Tailored Touches to the Master

By Kate Riley February 24, 2014

One of the biggest luxuries for Matt and me is sleeping past 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. Monday through Saturday it’s go-go-go but Sundays we delight in those extra minutes of repose. In the baby years the idea of both of us sleeping in was completely unheard of, it was always a crying baby or eager toddler or bouncing adolescent demanding what they needed immediately at that moment no time to wait or “waaaaaah”, and so like most parents we had to take turns. Now we don’t have to anymore and we love it. Parents of youngsters know this, it will happen someday for you too.

Our kids, now 8 and 10, totally get that Mom and Dad do NOT want to be disturbed until the clock ticks past 8 a.m. on Sunday mornings. Which means fetch your own bowl of cereal. And which means we’re always late getting to church (yes, we are that family) but it’s a luxury we won’t deny ourselves even with the daylight is streaming through the windows reminding us that life’s obligations await.

lamp and flowers on nightstand

Last Friday I took a trip to HomeGoods in search of a new set of plain white sheets, nothing fancy, I found a set by Ralph Lauren, brought them home washed them and made the bed with them. Perfect.

I also visited HG at the chance I might find a patterned quilt or a pair of lamps to upgrade what we have in our master bedroom. As we all know, HomeGoods is a dangerous place for a decorating obsessed but on a budget place for a gal to be. I left with a few lamps to try out.

home goods lamps

The first crystal lamp was too traditional and I didn’t care for the shape and it weighed 4,567,895 pounds. I knew if a bouncing kid or a clumsy me knocked it over someone might die, or be knocked out cold. The blingy mercury glass jug on the right was nice but too shimmery next to the other accessories and took up too much space and I didn’t like the cord coming out of the top or the cork peeping out (which could of course be painted) but they were both not quite right so they were both returned.

Then I passed by my daughter’s room like I do every day and saw her pale jade Target lamp and said to myself, “what if…”  and so I tried out her Target lamp on my nightstand and of course, of course her lamp was exactly what I was looking for. 

bedside lamp


Two problems: it’s hers and there was only one. Grrr. What to do? Coaxing her into trading for something else was easy, there may have been cookies involved. #ikid #maybenot  Actually, she has a very similar lamp on her desk (seen here) that we moved into its place so now all she needs is a new white desk lamp. Easy.

The more complicated problem is we only had one of those perfect lamps. When one has mismatched nightstands like we do I think it’s best at least the lamps are the same so I really needed two. Where does one turn when one wants to find a desirable yet discontinued item? One hopes and prays it’s to be found on eBay.

Well what before my eyes should appear on the second page of a search for “green Threshold lamp” but the very same lamp from the Target line from last year – the last one at a discount and with additional pictures to prove it was one and the same.

threshold lamp

I ordered that mate just as quickly as you can say “Target never should have discontinued that lamp.”

Oh, also let me introduce you to our new bed!

new bed

It’s the Made in the USA Skyline gray linen upholstered bed that I spied over at Joss & Main a month ago. For many years we’ve had a DIY version, which was really great! (See it here, full how to right here.) We were ready for an upgrade in a similar style and I wanted something a smidge more tailored beyond the bedskirt required with our DIY version. I’ve always loved an upholstered bed, and this one popped up at the right time. I don’t stray far from my preference for classic, neutral, and elegant in the bedroom.

gray nailhead trim bed


A month ago I also bought three embroidered Euro shams at Land’s End for that pretty eucalyptus colored thread and Greek key inspired detail.

lands end embroidered shams


My bed is still plain and naked right now other than a white duvet, not that it bothers me much, it’s still the best and coziest place in the world to watch the last episode of Downton Abbey.

plain white duvet gray bed


My quest for the perfect quilt or coverlet or comforter cover continues, we need something to add a color and pattern and I’m sticking to my soothing blue/green/gray palette. My attention has shifted to this watery aqua ikat at Crate & Barrel and the Manor Comforter Cover at The Company Store.

blue quilts

Or I could just design a new pattern of my own. #conflictedinCalifornia

Are you just as picky when it comes to your bedroom linens and accessories? And what did you think of the season finale of Downton?



  1. Love the softness that’s going on in that bedroom! And, I am on the same mission to find the perfect coverlet! Good luck in your endeavor.

  2. Love the new lamp and bed. Yes, had the hardest time in finding the right comforter for our bedroom and for that matter color scheme. But finally found a great quit at Macy from Martha Stewart.

    BTW – loved the ending last night! All in all a good season.

  3. It’s absolutely perfect, Kate. So tranquil and peaceful, which is what we really need as busy parents, isn’t it? I’m totally digging on your upholstered bed – it is on my wishlist right now, but I don’t want to pay a small fortune for it either! So, I’m working on my patience. ;-)

  4. Love the bed! And the lamps are perfect. Shopping in your house is good and what luck that you got the last Target matching lamp! Your bedroom is beautiful and so serene.

  5. We have the threshold lamps on our nightstands. Scored two of them on clearance for 10$ each at target last year! Love them!

  6. First of all, let me say as a parent of a 3 year old and a baby, thank you for reminding us that there is hope at the end of the tunnel! My husband and I do take the getting up in turns, and we long for the days of getting to sleep in!

    Your master is gorgeous! I love the bed and the lamps. As for the bedding, call me plain jane, but I am kind of in love with solids right now. If I had to pick between the two spreads you mentioned, I think I prefer the company store one.

    Thanks for the great site and all the inspiration!

  7. Oh my, I LOVE that lamp!! You are right, Target should have never discontinued that. We should write them a strongly worded letter. ha ha. Seriously, though I may be a little obsessed with that color. Just ask anyone who knows me. :)

  8. Our master bedroom recently got new bedding, a plank wall and hopefully some personal art will go on the walls too. I really tried to go with the grey serene version that you have because I LOVE IT! But after 2+ years of trying that we just couldn’t get it to work for us. So now we have quite a bit more color, but I’m loving the cozy feeling that has given our space. We only have one window, so not much natural light and have 1 (sometimes 2) dogs that make white bedding a big no-no for us. So for now, we’re liking where we’re heading…

    I’m not sure about this season of Downton Abbey. I still need to watch last night’s episode though, so thank you for not putting up any spoilers!

  9. The upholstered bed is gorgeous. I really like the company store one. I haven’t seen the last couple of Downton Abby because I’ve been in Ca. Trying to get my Aunt and Uncle’s house ready for an estate sale in Covina, but hope to watch it soon!

  10. I love the new bed! I’ve been looking for a similar one, but hesitant to buy one on Joss & Main or other similar sites because I can never tell if we’re supposed to keep the box spring or not (and what would I do with the box spring). Does this bed require both the box spring and mattress or just the mattress?

    • We used our box spring Helen, and yes I recommend signing up, I was able to pay for 2/3 of that bed with referral credit !

  11. Kate, your bedroom is looking SO serene!:-). The lamp is the perfect pop of color for the space! Nice negotiating skills, Mom:-). I think the aqua Ikat is a great option! I think that it’s size of pattern scale compliments the rest of the room better than the manor comforter. There’s nothing wrong with being picky when it comes to decorating your home!:-)

  12. Every single thing you do is beautiful. That color looks different on the wall. Is it? Your taste is exquisite kate. I really like the one on the left and have you seen Sienna Paisley, Mia.Ikat, and the new Lucianna Medallian in blue at Pottery Barn? The Sienna Paisley is really beautiful with the colors you are doing.
    Check it out.

  13. I am in love with those sage/eucalyptus colors myself. I have ordered a beautiful quilt from Restoration Hardware in the ‘light silver sage’ color and a couple of pillow shams from their Italian 19th C. Medallion bedding collection, silver sage as well. I think those colors are pretty close to the look you’re going for (and most of them are on sale right now!)

  14. I’d be interested in hearing what you think about the quality of your bed. The Nester has a similar bed and said assembling it was a bit of a challenge but has been happy with it other than that. I have owned an Ikea Malm bed now for a few years and it has been a nightmare (the mattress keeps falling through!) and am a little gun shy now because of our experience. Thanks!

    • Hi Kelly – it took about 90 minutes to assemble it between the two of us, not terribly difficult really, perhaps it’s because our headboard is simpler than Nester’s (love her bed!) – it’s too early to tell how well it will hold up. We did buy a similar bed for our guest room last year, same brand in navy, and that one is holding up just fine :)

  15. Kate, your bedroom is lovely! I’m a mom to a 2 year old and a 3 year old, and we take turns letting each other sleep in, too! I very much look forward to sleeping in and having my beautiful breakables on display again…one day. :)
    I was pleased with the season finale of Downton. I found myself smiling at the end. I can’t decide which suitor I like best for Mary. What about Mr. Bates?! I’m not so sure that ordeal is over.

  16. My Skyline bed arrives tomorrow, and I was so nervous to order without a trusted review. Thank you so much for your great timing!

  17. Looks great! What a lucky find!

    I loved the last few minutes of the season finale of Downton, it made my heart melt a little!

  18. I love your bedroom. What is wall color. Also where did you get mirror above bed it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for my entry

  19. Do you have SteinMarts in No Cal? I was there the other day and they have beautiful quilted prints at very reasonable prices….. Check them out!

  20. The paint in the wall is beautiful. Is it gray? I know lighting makes a big difference as well.

  21. Oh! and Downton…oh my gosh, Poor Edith! I want her to go get her baby!
    Sweet ending for everyone else though,except I DON’T like that girl for Tom!
    And, I can’t decide which of”Mary’s Men” I like better.
    This season went way too quickly.

  22. Your is gorgeous and exactly the look I am trying to achieve in our master…bright, tranquil, uncluttered…
    We just got our gorgeous headboard and we have some night stands…now I am agonizing over lamps. Thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Beautiful!! I especially love the two ottomans at the foot of your bed…where did you get them??

  24. I’m loving that first crystal lamp! For your space though I agree with your pick. More importantly, about Downton, that last scene with the two holding hands was the best part of the entire season!

  25. Although I would generally go with the crystal lamp, when I saw the jade one I immediately loved it. Nice choice!. I love that pop of color with the blue-green gray walls. It looks soft yet crisp. As for the bedding its a real toss up . The ikat adds to the softness of the room because of the blurred lines whereas the other one adds to the cripsness

  26. I too like the look of the plain white duvet so instead of covering it with a quilt or comforter I opted for a white duvet cover (to protect the actual duvet) and a folded coverlet at the bottom of the bed.
    It has a nice colourful pattern and I keep it folded over at the bottom of the bed for interest. When I want to jazz up the bedroom (for company) I spread it out.
    The coverlet is nice option as it has a solid on one side and a pattern on the other without adding volume and bulk to the covers.
    I had some coordinating throw pillows made and I’ll all set.

  27. Kate – so lovely! I love your ideas and designs. I was wondering if you would please, please share the source for the X-ottomons? They are exactly what I am looking for – and I will make them if I can’t find them – so pretty and practical! Many Thanks!

    • Those X ottomans are also from Joss & Main – I bought them over a year ago, I’ll try to track down the source…..

  28. Wow! You replied! I’m touched – thank you! I really am serious about the ottomans – I am now officially committed! and so I thank you So Much for your time! Hope I hear again – I have started to look in earnest.

    • Perfect Martha, thank you, I should have known to look there, Lamps Plus has so many stylish finds !

  29. Dear Kate, I love your website and the creative ideas it shares. I loved visiting your home in person with my friend, Spence, too. Your holiday decorations were so special. Thanks again for sparking my own ideas.
    Hope to see you in Napa soon. Just ask Spence when you are ready.

  30. Oooo the BED!!! So pretty! I have been searching for the perfect bedding too. My favorite is white, but my dog does jump on the bed so I am trying to decide if daily washing sounds practical! Just found an extra measure of grace for that late family at church ;)

  31. I love it and LOVE that you were able to find another, talk about “meant to be”. But I have to say that what I love most about this post is that you shared that you tested out a few different lamps before finding the perfect one. Can I say that this is what discourages me the most when I’m decorating, the number of times that I get it wrong (for a lack of a better word) before I get it right. it always makes me question whether or not I should be pursuing this, if I can really manage. So thank you for opening my eyes and for unknowingly reassuring me that it is indeed “normal” to have to test out looks in place to know how they will work in a space. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  32. I am sure whatever you pick out will be beautiful. I vote to create your own though. I had a suggestion for your window treatments. Did you ever think of putting grommets on yours and beefing up the hardware? I have been eyeing BIG window hardware everywhere these days and I needed to find small hardware to stick behind my big hardware to hang some sheer curtains. Boy, was that hard to find! And Home ?Goods came to the rescue! I don’t know what to think of the final Downton. Definitely no big (and very sad) cliffhangers like last year.

  33. I love your bedroom! I would like to buy a bed similar to yours in which I can put the box spring and mattress into the frame but I’m worried they might be too thick. Would you be able to tell me how thick your box spring and mattress are to give me an idea if mine would look similar? I’m afraid mine might stick too far out of the bed frame. Love your site and I’m a daily visitor!

    Thank you.

  34. You’re right, Target absolutely should not have discontinued the pale jade lamp! I love mine, which I saw on your post about redecorating your daughter’s bedroom approx one year ago. I drove immediately to my local Target and got the last jade lamp (on clearance!) You were unbelievably lucky to have found another–wish I’d bought a pair!

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