Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tile

By Kate Riley September 6, 2016

I’ve turned my attention back to the flip home and now my focus is on the bathrooms, there are two in need of flooring and so I thought it an opportunity to add some hexagon tiles. We could have continued the vinyl plank flooring that exists in all the community spaces and bedrooms into the bathrooms but I thought it was better to switch things up and add a tile with some pattern.

Hexagon bathroom tiles have taken the design world by storm. Some might call it a trend but the shape is as old as time and the use of hexagon tiles dates back decades. I prefer to see hexagon floor tiles as a timeless choice and one with real staying power.

There are various ways to include this pattern on a floor, one that’s striking is the smaller shaped pieces laid down in a high contrast pattern.

 hex tile flooring house beautiful

house beautiful

 hex tile floor pattern

domino (project by the makerista)

There is also the option of creating little florets with different colors.

 hex tile florets

oregon live

I love the subtle color difference in a stone look hexagon tile in both dark hues and paler neutrals with matching grout.

 hexagon tile floor bathroom subtle color


 gray hexagon floor tile

home beautiful

Using a white grout with a dark tile (or vice versa) is another option that makes a bolder pattern since the hexagon shape pop outs in contrast with the grout.

 dark blue hexagon tile floor

fireclay tile

Of course you can’t go wrong with classic marble on a smaller scale.

 marble hexagon tile floor

sarah Bartholomew

 marble hex tile floor

my domaine

A smaller shape but darker hue feels a bit more contemporary.

  black hexagon tile floor

via crate & barrel

There are brands that make each hex tile with a border, these are beautiful if it’s a statement floor you’re going for.

 blue hexagon tile floor

haefele design via decorpad

Here’s another beautiful idea, mixing plain tiles with patterned tiles, it can be done in a random fashion or a symmetrical one.

 random pattern tile hexagon


 patterned hexagon tiles

i have this thing with floors

 milano legato

south cyprus milano legato tile

The hexagon tile floor I found for my bathroom project is a larger scale elongated shape with a wood look finish, I’m headed to check it out in the store this week, hopefully it’s the right one. I’ll share more about the bathroom spaces soon!



  1. Love this post! I bought a house in 1995 with hex tile in 2 baths. 3rd bath had 8″ square tile. Hex tile felt dated and square, fresh. When I sold the house in 2012, flip flop! Thank goodness, we never had the budget to renovate ;)

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