Twinkle Light Paper Leaf Wreath

By Kate Riley November 13, 2018

I was at my local IKEA last week buying a sofa and on my way to the checkout line noticed they had a lot of lighted Christmas decor that was really good. The Strala lighted wreath caught my eye, it’s simple and white, but I thought why not embellish it with paper leaves to personalize it.


Every holiday season I sit down to do one or two crafts while I watch a classic movie. In years past I made a pretty paper leaf garland and sparkle confetti garland and a wrapping paper wreath to name a few. This year I was inspired to create a lighted paper leaf wreath using golden marbled cardstock and the plain white LED lighted wreath as a base.




This is a great project if you host a craft night with your friends since it only takes about an hour to assemble, and you can use any color or pattern of cardstock you like.



There’s no such thing as too many twinkle lights during the holidays, amiright?


Also a sneak peek at one of my new favorite props for the studio, the Dana Rattan chair from Kirkland’s.

For this simple DIY project, you need the lighted wreath from IKEA, 4 sheets of cardstock to make the leaves, floral wire, scissors, a glue stick, and white floral tape.



To begin, cut two pieces of cardstock together to form a leaf about 3 inches long…



Next, cut floral wire about five or six inches long and insert between each leaf side…


… a simple glue stick secures both side of the leaf together.



for each leaf, wrap the floral wire around the wreath to secure it…


rotate the placement of the leaves adding them inside and outside….


continue adding leaves as you work your way around the wreath….


when complete, cover the wire with white floral tape…


plug in and hang it up anywhere you like!



  1. It’s true this wreath is a good base for diy! I like yours!
    but today I searched the blog to know if your area is safe, are you ok?
    I’ve seen those terrible fires….

    • Thank you for your concern Silvia, they raged in Wine Country last year but they are in different locations this year, east and north of me, and also in the southern part of the state. It’s frightening how big the fires have become in our state. There is still bad air quality everywhere, many people wearing masks and we’ve had several days of school canceled because of the dangerous air.

  2. So simple but so cute!!!! Where did you get the paper for the leaves?? And how did you plug it in??? Love your blog.


  3. I love this project! So pretty and I love that the light source is built in, so no wires and little battery box. Sadly it is not available online, and we do not have an Ikea.

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