Moto Jackets Under $75

By Kate Riley August 22, 2019

Have I ever told you I ride a Vespa? One of my favorite things to do is ride it around town to the market or a fitness class. After a trip to Europe, I saw it’s how many of them get around and I wanted to live like that too, so I bought myself one a few years ago.


I’m in my forties and my fashion choices have changed, my style is edgier than ever before. In my twenties, when I was a young lawyer I would spend money on nice suits. In my thirties, I wore more casual cardigans and athleisure wear. It’s fun to reinvent yourself a few times in life and fashion is one way to do it. In the fall I now wear mostly moto jackets as my top layer, especially when I ride.

I added these four new moto jackets to my wardrobe this season. I’m wearing the rose pink one in my new profile picture, and the black one I’m wearing is this faux leather floral jacket, my new favorite!

faux leather floral / ruched shoulder

rose pink / black vegan leather

I rounded up a few under $75 for your fall wardrobe too!

camel quilted  / red belted

coastal green / stone zippered

olive with hood / raspberry ruffle

fur + gold zipper / classic navy



  1. We just moved into downtown San Antonio and everything I need is in a 3-mile area mostly through neighborhood streets. I was considering getting a bike with a good-size basket, but now you have me thinking. Any tips on purchasing/riding a scooter. I had one in college, but it wasn’t scary riding it through campus. I’m a little intimidated to ride it on a real road. I wish we could be a more bike/scooter friendly country. It would save so much on gas and emissions!

    • Hi Sharon, if you’re considering one, check your state’s licensing requirements. In California, if you ride anything over 150cc then you need a motorcycle license, so I had to get one, but the bonus is I can ride any motorcycle or scooter. I chose a Vespa because I love the style but there are other options that are smaller and less expensive. On a real road it is a bit more intimidating because you have to watch for drivers who really don’t see you. I’d recommend a motorcycle safety course, they’re sooooo helpful in teaching you all you need to know.

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