Plant Spotlight: Dragon Tree

By Kate Riley January 5, 2022

I most predictable thing happened to me at Target yesterday. I was shopping for cleaners and someone rolling a giant tiered cart of plants walked right past me. Like a moth to a flame I followed it and spied a Dracaena (dragon tree) in a modern white planter. I fell victim of the Target curse, the one where once you cross the threshold of the Target entrance you always spy something you “need”. :)

This is my third Dracaena plant (top left). I bought it because the price was right for both the plant + planter combo, and like my other indoor plants these are nearly impossible to kill. I have another one growing in a large pot and a smaller one in my office.

Their spiky green leaves with red edges resemble mini palms so they add a coastal or tropical vibe, although they’re not related to the palm tree. There are dozens of varieties of Dracaena, today’s spotlight is on the low maintenance varietal is Dracaena Marginata. This plant is native to Madagascar so it’s commonly referred to as Madagascar Dragon Tree.

This dragon tree survives indoors in low light and but prefers bright, indirect light. The plant is accustomed to dry climates so it can cope with irregular watering because it stores water in its trunk and slowly releases it to the leaves. My two other dragon trees that I’ve had for over two years I water about every 7-9 days.

gardener’s store

In their natural habitat they can grow as tall as 20 feet but they grow very tall in pots indoors too, up to 8-10 feet. The one thing to know is that dracaena marginata is toxic to pets so be careful not allowing access to them if they chew plants.

Below are a few helpful articles on caring for these plants including troubleshooting and propagation.

Growing Dracaena Indoors

Dragon Tree Care

Caring for Madagascar Dragon Trees


Have you had success with a Dragon Tree? What indoor plants are thriving in your home right now?

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  1. I have 4. One lives outside all year and is appx 8ft tall. It’s in a large planter. I have 3 indoors. one with a gorgeous twisted trunk and a baby kiwi in a 6 inch pot. My oldest is living very happily in a corner where it gets plenty of indirect light.

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