate! Your trip looked fabulous and it was fun following along on IG! I will keep these shoes in mind when I need a good pair of walking shoes when we travel.

  4. Naots are very pricey but they are the best! I have multiple foot issues and they are the only brand that are consistently comfy!

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing this info.
    No European trip in my near future but I’d love to see your pics!
    I too have foot issues (Marianne) and have trouble finding comfy walking shoes.
    I love the look of the fancy Josef Siebel runners and will have to check them out.
    Don’t know if I’ll go platinum but maybe the navy ones will fit in with my wardrobe.
    Speaking of which I’d love to hear how you store your shoes and any other closet organization/purging tips you might have. There is so much already out there about this but I’d love to hear your centsatonal viewpoint on the subject.
    I’m growing out my grey hair and I need to purge clothes that went with my dark brunette but now don’t go with my silvery grey. It’s so hard to let go but I really need to pare down my wardrobe and present in such a way that I can quickly find what I want.

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