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By Kate Riley May 3, 2011

You’re all going to think I’m cah-ray-zah-eee.  Cuckoo.  Send me to the funny farm.  But let it be heard all across the land, I’m doing even more tweaking in our master bedroom.  After months of debate, it’s been settled that we will be keeping much of the dark wood antique furniture in the space including two dressers and an armoire.  The dark wood pieces are a little old fashioned for my taste, so I’ve got to design around them and give the space more modern appeal.  

I decided to freshen a bit more with the colors I love: gray, blue, green, white and bronze, and also bring in some textural elements like the woven shades I had cut today at Lowes, plus some other linen textiles too.

I’m also making another huge change.  Don’t freak out, but I’m painting over last year’s stenciled lattice wall.  *audible gasp*   Yes, I am actually going to do it.  I have to if I’m going to change the paint color in my room to coordinate with the new bedding, but fear not, the good news is I still have the stencil and I can always recreate it again. 

There is a method to my madness.  I’ve been in love with this mirror and this bedding for quite some time, so when I discovered I could snag both at a discount I took the plunge.  I reason if I spend 30+% of my day in my bedroom, it should be a reflection of everything I love.  And the mister too.   I’m supposed to say that.  (Got to factor in the husband’s tastes too, nothing too floral or girly, right?)  

Just recently I found this bench at Home Goods, but the zebra fabric didn’t work for my room. Now it’s now recovered in spa blue velvet (a score at $3 for a remnant) and the legs refinished in Krylon’s ‘Caramel Latte’ spray paint, plus nailhead trim too. 


x bench in bronze

Sorry for the weird glare, you’d think I could capture a better pic but them kids were a hollerin. 

Do you spy my new mirror?   Couldn’t wait to take it out of the box, hello gorgeous!!  I’m going to hang it over our bed for a dramatic focal point. 

Here’s what I’m thinking for the new additions:

kates masterbedroom

Fresh paint in Ben Moore’s ‘Misted Green’; these woven shades; the Devon mirror above the bed; a blue version of this lattice accent rug I found at World Market; these cream faux leather slipper chairs to flank my dresser; and the baroque duvet in eucalyptus (scored with a gift card redeemed with the mister’s Am Ex business miles). 

Not much more will change.  I’m keeping the upholstered headboard, the gourd lamps, the lookalike Draper dresser, and I even moved this slipcovered settee under the window.  The whole space will be sort of coastal meets modern glamour, so let’s hope I can pull it all together to make it a bedroom both the Mrs. and the Mr. of this house will love!




  1. Go girl… it looks like it is going to be one fab room after you’re finished with it.
    And the mirror looks divine to me ♥

  2. Oh, I can’t wait to see it all done! Of course I’m sad about the lattice wall (so gorgeous!) but I know the new room will be even more awesome!! Can’t wait to see it!


  3. I think it is going to be wonderful!!! I love every single element in your new master. I can see why you are tweaking it, you had no choice, you had too make the changes. See how I can justify a new look for you?!!! We design types are always creating , we can not help ourself. I for one am looking forward to your newest creation,Kathysue

  4. Love the ideas! I had a question. You mentioned cutting down the shades? Did you originally get the shades at Lowes? I ordered some shades from a blind company online but stupid me accidentally sent the wrong dimensions. I accidentally sent the dimensions for an outside mounting instead of an inside. They’re not off by too much but I really wanted to do an inside mount & not sure what to do. Does Lowes cut down any shades or are they just shades that you purchase from them?

    Thanks so much! Enjoy your blog!

  5. Good for you – it is nice to have a change every once in a while…or as often as you like. Too bad you can’t just take that stencil wall and move it somewhere else!! I know that took quite a bit of time to do! :)

    Onward, my dear! Cant wait to see the results…

  6. Kate, this is going to look fabulous! Love, love, love the bench redo- I’ve actually seen that bench before and always thought it had good bones, but needed a little sprucing up! And that mirror is gorgeous. Great plans!

  7. I think it’s great that you keep his tastes in mind too. So, I guess no pink toile? ;) Our master is still on my mind, but I’m trying to work on areas that other people see first. :s And there are a lot of them. I love the new mirror, and the cute little bench looks great with the makeover. Are those blinds the ones you had cut by the amazing Levelor?

  8. This going to look great, but just pleaaaase, keep your old room pictures in your site too so we can enjoy both.

  9. Love the new bench! The x-base to it is so pretty, and the fabric you covered it with is so restful. Love the new mirror, too! Can’t wait to see this room evolve. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the inspiration! My husband and I are considering adding on a master suite to our ranch-style home and I will be doing a lot of the finishing, painting, and upholstery projects myself. I would love to do an upholstered headboard with nailhead trim, but supply in our area for the nailhead is an issue. Could you suggest an online source? Thank you!

  11. Wow, Lowes custom cut woven shades for you? I have irregular-sized windows and have wanted bamboos for a while, but custom shades are too pricey for this social worker. I didn’t know that Lowes would cut them to size for me. (I assume that because it’s Lowes it’s semi-reasonable in cost?) I’ll have to check it out. Thanks!

  12. Hey Amanda, I had a 10% off coupon, plus the guy at the store gave me another 10% off for signing up for emails, so 20% off made for huge savings!

    Holly, the Levolor blinds are available at Lowes, they cut them right there for you, how fab is that?

    Hi Karmell, I find my nailhead trim kits here:

    ~ Kate

  13. Kate, It’s going to be beautiful! Love all the elements you’ve pulled together. Looking forward to the reveal…gonna be Centsational! :)

  14. Love the WM rug. Will you share where you located the blue shade of this rug? I have been searching for something exactly like this. The link only shows the brown. Love all of your new ideas!! Thanks

  15. That’s so funny Kate! I just returned this very same mirror for $69.99 at Ross. Seeing how you put it together makes me wish I had kept it now.. They also had the oxtagon beveled one Pier One is selling as a “new item” for 179 at 79.99!!

  16. It is going to be beautiful, Kate. Although your room is beautiful now. I’ve eyed that bedding for awhile myself. It’s gorgeous. I look forward to your reveal. You have exquisite taste.

  17. I love your redos!! And thanks for giving me the courage to let go of some perfectly good design pieces and trade them out for what I really want….

    Can’t wait for the reveal!!

  18. Hey Kate! I can’t wait to see the finished product! Just wanted to mention – I just got a really similar mirror at where else… HOME GOODS for $39. But the one you got is still not a bad price and it looks awesome!

  19. I have this mirror hanging above my makeup table – I coveted it for a long while and now every time I walk into our room it makes me smile!

  20. I have that exact mirror in my living room! We don’t have a family room in our 1960s ranch and spend 75% of our time in there. It just makes me happy to look up and see it. I love it :) Love your new plan for your bedroom. Looks so soothing and restful. The mirror will be fab in there :)

  21. As always, your design choices are fantastic. Thanks for listing all the places you bought things. I’m going to “eye” that slip chair again at World Market. I love love that place. My daughter thought it was boring till she found out they had food! lol

    Keep up the good work! Katharine

  22. oh no! I love your current master bedroom!!! maybe there’s another room in your house you can transform? or in mine? :D

  23. Love the new room, very spa! How did you score the $3 remnant? Just ask?? I’m looking for bargain scraps to finish a few stools around the house.

  24. OMG I started watching a movie on Netflix called “The Joneses” and I’m pretty sure that exact same mirror is featured in it! In the very beginning of the movie, the woman (Demi Moore) gives her neighbor a house tour & the camera focuses in on that mirror! As soon as I saw the mirror, I thought “Hmm didn’t I just see that on someone’s blog??” Such an odd coincidence that the day after I see it on your blog, I decide to watch a random movie & see the mirror again! Anyways, I haven’t finished the movie yet so I can’t tell ya if it’s good or not… but the home in it sure is beautiful.

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