Semi DIY Burgundy Fall Wreath

By Kate Riley August 22, 2023

I’m big on saving time when it comes to seasonal decorating. I haven’t purchased or created a fall wreath in several years, and since I recently repainted my front door, I wanted a new wreath, one with classic leaf shapes that would suit the style of our home and one I could reuse for a few years.

I’m not a fan of busy wreaths with lots of stuff on them, I like one color or tone on tone, the simpler the better works for me. This wreath below is a combination of an existing wreath form with maple leaf sprays in the same red tones added to the wreath base.


I found a burgundy leaf wreath at Target, but in reality the wreath is not nearly as full as it is pictured on the website, so I filled it in by adding burgundy maple leaves in the same tone. The leaf bunches I found in store at Michaels.

Have you noticed how burgundy has made a big comeback? The hue is trending again. :) I liked the idea of working with the same tones just mixing in different textures so it wouldn’t be too busy. The red tones look lovely against the freshly painted dark slate blue door.

burgundy wreath + 3 burgundy maple leaf stems

Not everything has to be made from scratch, it’s a time saver to purchase a leaf wreath base and fill it in with your preferred botanicals! The burgundy Target wreath has a base with hanger that made it simple to add additional faux leaves.

I used small wire cutters to trim single stems from the leaf bunch and wedge them individually into the existing wreath form. I trimmed off any maple leaves I thought were too yellow. The total time to assemble was about 20 minutes.

Target has these two additional wreath forms with the same structure you could use to insert additional fall botanicals to suit your style.

 neutral leaf wreath / green leaf wreath

  Below are a few more leaf wreath bases you could leave as they are, or embellish with tone on tone botanical sprays or complementary contrasting ones.

cream lunaria / light sienna

golden ash / metallic gold

cream eucalyptus / copper eucalyptus

harvest leafmixed eucalyptus

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  1. I love this idea of creating a semi-DIY fall wreath by filling in a basic wreath form with additional leaves. It’s a great way to save time and money, and it still gives you the satisfaction of creating something yourself. I also love the way you chose to use burgundy leaves, which is a really popular color this year. The wreath looks beautiful against your dark slate blue door. Thanks for sharing your project!


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