Statement Black + White Tile Options

By Kate Riley July 22, 2019

I installed this hexagon black and white statement tile in a client’s bathroom, it’s so beautiful! Reveal coming soon. :) The use of statement tile on a floor or backsplash is a great way to achieve impact. Who among you hasn’t stopped in their tracks at the sight of a high contrast black and white pattern on a floor or wall? These are perfect examples:


built design collective

granada tile


Also consider these black and white statement tiles for wherever you want to achieve a similar effect….


boreal abstract porcelain / twenties diamond

bronte porcelain / chawen tile

elite ceramic / poseidon

della porcelain / code talker geo

trident hex porcelain / apogee

enchante porcelain  / cement maze (also in black)



  1. Hi! I love reading your blog, and as a mobile user I had a request — the instagram photos at the bottom prevent me from easily accessing the “Next Page” button. Since there are only a couple posts per page, over time this slight inconvenience has led to me visiting your blog less often, which I just realized today! Just wanted to see if it was possible to move the Instagram area below the “next page” link or else maybe have fewer Instagram photos displayed. If not, I totally understand. Looking forward to reading about more adventures!

    • Thank you so much for letting me know Carlene! I was unaware, I’ll talk to my tech team about it. :)

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