Maker Spotlight: Ceramics on Etsy

By Kate Riley June 6, 2019

Friends, I’m such a sucker for handmade ceramics, and I found myself browsing some Etsy shops yesterday. I love supporting makers and these shops are all new favorites of mine.

I love little vessels for holding jewelry, matchbooks, succulents, and for culinary uses… beautiful and practical! Take a peek at these shops and I’m sure you’ll find a little something you love too. Bonus: these are all made in America!

Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio


Seana and Yair of Tierra Sol Studio


Jennifer Spring Ceramics


Kara at Husk Milk Pottery


Shandi of Pottery and Tile 


Jennifer Beachy Pottery


Janelle at Stuck in the Mud Pottery

Got a ceramic maker you love? Share them in the comments!



  1. Thanks for sharing these great shops! I love your finds, and I have some new favorites now.

    Happy weekend!

  2. There is a group on Etsy called the Etsymudteam. I am a member as well. The team is around 300 strong and very diverse in styles and making. Satisfy your ceramics jones. We are getting our own website and it is almost ready to launch. Love that you highlighted some very good makers too.

  3. Hi Kate! I was poking around online and found this. Thanks so much for the mention. I am in great company.

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