Weekend Reading 1.9.22

By Kate Riley January 9, 2022

Happy weekend friends! Last week I met with a few more subcontractors on our investment property and shared some progress updates in my Insta stories. The spaces are nearing completion and I’m excited to share those reveals coming soon.

Yesterday I went boating with some friends around the San Francisco Bay. The water was flat and the skies were blue, it was cold and incredibly beautiful. We jetted under the Golden Gate Bridge as dolphins danced in the distance and I saw sunset views at an angle I’ve never seen before, it was an amazing sight. I’ll share a little video on my Instagram later today.

How are you all feeling a week into this new year? Hopeful? Inspired? Discouraged? I’m looking at my list of goals for the year and there are a lot but I plan to tackle them one by one and in baby steps. I’ve found that’s the best way to get where you want to go and avoid overwhelm is to just start and to do just a little bit each day to get closer to the goal line.

Some favorite links from the past week:

Zillow predicts these seven trends dominate home design in 2022. image via milk + confetti

An old tool shed converted into a zen backyard yoga studio.

A dilapidated building transformed into a French countryside retreat.

An impressive garage to mudroom makeover using IKEA cabinets.

Justina’s outdoor Target collection is charming!

The Mediterranean diet was ranked healthiest for the fifth year in a row.

Alcohol free spirits and sober bars are trending.

120 quotes about love.

Four pillars in a healthy relationship.

Think of zest as a test for each new day.

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