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By Kate Riley February 3, 2017

Greetings! I’ve been watching Victoria this week, are you watching it too? I’m loving it so far, especially the relationship between the Queen and Lord Melbourne played by Jenna Coleman and Rufus Sewell #mancrush. I love a great Masterpiece Theater series from the UK and this one is so well done!

Yesterday, I checked in on the second kitchen I’ve helped design for my local COTS, the flooring and cabinets are in, the countertops and tile will be installed next week. I’ll be sharing that kitchen remodel soon! Favorite links from the week below:


This is a beautiful entry makeover, bravo!

This EOC’s office is so very glam.

Wow, now this is a creative shower tile installation.

The look for less: a cheap and chic lucite towel ring.

My favorite indoor tree looking good.

Now this is a subject worthy of a tweet-off.

Some great insight on political self care.

Don’t miss the opportunity to say your truths. (cue the tears)




  1. Oh my gosh ~ that TED talk….amazing and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing. That entry is amazing too! :)

    • Elizabeth Lesser’s memoir, MARROW, is the inspiring full story of her journey with her sister. Every bit as emotional, inspirational and painful as her TED talk implies. A beautiful read.

  2. I will pretty much watch anything with Rufus Sewell. #SWOON I have to say I am liking the dynamic with Victoria and Albert too. Great series so far!

  3. LOVE Lord Melbourne. Don’t know where he’s been all this time, but he sure is making up for lost time now! Those eyes are hypnotic. And the rest of him isn’t bad either !!

    • I remember seeing him in a movie 20 years ago called Dangerous Beauty, and he’s played a few bad guys over time. Also loved him in Amazing Grace, so it’s nice to see him featured in such a prominent role. He’s dreamy – all the heart eyes!!!

  4. Kate – You might enjoy a fun ’95 movie called “Cold Comfort Farm” with a young and hunky Rufus Sewell, if you haven’t already seen it.

    • Wow it’s been years since I saw that I don’t remember he was in Cold Comfort Farm, guess I’ll be watching it again!! Thx for the reminder :)

  5. Thank you Kate for including my entry in your round up, I honestly can’t thank you enough for the link love! I’ve enjoyed Centsational Girl for years, and I love what you do.

    PS. I agree with cd above who suggests The Crown – such a great watch!

    Hugs xo

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