DIY: Paintstroke Ornaments

By Kate Riley December 5, 2022

I made these pink and gold paintstroke ornaments one afternoon while I was in Florida to complement the sunset palette that I had used to decorate the living room. They’re made with clear ornaments purchased from Michaels.

You can use either plastic or glass clear ornaments to achieve a similar look in your palette of choice. I chose to use glass paint instead of ordinary acrylic paint to make the layers more translucent.

These are simple as can be, just add add random strokes with a paintbrush one color at a time and allow them to dry between layers.

You can dry them upside down on anything that allows them to sit up straight, I used two strips of styrofoam from a shipped package.

I also spray painted the tops of mine gold to complement the gold paint strokes.

They looked so pretty I hung them on some fallen branches lit up with twinkle lights.

Recreate them in any colors you choose !



  1. Your ornaments turned out gorgeous and I wonder if I could make these with my 13 yo daughter? I think she would love to help

  2. handmade ornaments offer cool visuals i want to try it myself i don’t know if i can do it but i will try it i will have a fun time

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