Black + White Photography Wall

By Kate Riley September 5, 2023

Friends, welcome to a corner of my home you’ve never seen! Since I started this blog way back in the dark ages (2009) I’ve never shown you this corner of my abode. The reason was that it was just a plain wall painted dark tan for about fifteen years. I’d walk by it every day, sigh and think someday I’ve got to do something with this narrow space.

This hallway connects the primary bedroom to the primary bathroom, yes you have to walk out of the bedroom to get to the bathroom and we like it that way (less noise, more privacy). On the other side of the hallway is the guest room so any friend or relative who stays the night has access to this bathroom. I thought it was time to update this narrow passageway between the two bedrooms and give it a little style.

I’ve been wanting to display some of my travel art prints, specifically my black and white photography from around the world and I finally made it happen here. I painted the hallway in Benjamin Moore ‘Simply White’ then hung the art in an asymmetrical grid format. Beneath the display I added a console narrow enough to allow for easy clearance.



I’ve had the basic metal console for years, it was originally black, but I repurposed it here and gave it texture by wrapping the two upper shelves in light brown cotton rope using hot glue, then painting the legs a matching color.

Now this console is a slightly more interesting, less ubiquitous piece. This hallway gets no direct or indirect light so I thought it best to decorate it simply with faux stems.



Your favorite travel snapshots are a great source of images and the perfect way to personalize your walls, plus you can never go wrong with timeless black and white photography!


  1. Your hallway looks fabulous with your repurposed console table and stunning photography!

  2. Hi Kate!
    You always surprise and impress me! The transformation of the table is out of the box and your travel photos are a beautiful nod to your adventures. I always second guess my layouts when group photos, I will be copying yours!
    Thank you for always sharing whats brewing from your beautiful mind!

  3. The travel gallery wall looks so pretty there! I know the feeling of wanting to tackle a blank wall. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The asymmetrical grid format adds an artistic touch, making the hallway feel like a unique gallery in your home and adding character and uniqueness to the space.

  5. Everything you do is so smart and lovely. You just have the best ideas that I love to copy, so thank you! Would you mind sharing the color of your walls please.

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