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By Kate Riley May 4, 2019

Happy weekend friends! I’ve been spending this week in Portugal, tasting the food and seeing the sights of small towns in the Algarve, and the capital city of Lisbon. Portugal is *filled* with inspiration, check out my Insta stories today with pictures of tile on the buildings around Lisbon and at the Tile Museum. Today I’m in Aveiro, and tomorrow we’re off to Porto where we end our trip.

A few days ago a friend of mine sent me some pictures of her flip house project and I was so impressed I asked to share them! Remember when I featured Dino and Heidi’s kitchen remodel a couple years ago? Well this talented couple is at it once more, they flipped a small home in Santa Rosa, California and what a transformation!

You can see how much exterior work had to be done. They also scraped popcorn ceilings, reframed the opening from the kitchen to the living room, gave the bathrooms a floor to ceiling makeover, and modernized the eat in kitchen. Take a look!

Living Room:









Rear Yard:



Exterior Front:

Beautifully done, right? I love all the modern touches (the fireplace tile!) and the black shutters and fresh white paint on the exterior, what a difference!

I asked Heidi to round up sources for me, so if you see anything in particular you like, let me know in the comments and I’ll get that information for you!


  1. What is the flooring? Name of the manufacturer, color name and is it wood-look tile, real wood or laminate of some kind? Expensive? It’s very pretty. Thank you so much for sharing the information.

  2. Thanks for sharing our project! I’ll get some sources to you soon. Now on to the next one. ?

  3. Fabulous job, Heidi! Congratulations and enjoy your “new” home!

  4. What a great transformation! I’d love to know what the long, glossy white wall tile is that you used over the tub.

  5. Same question as Grace regarding flooring: manufacturer, color, is it wood or tile, cost? Also, color of kitchen cabinets? Looks lovely!

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