Handmade Holiday: Paper Craft Projects

By Kate Riley November 4, 2020

I used to do more crafting when my kids were little, we made glittery ornaments and other things. Now I craft for myself when the mood strikes, which predictably is November when I’m looking to keep my fingers busy while staying cozy indoors. I find paper crafts therapeutic and love seeing a creation come to life. I’ve gathered supplies for another simple paper project I’m working on, I’ll feature that later this month.

Meanwhile, I’m linking to four of my past paper holiday creations because I still have them! The paper leaf garland (featured first) is special to me because I made it in 2016 with my best friend, and she passed away in 2018 from cancer. I never thought something so simple as a paper craft project completed from a friend could hold so much meaning, but it does. I could never part with it, and I wrap it in tissue every January to preserve it.

I made the silver and gold confetti garland with my daughter in 2014 when she was younger and more interested in crafting than she is now, so it holds meaning for me too. Below are some additional ideas to spark your creativity while you prep for the holidays and deck your halls.

Paper Leaf Garland


Sparkle Confetti Garland

Scandinavian Paper Star Garland


Twinkle Light Paper Leaf Wreath

Below are more inspiring holiday paper projects (created by others) that are worth recreating and maybe turning into keepsakes.

Paper Poinsettia

3D Paper Stars

Oversized Paper Holly

Paper Mistletoe Printable

Circle Paper Garland

Origami Christmas Trees


Bottlebrush Christmas Trees


Printable Colorful Village Luminaries


Snow Dotted Colorful Cone Trees

Colorful Paper Forest


Ombre Gold Stripe Cone Trees


Paper Ball Ornaments


Paper Evergreen Trees


Snowflake Stars


Paper Tree Forest


Paper Snowflake Trees


Gold Leaf Paper Mini Wreaths


Faux Bois Leaf Shape Garland

Have you held on to any paper crafts from the past because of a person you completed them with? Do any of yours hold sentimental value?


  1. These are all so amazing! I hate spending tons of money on holiday decor because I like to switch it up every year, so this is great! Definitely gonna try out so many of these! Especially the twinkle light paper leaf wreath :D

  2. Hi Kate!
    I made the silver and gold confetti garland back in 2014. Was it that long ago?
    I worked on it by myself, but when I put it up I think of you!
    Thank you for all the inspiration you’ve shared over the years.
    Atlanta, GA

  3. I don’t know if I have the patience to try any of these myself, but they are so pretty to look at!

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