Umbrellas + Wellies

By Kate Riley November 3, 2014

Today I took stock of my winter attire in our hall closet in preparation of the rainy days ahead. I fondled my fave cream double breasted trench coat (fashion success) but realized I have long lacked a cute umbrella and rain boots to go with (fashion tragedy).

I turned my attention online, randomly searching for a variety of rain boots and umbrellas to add to my wardrobe because life is too short for boring accessories especially for splashing in rain puddles which I always encourage. I love a great mix of pattern and/or color, here’s a fun combination of umbrellas and rain boots with personality!  just


kate spade stripe / pink print wellies / teal mid rain boots / william morris floral / hunter red bubble (four colors) / buffalo plaid boots / mollie navy stripe boots / blue bubble stick umbrella classic black and white umbrellas and rain boots


celene black + white geometric / spotted high leg boots / blue and black plaid / graphic strokes umbrella / checkered umbrella / leopard boots/ quilted boots / plaid compact umbrella   bold and bright umbrellas rain boots


red quilted boots / zebra scalamandre / patterned blues umbrella / turquoise bootsswirl boots / birdcage coral / dots bubble umbrella / yellow dots boots

I love those bright color combinations! They’re the perfect prescription for a rainy cloudy day… do you have a favorite?


  1. I have the Turquoise Chooka boots. I like them because I have a wider calf, so traditional ones are harder to fit. But I love the color! Always get compliments. I love that you paired the boots with fun umbrellas. Really clever. Mine’s black with multi-color polka dots, including turquoise! Now I just need to fun a complementing raincoat!

  2. Love the London Fog dots umbrella! That may end up on my Christmas list. The Kate Spade stripe is a close second. Fun post!

  3. Raindrops is a great company for ‘duh’ rain gear. I ordered my umbrella from them – classic black with a curved wood handle, it says “Merde. Il Pleut” which means “Sh*t. It’s raining.” Although, here in Cali no one would mind the rain!!

  4. Love all those options! I have a pair of adorable DAV rain boots that I love, they are super comfy, and I think I got them for $35 on Zulily, maybe less :) cute rain boots make rainy days so much better.

  5. All gorgeous. But a perfect post for March or April here in Canada. We’re getting ready for snow and a lot of it. How about re-posting this next year? :)

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