Old Door Obsession

By Kate Riley September 2, 2020

I was looking back through my travel photos and I noticed a pattern: old world or old wood doors always stop me in my tracks. Could it be what they represent? A portal to a new place I’ve never been? A suggestion that something mysterious and wonderful lies just beyond? Or is it just their craftsmanship I admire?

These are just a few of my favorites I’ve photographed on my travels. I’m drawn to any door that shows signs of age, character, and history. They’re solid wood and you know they took some craftsman a ton of work to fabricate and install.




Are you the same? Does a beautiful old door stop you in your tracks too?

I’ve turned a few of my doors and arches photographs into art prints. I’ve added a new collection to the Art Shop called Portals for this subject.

These are a few of the latest additions (more prints in the shop).

Sunlit Stucco print

Palm Springs Doors prints – set of four

Casa Patina print

I am now accepting submissions for the art shop! If you have an fantastic high quality photo you’ve taken on your travels that might make a good art print, all contributing artists receive a percentage of sales.

I’m looking to expand the Coastal Collection, everyone loves a great beach image! I’m also looking for more bright colored images for the City Scenes collection, and to add more images to the Architectural and Black + White collections. Take a look at the existing collections in the Art Shop and if you have a high resolution (3000px+) image that would make a good fit, please submit to [email protected] for consideration. Licensing agreement included. :)


  1. I am the same way! I also photograph doors.Love the ones in France. The Palm Spring doors are colorful but boring..

  2. I share your door obsession! And door knockers are even more fascinating to me – first started noticing them when we were in Ireland/England many years ago and now I love finding interesting ones wherever we travel.

  3. I never really noticed doors even though I have travelled extensively…until I got to Slovenia. Even the poorest old homes had beautiful doors. Wish I had taken photos now, at the time I just felt silly 🤔😉

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