Black Tile Backsplashes Done Right

By Kate Riley August 29, 2019

I’ve painted walls and furniture black, and installed black (and white) wallpaper, and bought black furniture, and used black hardware on cabinets, but I’ve never considered a black tile backsplash, until now. A tile backsplash is far more permanent than wallpaper or paint which is why I’ve hesitated, I mean, it’s stuck to the wall so it’s not like you can change it easily.

But I can’t deny, black tile looks oh so sleek. The key to pulling it off is to install in a kitchen or bathroom with natural light and to use plenty of white and wood for balance and contrast. Take a cue from these black tile backsplashes done right!


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house beautiful

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  1. Love the black herringbone pattern with the white floor and cabinets. Perfection!

  2. I think these work because there is so much light and because there is space and contrast around all of the black. I do love the handmade looking tiles as well as the herringbone!

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