Weekend Reading 12.4.22

By Kate Riley December 4, 2022

One thing I’m learning on my ceramics journey is there’s a peace in being creative for creativity’s sake. Several of my pottery creations have been flops, some are successful, some surprise me, but all of them are imperfect. None of the failures stop me from doing it. While I’m learning at a slow and steady pace, I find it’s the meditative nature of the process of creating I find most appealing.

I returned to California this week after closing up the house in Florida and have spent the past few days just reading and resting. One thing I know from past holiday seasons is that if the decorating and holiday activities are for the sake of doing because you enjoy it, and not just for show, the season is far more enjoyable. I have a simple ornament project to share this week and then I’ll be starting on a little decorating in our living room to welcome my daughter home from college.

Favorite links from the week:

This elegant Dutch townhouse in the Netherlands.

Moody interiors and a gorgeous entry chandelier on display in this New York home.

Do you agree these are the next kitchen color trends?

This layered girl’s bedroom.

This handy decluttering trick.

How lovely: these pastel bathroom basins.

I’ve used this kit on old floors, here’s how to make them look like marble.

‘Gaslighting’ is the word of the year.

Eating alone: there’s sad food and then there’s solitude food.

A beautiful approach to synchronicity with winter.

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