DIY Wrapping Paper Wreath

By Kate Riley November 11, 2013

Welcome to another week everyone and wishing you all a Happy Veteran’s Day – our town hosts a parade that honors our local veterans, then we’re off to celebrate Matt’s grandmother’s 104th birthday (!) today, bringing lunch and a cake to her home.

Today I’m featuring a project I showed a glimpse of in the Holiday Lookbook, a focal point wreath crafted with wrapping paper. The process to make it is similar to a bookpage wreath but this version is created with layered tubes of gift wrap!

diy wrapping paper wreath

To recreate, here’s what you’ll need: 12” foam wreath; 6 feet of sturdy wrapping paper (thicker is better); hot glue & glue gun; invisible tape, ribbon for hanging.

gift wrap wreath

The first thing to do is to tie a ribbon around one section since you’ll be layering tubes of paper on top.

tie ribbon around wreath


The rest is very simple and takes about an hour to complete. Cut one long 8 inch strip from the roll of wrapping paper then 2 inch strips from that section – wrap them around and secure with tape then hot glue them in layers to the wreath form.

create tubes with paper

hot glue tubes

hot glue tubes of paper

Continue the process with three layers, making the tubes shorter on the inside circle, I cut mine down to 7” then 6” to form the middle.

wrapping paper wreath mingle pattern


diy gift wrap wreath

Hang your wreath where it will get a lot of attention!

wrapping paper wreath on hutch


Any wrapping paper with an interesting repeat will do, or you can recreate this version with any of the three Mingle colorways available at my Spoonflower shop.

mingle gift wrap colors


More holiday decorating coming soon!



  1. I love this. What a fun idea. Now I know why I bought a clearance (12 pack) of 12″ foam wreaths! I have plenty to play with. And, tons of paper. Good times ahead. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  2. I have your mingle in the green/red colorway en route to me….it will arrive this week and I can’t wait to make this project. My fabric will be coming in as well….looking so forward to the stocking tutorial! Thanks so much!

  3. This seems like a fun project for the kids to do and it will look great in the house. Wonder what it would look like if you used a bunch of different papers and patterns.

  4. Such a easy, cute idea. I posted this link on my face book fan page for my readers, hope you do not mind me sharing it.

    • Picture 2″ x 8″ strips of wrapping paper Amy turned into 8″ tubes. First cut a long 8″ strip off the roll of wrapping paper, then cut that piece into 2″ x 8″ strips.

  5. I was trying to figure out the same thing! I can’t tell from the pictures anything about the 2 inch strips.

  6. sorry to be dense…but I still do not understand what the 2″ strips are for…can u explain it another way? maybe I will understand it… thanks

  7. Hi,
    Loved the wreath. Just to confirm
    Basically it is 2″ in width and 8″ in length right to form a tube.


  8. Where do you look or go to find or create such wreaths. How do you go about creating new designs? I’m new so anything you know would be greatly appreciated. Do you have a site with lots of pictures and or tutorials? I’ll appreciate any help you have to offer. Email me anything you would be will to send I want to make Wreaths for my whole family and for all holidays and seasons. I got hurt in an accident and I am still recovering, so I have lots of time on my hands. Luckily it was my feet.

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