Wood Bathroom Vanities

By Kate Riley February 6, 2017

I chose to use wood vanities and white quartz countertops in both bathrooms in the flip house in Vegas. I’m traveling there later this week to finish and photograph the hall bathroom, the second bathroom in the master is nearing completion as well.

I love the contrast created in a bathroom with a wood vanity, especially when the countertops and surrounding tile are white or marble. The combination is classic and will look beautiful for decades to come.


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Wood vanities can be contemporary or traditional in style, and the finish can be stained, cerused, or reclaimed, they all looks beautiful in the bathroom!
If you really love all things wood, you’ll love following this Instagram which showcases it in all its beauty in interiors.



  1. The shelf behind the vanity in Erin Williamson’s design is unexpected, and a really useful addition. Topped with warm-colored wood, it adds a lot of warmth and organic texture to the space.
    My only pause is the dark faucet hardware. While beautiful, if one lives in an area with hard water, white water stains will dot the hardware, and they are difficult to remove. I’m battling that in my kitchen, and bathroom, and it turns something beautiful into something not so beautiful, and a maintenance nightmare.

  2. Timely post, Kate. My 1986-built Del Webb house here in Sun City West, AZ had oak cabinets everywhere (similar to some homes you’ve been dealing with in Las Vegas. My plan is to paint the kitchen cabinets an off white on the creamy side and originally I planned to do the same for the bathroom cabinets. However, my countertops are faux marble in a very soft “yellow” which actually works with my cream palette but there are also all-in-one sinks which are impossibly etched. In addition, the master vanity is off the bedroom and 6′ wide (not a standard size) and the guest vanity was custom designed to fit an unnecessary stupid angled wall. Replacing would be cost prohibitive for me so I’ve decided to go creative with stand-alone vanities in each room, in which case white vanities seem totally blah. I’ve been looking at vanities and a lot of the wood ones are waiving their finger at me, particularly for the guest bathroom which will end up being a smaller vanity than exists now because of the silly wall. I’m eager to see pix of your bathroom renos and thanks for the inspiration for mine.

    • Thank you Sandy! There are a lot of great free standing vanities available now, I’ve used one in the hall bathroom, I’ll be sharing that soon. Perhaps another roundup of vanities is in order ….

  3. While I like the look of those vanities with lower shelf filled with neatly rolled towels, my inner clean freak with bad knees knows that someone is going to have to kneel on that hard tile, remove all the towels and decor items, dust that shelf, and replace all the stuff. Cabinet doors hide a lot of sins and maintain cleanliness a lot longer. Would also not want a vanity on legs for the same reason: who is going to lie on the floor to do a good job of cleaning under the vanity? A toe kick is a good thing!

  4. We’re wood lovers so going with wood vanities would be my choice. We chose a free standing vanity for our downstairs common bathroom and it looks really great. Wood vanities can add so much character.

    Elizabeth :-)

  5. Having wood and stark white put together is one of my favorite ways to decorate a bathroom. I feel as though using mainly white creates the illusion of spaciousness. Having the two looks put together is a great way to make a modern space feel more homey.

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