Weekend Reading 8.26.23

By Kate Riley August 26, 2023

The floors in our California home are finally done after three long weeks of waiting, starting with their repair and ending with a rich dark finish. Hardwood floors, while beautiful, are not good for spaces with water (bathrooms and kitchens) and our recent toilet overflow proves it. However, now that the floors are done and looking brand new, I’m slowly bringing things back in to the house from the garage, only the things that I really love or have meaning. So there’s a lot in my garage I need to get rid of in the next month to reclaim that space too.

Who wants to join me playing the 30 Day Minimalism Game in September? It starts out easy but it gets hard! You’ll end up removing over 400 items from your life and anything counts. We will post every day the things we’re removing from our homes, starting with one item and moving up to 30 on Day 30. Are you in? I’ll send a free digital art file from my print shop for everyone who makes it all the way through! Think about it, a cleaner more decluttered house and free art!

Favorite links from the week:

A Southern California home designed to feel like France.

This designer’s portfolio mixes traditional style with bright colors.

Gwyneth has quite the charming guest house.

New version of old world: using coffee to stain your walls.

Architects name their go to white paints.

This example of how subdued yellow works on kitchen cabinets.

Indoor plants that don’t need sunlight.

80 reasons why you have way too much stuff.

35 journal prompts for self discovery and personal growth.

America’s “best” small towns.


  1. I downsized 7 yrs ago and got rid of a whole lot of stuff! And I’m continuing to get rid of things. It’s so freeing to not have so many possessions! I keep a box by the back door and when I come across something I haven’t used in a long time it goes in the box. Then when the box is full it goes to the thrift store.
    I love your game! I’ll see how I do…

  2. Celebrating the completion of our home’s renewed floors! While beautiful, hardwood’s vulnerability to water led to mishaps. Embracing minimalism, I’m clearing the garage. Join the 30 Day Minimalism Game in September for a clutter-free journey, with a rewarding free digital art file for participants. Ready to declutter and gain art!

  3. I leave for vacation on 9/24, but would like to play along until then. We sold our second home in 2021 and I still have things I’m not using stored in my basement. It needs to go!!

  4. I’m inspired by your decluttering journey and I’m in for the 30 Day Minimalism Game! Thanks for your post.

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