Green + Gold Bathroom Makeover

By Kate Riley October 14, 2014

As I mentioned yesterday, while we’re tearing into the master bathroom and kitchen, one space we can check off the list as remodeled is the downstairs bathroom. I love the combinations of finishes and styles in this space, a modern geometric wallpaper paired with a traditional vanity, and touches of brass mixed with oil rubbed bronze.

gold mirror oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet

I wrote about the halfway point in this post from last month and showed the state of the original bathroom when we bought the house.

bathroom before


We’ve replaced everything in this space from the flooring on up, including a new vanity, mirror, light fixture, and faucet. Over the weekend we added board and batten below and I wallpapered up above with York’s Franco wallpaper.

green gold bathroom makeover


The light fixture is this Feiss vanity strip but note if you intend to buy it the three wide middle parts of it glow a hint red when turned on which I was not aware of when I bought it because it’s nowhere in the description but I just went with it. The Tiana mirror is from Ballard Designs but I don’t see it for sale on their site anymore (not sure why) but it appears in the most recent catalog, so I’ll try to find out if it’s just a temporary thing. The faucet is Moen Ashville in bronze.

oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucet


I liked the idea of the new vanity looking more like a piece of furniture so I swapped out the plain knobs that came with it with diamond back plate brass ring pulls. I love these pulls and I’ve used them before, so I replaced the center knobs with the smaller 73mm ones and the side drawer pulls with the larger 91mm versions. 

vanity hardware


The toilet paper holder and hand towel holder are both brass, they add the same warmth as Chinoiserie faux bamboo mirror.


brass toilet paper holder


brass towel holder


The vanity light, faucet, and door handle are oil rubbed bronze, I love the dark contrast against all the white in this bathroom space. The door handles we bought at Lowes, I forget the brand but they are in stores and we’re using this same brand and finish for all the new door hardware throughout the house.

oil rubbed bronze door handle


There is a shower in this bathroom behind the door so I added brass robe/towel hooks to the board and batten opposite the toilet/sink. When they arrived they were too dull so I lightly sprayed them with Krylon’s Gold Leaf spray paint to brighten them up.

gold towel hooks

See this older post on how to install basic board and batten yourself, we used 2 ½ x ½” preprimed MDF cut with a miter saw and tacked to the wall with a brad nailer. The shower is to the left and has plain white tile but we will be replacing the shower door next month with a new glass one framed in oil rubbed bronze since the existing is really old and it swings the wrong way, I’ll have an update on that soon.

The paint on the board and batten is Glidden’s White on White (semigloss finish in this bathroom). We’ve used that same color throughout the entire downstairs on the ceilings (flat) and walls (eggshell).

The nice thing about the modern wallpapers is if they are “strippable” like this one is when you get it really moist with a sponge it peels right off without residue or damage to the walls. I experienced this when I had to trim the pieces below the top rail of the board and batten by scoring them, wetting them with a thick sponge, then peeling the pieces off with ease.

strippable wallpaper

We stood back and looked at the print on the wall and we really like it for now but if I ever get tired of this print (or a future homeowner isn’t crazy about it) I’m not stressed about changing the look or removing it in the future, but for now it’s a fun modern pattern to balance the more traditional style vanity.

green gold bathroom makeover


One bathroom down, two more to go. :)


  1. It’s such a lovely bathroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job! And I am so happy to see you didn’t paint the vanity after all!

  2. I just discovered your blog…and can’t keep my mind from racing! My husband keeps telling me to stop getting ahead of myself but you planted so many ideas in my head. I adore your work! We bought our home a little over a year ago and I’m definitely a novice at DIY. In fact, I have to redo a side table that didn’t turn out like I wanted this past weekend but I have a bathroom redo in my future plans. Did I miss what kind of toilet you installed in this one? I’ve been doing some research and this is the style I’m looking for…smooth and easier to clean. Lovely bathroom!

  3. This is one of the loveliest transformations you’ve done so far. Exquisite. If I could, I would fly you out to Virginia to help me re-do my entire house. Seriously, I would. Great job, Kate!

  4. Love this space. I was wondering if you had the walls smoothed down before applying the wallpaper and the board and batten? Did you use the board part or just the wall? I’m wondering b/c I also live in Vegas and most houses out here have textured walls and Si would love to do board and batten as well.

  5. I really love decor and you always have great ideas to share with us. That is so nice!
    I will try to use your style to demodel my bathroom and see how it goes!
    Thanks for that!

  6. Cen~sa~tion~al!!! LaLaL♥ve your attention to detail! All your touches are spot on perfection. I just marvel at the entire LQQK of your bathroom! Can’t wait to see the next two! I hate to be a copy cat, but I had to order those brass ring pulls for a thrift shop console I am redoing! Thank you again, for sharing with us, and always listing your finds. You need a show Kate (in your “nonexistent” spare time)!!!

  7. Okay gorgeous bathroom, but I had to laugh at the title of your post. Where I’m from if you say your bathroom is green and gold people are going to assume you went with a Packer theme! ;0)

  8. It’s a beautiful bathroom, wow! Just wondering why you didn’t use brass for all the fixtures. Why rubbed bronze when brass is available? The rubbed bronze looks so black in the pictures.

  9. Simply stunning, I love the way you combined the finishes and those knobs are to die for!! I’m always amazed at your photography skills too Kate, I have a looong way to go :) xoxo

  10. You did a gorgeous job on this bathroom makeover, I love it! Just beautiful. Green is one of my favorite colors and I love the gold touches. Such great style!

  11. It. Is. Gorgeous. SO gorgeous. Green and gold is one of my favorite combos and this bathroom is no exception! LOVE it! You did an amazing job!

  12. I’m in love. Will you be doing a cost breakdown of each of the rooms? I’m curious what other remodelers are spending before they sell.

    • I haven’t done a cost breakdown yet Erin, I do link to sources whenever possible to give you a general idea of expense as we work room by room.

  13. Do you think someone could get the same effect if they painted the walls above the B&B with a shade of green if they’re too afraid to commit to wallpaper? if so, is there is a green color you’d recommend to achieve this look?

  14. Love the wallpaper! Do you think it would sag or possibly unstick itself in a really moist bathroom? I have 3 kids who adore long, hot showers and the walls are always wet when they’re done – even with the fan on!

    • That’s a great question K, I had to REALLY soak it to peel it off, so I’m not sure of the answer in your situation. My initial thought is that it will be fine with regular showers, but three long ones in a row might compromise it over time. I’d hate to have you go to the trouble of wallpapering only to have it peel off with your situation but plenty of designers use wallpaper in bathrooms so I’m following their lead and trusting in this bathroom it will be fine. Hope that helps !

  15. Wow! You did an amazing job. I adore the wallpaper and the mirror. I am going to stalk Ballard Designs!!

  16. Nice job Kate. The different finishes looks amazing, so much more interesting than all chrome, or bronze.

  17. I’m new to this site and really love your makeover. I too like to mix metals and your ring pulls are like jewelry. You didn’t mention the countertop that you used. It looks so white and clean which I like for a bathroom. Looking forward to your next project!

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