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By Kate Riley March 12, 2024

I have a lot of admiration for those that know how to surf because I do not possess the skill. I remember a few years ago spending the morning on the north shore of Oahu watching surfers for hours while I sipped coffee sitting on the sand dunes, it was one of my most relaxing travel experiences.

When I asked my daughter what kind of art she wanted in her updated bedroom space she said just some favorite photos she had taken in Santa Barbara, so I framed them including and very cool photo of surfers at sunset. That capture is now for sale in my Etsy art shop as well as a bright colored more abstract surf image I created last year, both are linked below.

santa barbara surf

surf day

Below are a combination of photography and art prints that caught my eye from other Etsy shops that you may like to add to one of your spaces:


pink board / leaning boards / watercolor board / lone surfer 


paddle out / catch a wave / morning surf  / retro surf


aerial surfwaikiki canoes / surfboard triptych

sunset water / sunlit boards / standing boards  /  wave riders




  1. Thanks for sharing the beautiful SB surfing pic (I’m a SB native). And yes, way back in the day, I surfed!

  2. I have a place in Florida much like you and we love to take photos of the sunsets, so lovely! Question- what do I need to do to take a photo of a sunset I order to have it blown up to a large print for framing? Are there some guidelines? Can I use an apple 13 iPhone? How do I go about doing this? Thanks for any tips.

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