Colorful Table Lamps

By Kate Riley February 1, 2017

Sad situation here. One of the two navy blue glass lamps I had up in my studio got knocked over and (insert sad emoji) shattered on the back side. I loved these lamps so much, the shape, the matte finish, the lucite bases. That combination made them the favorites in my home. I still have one but I believe bedside lamps look best when they match especially when the nightstands are different. So I went looking for a pair of new ones to replace them.

Now that the new floors are in, I’m planning on doing a little redecorating in anticipation of renting the space out on the weekend to wine country visitors. I haven’t found the perfect replacement yet, but this one is a close contender.



Like a throw pillow, colorful table lamps are an eye-catching way to add a dash of color to a console, side table, or nightstand.


green alcove / faceted table lamp

More colorful favorites for your consideration:


wexler (multiple colors / montag green (multiple colors) / modern one coral / pink column / timsbury / piper navy / safavieh red / robert abbey emerald / jamie young tall blue / banded hourglass / green gourd / leather little neck (multiple colors)

For many more options, visit this article on my favorite sources for affordable lighting.


  1. I love that green one – the color and the shape! Makes me wish I had chosen a pop of color for my nightstand lamps. Then again, there’s always spray paint!

  2. The yellow lamp – wowza!!! The link is not correct though, I did find it on WestElm’s site though.

  3. I love the lamp in the first photo! Where is that from? I am always in the market for your decor lamps for my home. Thanks for sharing!! Love your site!!

    • Thanks! That’s my blue Nicole Miller lamp that broke, I can’t find a replacement anywhere :( I bought them at Home Goods over a year ago, sad one of them is broken.

  4. Using table lamps is a great way to add color to a room. They’re great whether you need something to match your décor or even if you want an accent piece. The goal is to choose the lamps that best match your personal decorating style.

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