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By Kate Riley June 13, 2018

Summer hellos friends! Today I’ve just arrived in Belgium and I’ll be spending the next few days exploring this exquisite country for the first time. I’m traveling with one of my best travel buddies and we’re having a blast!

As you know from time to time I feature inspiring designers. When I discovered Taylor Jacobson  Interior Design, I appreciated her style right away so I asked her to participate in a Q & A with me. I think you’ll agree, her portfolio is filled with layered and beautiful inspiration for decorating your home with timeless appeal, character, and sophistication.

Taylor truly has the ability to cross over all styles, her interiors are classic with touches of modern, and her contemporary spaces are balanced by traditional elements. She’s not afraid of color and uses it both boldly and as an accent. She was so kind to answer a few design related questions about her portfolio and some generic design questions too. Enjoy!




Q: I notice you use unique and beautiful furniture to create focal points in spaces, which adds so much character to a space. What are other ways you suggest to inject personality into a home?

A home should reflect its inhabitants! I always encourage my clients to display books, art, family photos and keepsakes. That layer of ‘artifact’ is what truly makes a house a home. There’s nothing I love more than a huge bookcase displaying well loved books mixed in with framed artwork, pretty objects, beautiful bookends, even small scale lighting. Another way to inject personality into a space is with vintage furniture, rugs, or lighting. The sense of history in older pieces adds warmth and patina to rooms.



Q: I love your use of stack bond installation in a recent home renovation. What are your thoughts on stack bond compared to more traditional installations like brick pattern or subway? Was it requested by the client, or suggested by you, and why?

I think the stack bond tile installation imparts a more modern look, and in the case of my Beverly Glen kitchen and bath remodel I loved that layout juxtaposed with the handmade tile we selected. The shape and glaze on the tile was a bit irregular, but the straight match installation looked very clean so we struck a nice balance there.





Q: What are some tips you can share on mixing patterns? Many people get nervous about it, do you have any go to guidelines?

A general rule of thumb is to keep your color palette consistent and to mix smaller patterns with large. I also think of stripes almost as a neutral – a simple stripe fabric can mix with just about anything.





Q: I’d love your perspective on wallpaper. So many people I know are too shy to commit to it, but it makes a stunning statement. Do you find your clients request bold patterns, or do you suggest them because of the impact they make?

Usually if a client is requesting wallpaper in the first place, they’re after a bold look so yes – my use of wallpaper tends to make quite a statement. Powder rooms are popular for wallpaper and it’s fun to have a pop in a smaller space – less of a commitment. I’m also a fan of grasscloth which is subtler and a nice way to incorporate texture and warmth into a space.


Q: Beyond framed artwork and paintings, you also incorporate sculptural wall art in your space designs. Where do you source these interesting pieces? Are they commissioned or do you have favorite vendors or artists you rely on?

Mid century artists like C. Jere made interesting brass wall sculptures – they are quite easy to find on Chairish, 1st Dibs, or Etsy. I love trolling my local flea markets and antique stores for interesting three dimensional pieces. Heather Levine is a Los Angeles based artist who makes gorgeous wall hangings incorporating ceramics and wood.





Thank you Taylor for sharing your insight with us today! See so much more of her beautiful work by visiting her portfolio site and you can follow along as I am on Instagram.

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  1. Stay safe and enjoy every moment of your adventure in a new country. I am glad you have a travel buddy with you on this trip. I am sure you will see many beautiful things and people and just take it all in.

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