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By Kate Riley January 15, 2019

Thanks so much for the positive feedback and comments on my latest bathroom makeover! For most of you, the black and white tropical wallpaper was the big hit!

When designing bathrooms, if I’m not covering the walls with tile, then I’m likely going to use wallpaper! The peel & stick varieties are easy to install and even more easily removable, so they’re great for renters or those taking their first step into the arena of wallpaper.

In 2017, I rounded up some favorite removable wallpapers and the year before too. Today I’m back with more favorite patterns. If I had more spaces to decorate right now, I’d use these fresh and fabulous patterns for sure! Also below, find some sources for peel and stick wallpaper for your future reference. :)


l’amour metallic gold

graphic vine

sea floral

make it rain

hand drawn abstract

outlined leaf

banana leaf


blue & green watercolor floral

parson’s paint (multiple colors)

mod gold scallop


black and white floral


Sources for Peel & Stick Wallpaper:



Design Your Wall


Chasing Paper

Wall Pops

Walls Need Love

Color Ray Decor

Etsy Vendors:

Sweet Pea Wall Design

Street Workshop

Watercolor Workshop


Modified Tot

Rocky Mountain Decals


  1. Man, we have about killed ourselves removing old style wallpaper from our 80’s house over the last year (not done yet!) and my husband made me literally swear an oath never to install wallpaper henceforth. But I have this bathroom which I would love to turn into a jewel box with wainscot and wallpaper… how do I convince him peel and stick will be permanent enough to endure super steamy showers and yet magical enough to come off without pain in 5-10 years??

    • I’m experimenting with that myself so I don’t have a perfect answer for you! I’m only a month into this space, but I’ll report back if I have any problems with adhesion!

  2. How much does this cost?
    Do I get it in Amazon?

    Little concerned with Julie’s feedback. Is it a bother installing these wallpaper?

  3. I love your bathroom! I am renting an older apartment that has has no direct light. rather than fight this, I am trying to embrace the “dark and moody” look. I have been searching for a floral wallpaper with a dark green or black ground, and ideally a touch of shiny gold accents. If anyone has seen peel and stick wallpaper like this, let me know!

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