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By Kate Riley June 15, 2018

Greetings friends! Today I’m spending my last day in Belgium, and I’m sharing little snapshots of my trip on Instagram stories, follow along there! Tomorrow I fly to Prague and I’ll spend the next six days in the Czech Republic with my very good friend Ingrid. She lives in the States during the school year and in Brno in the summer (what a life, right?) We met last year in a fitness class and we’ve been good friends ever since, so I’m happy to be spending time in her home country meeting her friends and seeing the sights. I’m such a lucky girl.

Next week I’ll be sharing a few new summer fabric and wallpaper prints I designed, look for those on Monday! Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your summer weekend, as always here are the favorite links from the week:

Wow. This kitchen with its stunning glass open shelves.

This apartment tour + reasons to slow walk your renovation.

Modern and minimalist: this black & white home.

Simple and elegant: this townhouse tour (page 18).

35 ultra modern staircases.

Would you ever use colorful grout?

Helpful tips on writing calligraphy.

Tips for staying focused in a world of constant distraction.

Aggressive savings –> retiring early to travel the world.

Rookie mistakes to avoid on your first trip to Europe.





  1. Dear Kate,
    She looks gorgeous these glass shelves in front of the window and I like the idea. Green and transparent things on them enhance beauty.
    The only thing that makes me think … is the dust, which after cleaning it all you see, around here. In the light of the window I think it is seen and if only one thread of dust is left. Of course not all of us are the same, but I am very poor with the time spent on cleanliness and I do not have anyone to help me yet.
    I love you warmly, Mia

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