Minimalist Mirrors

By Kate Riley September 18, 2018

I finally clicked “order” on a pair of blue club chairs I’ve had my eye on, they arrived this week and I really love them. They’re the perfect size and dose of color I needed to create a cozy conversation area. I also changed up the mirror on the mantel, I used to have one that was more ornate but I swapped it for a minimalist gold round one.

I love mantels styled with artwork but above my mantel I default to a mirror. I’ve been simplifying my life as much as possible and it’s directing my decorating style so this minimalist mirror appealed to me the most.



The thin frame round mirror is a classic look and doesn’t beg for attention. I love hanging them in bathrooms too to soften all the angles. I found a few more minimalist mirrors with different color frames including wood and brass, bronze, and silver tones.

The mirror I bought is the same as this gold round mirror pictured below and it cost less than $200. :)


 posen wood – 30”


bronze metal – 30”  (also brass, rose gold, and nickel)



thomas round – 36” bronze


abham rose gold – 31


antique silver sierra – 34”


layne silver – 36”  (also in gold and bronze)


pale wood – 32”


mayfair gold – 34”


avery gold – 34”


  1. I was so excited when I saw the topic of this post. This is the exact style of mirror I’m looked for (round mirror, thin gold frame). EXCEPT, I’m looking for something that’s max 24″. Any ideas? I’m looking for my entryway (part of a gallery wall), which isn’t huge, so I’m afraid something the size of the ones you source will overwhelm the space.

  2. Lucky you for getting that mirror for that price. That’s definitely a bargain :)

    I have mirrors placed strategically in small areas of my house. They do an excellent job of fooling the eyes as if these rooms are a lot bigger than they actually are.

    • Yep I totally agree mirrors always expand a space so much by pulling in light and reflecting it everywhere.

  3. I love your new chairs Kate and the new mirror! Your room is gorgeous. Very pretty and welcoming. I’ve been thinking about you. Hope you’re doing ok. xo

    • Thank you Allison, just taking it one day at a time. :)
      You’re very sweet to think of me.

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