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By Kate Riley July 20, 2019

Have you guys ever done the escape room experience? Just a few weeks ago I did one with my family. Everyone I’ve shared my experience with has one of two reactions. 1) “Oh no, I could never be locked in a room like that!” or 2) “Wow cool, how did you escape?” The truth is, we didn’t. Our team fell 20 seconds short of entering the code to get out. We did solve the clues, just not in time.

I loved the experience for several reasons. First, it teaches you things about yourself. For example, how do you act under pressure? How do you respond when someone’s not listening to you? How do you feel when someone is relying on you for answers and you don’t have them? The escape room experience will definitely bring those issues to the surface!

The experience also places you outside your comfort zone. You’re locked in a room and there’s only two ways to get out, solve the clues or hit the panic button. Not your everyday situation so it’s a test of how you react! I was excited and a little nervous, but I didn’t let nervousness stop me from participating. After the experience we all talked about it and we were able to laugh about how confusing it got and how we figured it out by everyone contributing their brain power. Mostly I just loved the experience of having to solve a series of clues within a certain period of time. I’m visiting my sister in Salt Lake City later this month and I’ve turned her on to the Downton Abbey Escape game. Looks like fun!

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  1. I’ve never heard of an “escape room” experience. Is this a game you play in your house with your family? Something hosted in a different setting? Info? Links please?

    • Many cities have set up “escape rooms” as an experience where you pay money as a team, you go into a room, and you’re given a certain period of time to get out!

      • Wow, I don’t know if it sounds fun or scary but will look into it. Thank you!

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