Driftwood Interiors Art Giveaway

By Kate Riley October 15, 2014

I’m a huge fan of Etsy as a source for art prints and one of the shops at the top of my Favorites List is Driftwood Interiors. Artist and owner Kerri Shipp creates simple and beautiful watercolor sea life, botanicals, abstracts, and blue and white china paintings.

driftwood interiors art

I bought a series of three of her blue tropical leaf prints to hang in a space I’m working on and most recently chose this seaweed print for yesterday’s bathroom makeover. Kerri’s work has been featured in Martha Stewart magazine, no doubt you’ll find a space in your home for one or more of her prints too!


Today Kerri is offering three winners a $75 shop credit to Driftwood Interiors. Eligibility to be one of three winners:

1) Visit Driftwood Interiors and pick a favorite print then name it in a comment on this post.

Three winners chosen at random, giveaway open to USA, Canada, and Australia residents. Giveaway ends Sunday October 19, 2014 at midnight PST. By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.

Shop now and use the code K8CENT25 to receive 25% off your order now through Oct 20th.

THIS GIVEAWAY IS CLOSED. Winners: #118 Ellen B; #395 Sue W; #505 Dreena


  1. The dark denim blue is a great color. I like the SeaCoral prints print in particular. Thanks for sharing such a great find!

  2. Sea Coral Woodlawn IV print, would be awesome in my seafoam and white bedroom. These prints are definitely my style

  3. i love the Butterfly Print in Celadon. so beautiful. fingers crossed, but even if i don’t win. thank you for introducing me to this lovely shop!

  4. I love her Butterfly print in Celadon and in Pink! Also the Ginger Jar Print in Ming. I’ve seen her work around and have always admired the fresh, clear colors and fun subject matter.

  5. The Shibori Blue and White Bouquet Print 11×14 is perfect for my wall decor as I have a collection of Japanese blue and white jars. I can complete the wall with other colors of the same collection. Having an original watercolor? That is a dream!!

  6. Thanks for hosting the giveaway! What neat prints these are! I’m in love with the Feather Print ‘Collected’! Love her shop!

  7. I love all of the blue and white china prints, but am partial to the one that includes a pink bouquet!

  8. I really like the butterfly in Aqua. Absolutely stunning and goes well with my beach décor…light and airy! Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  9. i love the ginger jar prints. I love ginger jars and have several in my apartment. It would be nice to add a print of one to my gallery wall.

  10. Wow! I could see the “Sea Fan”, ” Sea Coral” and “Sea Weed” in Denim for my bathroom. They would be perfect! Couldn’t choose just one! Thanks for the chance!

  11. Sea Fan IV is lovely. The curves of the leaves and the whole composition are great!

  12. The sea coral in turquoise would be my first pick, but any item, chosen at random, would be perfectly lovely.

  13. The Sea Coral in Ruby Print IV is my favorite print, although they are all lovely. Thank you.

  14. They are all beautiful but any of the prints in denim will be just find with me. Thank you, Centsational Girl, for this opportunity.

  15. I LOVE the Blue Feather Watercolor print, and the Sea Fan in Turquoise! I have the perfect place I would hang them too! What a cool prize :)

  16. I live the sea fan, sea coral & seaweed in French blue – would be great to our new home next year since we’re moving close to the beach!

  17. I really love the sea coral prints- particularly the emerald and ruby colors. All of her work is lovely!

  18. I love the black and white butterfly. Butterflies are so colorful – it is interesting to take it to a simplistic level and make us think. The world is simpler than we make it!

  19. I love all of the abstract watercolors. I’d love to hang Calypso, Equinox Rising, and the watercolor in fuchsia pink together. Of the three Equinox Rising would have to be my favorite.

  20. They are all so beautiful! I’ve been going between the feathers and the Sea Fan. I will go with the Sea Fan in Woodlawn IV Print. Thank you!

  21. I love the Abstract Watercolor Print – Calypso 11″ x 14″ – Abstract Art Giclee – Watercolor Print – Pink and Orange Giclee Print

  22. The Sea Coral IV in French Blue is lovely and a beautiful, watery shade of blue. Thanks for introducing me to this talented artist.

  23. I love the butterfly print in pink for my little girl’s room, or the feather print collected for me. Great prints. Thanks!

  24. Such beautiful prints! My favorite is Feather Print ‘Collected’. Thank you for hosting this giveaway and the opportunity to win one of these gorgeous prints of hers! :)

  25. They’re all beautiful, but I’m particularly drawn to the abstract watercolors. My favorite is Equinox Rising. Thanks for running this contest!

  26. wow- I’m in love with all of the pastel ones! My favourite has to be the “Print aquarelle abstraite – Calypso” – it’s mesmerizing and colourful…

  27. Love the Sea Coral in Emerald series. Thanks for introducing me to this artist! Even if I don’t win I’ll order!

  28. I’d chose an abstract with the bright pink colors for my girls’ room, and the blue feather print for my boy’s room. Just lovely! Thanks!

  29. They are beautiful! I’m not usually a huge fan of watercolors, but her work is striking. I really liked the Pink and Gold Watercolor Print “In Motion”

  30. I really love the Abstract Watercolor Print – Calypso print! Oh, so pretty! I also really like the Sea Fan in Woodlawn.

  31. I love the abstract watercolor Equinox but love all the butterfly prints as well as the coral….what can I say, I’m a fan!

  32. Pick one! Hah. No way. Can’t be done.
    They are ALL show stopping but if pressed I would pick one featured in “turquoise” to gift to a family member with a new beach condo!

  33. I love shibori blue and white bouquet. It reminds me of the gorgeous lamps I saw last week. Too bad when I finally made up my mind to buy them, someone else had already bought them :(

  34. Wow, what a talented artist! I love all things coastal and beach-inspired, so the Sea Coral IV in French Blue really caught my eye.

  35. There are soo many good ones, but my favorite is the Blue Abstract Watercolor Print “Plume!”

  36. I could lose myself in the Turquoise Abstract Watercolor, “Resist in Turquoise”. So calm and peaceful…

  37. They are all gorgeous! The blue and white Ginger Jars and Cobalt Butterfly would look perfect in my new Studioffice! Thank you very much.

  38. Beautiful prints!
    There are too many to just choose one, decisions, decisions.
    I guess my first favorite is the abstract Calypso print.
    Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  39. It is so hard to pick a favorite, but at the moment I’m going with Sea Fan IV in French Blue. Thanks for sharing the link to this great source of art.

  40. Sea Coral in Natural, I loved all of the corals and ferns and sea fans. There are so many to choose from it is impossible to pick one. I could probably pick 3, but that would be the minimum. I love her work.

  41. Thanks for posting about this site—love their stuff!
    My favorite would have to be the blue and white china vase with pink flowers!
    ooh and those abstract water color prints!

  42. Thanks for tipping us off to her. She is über talented. Easily I would say the abstract Ombré in Denim is my favorite. I’ve already chosen a spot for it!

  43. I love the Sea Fan in french blue IV. The artist has beautiful work!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. The Sea Fan in Woodlawn IV Print is beautiful, but there are so many I don’t know how I could ever narrow it down!

  45. What a talented artist! I love all things coastal and beach-inspired, so the Sea Coral IV in French Blue really caught my eye. Thanks for the giveaway.

  46. Love the Ming in Indigo Print-always have liked white with blue. I would call it Ming Dynasty.

  47. LOVE the Tropical Leaf II Watercolor Print in Denim! The denim colour is just soooo gorgeous!

  48. I’ve been eyeing this Etsy shop ever since you featured it on the blog some time ago. My favorite is the Ming in Indigo print.

  49. I’d love 3 different blue and white Ginger Jars to hang all together! So pretty!!

  50. They are lovely! I especially like Butterfly Print in Celadon – Petit Papillon Series

  51. I love the Blue and White China Vase with Pink Roses – “Bouquet in Flow Blue.” Fingers crossed!

  52. I love all the prints in denim, particularly the Sea Fan IV. I’m redoing my guest bath and have the perfect place for this piece!
    Thanks for bringing Kerri’s beautiful creations to our attention.

  53. Hard to choose one favorite, but I think Butterfly in Black and White Watercolor Print 11×14 – ‘The Monarchist’ – Butterfly Print Wall Art is beautiful.

  54. The denim tropical leaf prints are gorgeous, but I REALLY love the Seaweed II print in Natural!

  55. I love the Butterfly in Celadon and the Green Chinoiserie Plate is gorgeous and unique. Beautiful work!

  56. Such a hard decision! I have to say the Shibori Blue and White Bouquet Print is my favorite, but I’m also completely in love with the Pink Orchids in Vintage Blue and White China. I need more walls in my house!

  57. I love the interior portrait “belle bijou”. It would look fab in my girls’ room! I also love the butterflies and sea fans.

  58. I love the sea fern and sea coral prints- in all the colors. Thanks for sharing this find!

  59. Wouldn’t it be lovely to create a gallery wall of blue coral prints by this artist? If I have to choose a favorite, Sea Coral IV in Denim Blue Watercolor Print 11×14 is beautiful!

  60. The sea coal in Denim is fabulous! Love her work, than
    Nukes for introducing her to us!

  61. It is easy to see why her work is near the top of your favorites list. One would need more walls to share these beautiful pieces. I’m especially taken with the Shibori Butterfly.

  62. Wow. This one is tough. Beautiful things but I will go with the Sea Coral in ruby and both the feathers plus the turquoise ones for my daughter’s house.

  63. I love the butterfly prints! All the colors are beautiful; it’s hard to pick which one I like the best!

  64. I love all the coral prints! I would love one for our recently completed basement bathroom!

  65. I think everything in her shop is lovely, so it’s difficult to pick just one. I love the Sea Fan in Denim (all the sea life in Denim is my favorite).

  66. I admire the Pink Orchids in Vintage Blue Pot. So vibrant! Thanks for the opportunity.

  67. Seaweed in the tangerine color would be my pick. Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. The Sea Coral prints in Denim Blue would be perfect for the house we are working on in Florida!

  69. I like the Pink Orchids in Blue & White China Bowl print. I would like to give this to my mother.

  70. These are all incredible. I really like the Seagrass in Natural. Those butterflies are awesome too.

  71. Wow, gorgeous watercolor art! It is very difficult to choose my favorite because I love all the art in denim and the red. Those would look beautiful in my master bedroom. However, I did choose one! The Sea Coral in Denim II watercolor! Hope I win!!!

  72. I love the sea life ones, but I have to say my favorite is the Dragonfly in Cobalt.

  73. I’m loving the Watercolor Print Butterfly in Celadon 11×14 – Papillon Series. Or the Green Chinoiserie Plate

  74. Adore the Butterfly prints in Pink, Aqua, and Green! Would look beautiful in our bathroom that I am restyling for our many guests who visit!

  75. My favorite is Blue Abstract Watercolor Print- “Plume” 11 x 14″ – Blue and Green Watercolor

  76. I would actually redcorate around these….I love the Pink Floral Watercolor Flow Blue and the Fan Palm Watercolor in Denim Blue. Gorgeous!

  77. I like the Sea Fan IV in denim. So pretty and the color would go perfectly in our house. The butterflies are beautiful too!

  78. I love, Love, LOVE the Dragonfly in Cobalt print – gorgeous color and simple but beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity!

  79. I’d love a set of the Denim Blue coral prints in my bedroom! Such a beautiful, deep color.

  80. I love the Sea Coral in Ruby Print, but the Ginger Jar in Cobalt would be great in our bedroom … it would be so hard to decide!

  81. So many lovely creations. I’d love to hang the Watercolor Print Butterfly in Celadon in my foyer.

  82. Seaweed II in Woodlawn — I LOVE the color and my husband loves anything from the ocean, so I think we could both fall in love with this piece of art. How often does that happen???

  83. Love the Abstract Watercolor Print Sway! It would be perfect in my living room!

  84. I love the fan palm watercolor in denim (although it was difficult to choose just 1). the simplicity of it is beautiful.

  85. I am loving the sea corals in natural. We just redid our master bedroom in black and gold and these would be amazing accent pieces.

  86. OMG!!! way too many beauties!! Sea Coral and Sea grass in natural are just some of my favs!!

  87. So hard to pick a favorite. A set of 3 of the Modern Interiors would be divine! But you can’t pass on any of the blue and white china with hot pink flowers. And I love Abstract Watercolor in Fusion.

  88. I have several of her prints in my shopping cart, just waiting to be purchased. I love all of the butterflies but I am also drawn to the Blue Abstract Watercolor Print- “Plume” 11 x 14″. I love all of the colors.

  89. I’m having a really hard time choosing a favorite from the Sea Life and Coral sections. They are all so pretty. So I picked another stunner from the floral section – the Shibori Blue and White Bouquet Print is so pretty.

  90. I love your posts and I would like to win the Shibori Blue and White Bouquet Print 11×14 – Blue and White Wall Art – Watercolour Print. It s my fave!!!

  91. I love all the sealife and corals, but my favorite is the Watercolor Print Butterfly in Celadon.

    I’m re-doing my bedroom and it would be perfect in there!

  92. The feathers ll print ‘collected’ is amazing, i love her shop- so many beautiful prints. :)

  93. I’m torn between the feathers and ferns…. LOVE all the blues as that is what I’m shopping for right now!

  94. Oh this is painfully hard. How to choose–I don’t think there’s one I don’t like, but I’ll go with the Sea Fern in French Blue. The butterfly was amazing too.

  95. So hard to choose! I’ve got just the place for Sea Coral III in Denim Blue, though. And then there are the feathers . . . .

  96. I’ve had her tropical leaf print in blue palm saved in my Etsy favorites for a long time. Great giveaway!

  97. I love all of the interior portraits but especially love the Windsor’s Chairs. Such fun color combinations!

  98. I love all of them! Since I’m redoing my bathroom though I would choose any of the prints in denim blue.

  99. Oh pick me, pick me!!! I have a beach theme going on in my bedroom in shades of aqua and cream and have the perfct spot for the Sea Coral in Woodlawn II Print. Thanks so much for the great opportunity.

  100. Kerri Shipp’s work is fabulous! I would have to say I like Ginger Jar in Ming because it would be perfect for my foyer which is all blue and white.

  101. My favorites are the blue and white china vase series. I love the color combo of blue and pink!

  102. I fell in love with the Sea Coral II print in Turquoise. I am going to use it in a guest bathroom we will soon redo. Just perfect for the timeless beachy effect I am going for.

    Thanks for hosting the this giveaway,

  103. Abstract “Fusion”, however the botanical prints in turquoise are very appealing!

  104. I had such a difficult time choosing only one favourite. Fan Palm Watercolour in Denim Blue is simple and stunning.

  105. Oh my, how to chose one! I love the Feather, Collected but think the one I would like the most currently is Malle Fluers, pink flowers in the vintage Louis Viutton trunk. It would be perfect in the queen guest room we are decorating right now. Thank you so much for introducing me to Kerri’s work and the chance to win a print.

  106. Sea coral art print in ruby is my favorite. Anything to do with water and anything red floats my boat!

  107. So many lovely things! The Malle Fleurs 8×10 watercolor print is so pretty. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity xo P.S. I invite you to stop by and enter my giveaway too

  108. Love the sea coral and fans – hard to choose since they are all so beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity – my fingers are crossed!

  109. Any of the abstract watercolors, butterflies, everything else! Love the denim color she uses in a lot of her work!

  110. This was so very, very, very difficult. Such gorgeous work. if I had to pick, I was drawn to the Butterfly in Celadon print. . . it seems so peaceful to me.

  111. One? Really, just one? I love the prints in Woodlawn, so of those, the one I like the best is Sea Coral in Woodlawn IV Print!

  112. I would choose a series of three butterflies in those beautiful bright colors (turquoise!, cobalt!, pink!) to hang in my new bedroom.

  113. Beautiful pieces! I am loving the Sea Coral in Ruby Print IV- it would be great as a accent in the navy and white master bedroom redo I have planned!

  114. I love the Sea Coral IV in Denim Blue Watercolor. It would be perfect for my guest bedroom that I am working on finishing!

  115. Sea Fern III in Denim would look great in my bathroom, which currently has bare walls!

  116. So hard to choose! However, the butterfly prints are just so beautiful. I don’t think I’d ever tire of gazing upon them while working in my office. Gorgeous work!

  117. They’re all beautiful but since I have to pick one, I pick Sea Coral III in Denim!

  118. Thanks so much for introducing me to this fabulous Etsy store! I love the feather print but they are all fabulous.

  119. I’ve changed my answer 3 times, but I think it’s got to be Pink Floral Watercolor Bouquet in Flow Blue. Such a gorgeous contrast in those colors!

  120. So many amazing choices. The Goldrush abstract would be beautiful in my daughter’s room.

  121. I love all the blue & white china… because I can’t afford the real thing, but absolutely LOVE the look! Thanks for the chance and for your wonderful blog!

  122. I love the Goldrush abstract watercolor print. I’m in the process of organizing and “prettifying” my office… this would be perfect!

  123. Probably a water color abstract in my color choice, or leaf, leaves in my color choice.

  124. I love the Interior Portrait Watercolor. Moving into a new place. Love this for my new bedroom.

  125. So many beautiful choices.. I’ll choose shibori butterfly.
    Thx for the giveaway.

  126. Kerri does have lovely pieces that are what I am looking for now – Color to lighten and brighten!
    I like the butterflies – in several colors, and any of the abstracts with the pink!

  127. “Tropical leaf II ” is calling my name! These prints are so vibrant yet calmiming.

  128. I love her abstract watercolor prints and would love to hang the Goldrush print somewhere in my house for some color!

  129. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pink and gold “in motion” abstract print! Beautiful, vibrant colors!!

  130. Her shop is one of my faves! I love her sea coral prints in the ruby color. They would be perfect in our little powder bathroom.

    Thanks for sharing!

  131. Sea fan in yellow!!!! I need something yellow in my bedroom and this would be PERFECT. I already have the empty frame ;)

  132. My favorite is the interior prints. Windsor Chairs would look lovely in my living room.

  133. I’m a sucker for abstracts and the color blue-so I would pick the abtract watercolor-ombre. I have the perfect spot for it!

  134. Loving the pink and gold watercolor abstract. It would go perfectly in my new bathroom!

  135. Thanks for sharing info on Driftwood Interiors. I love these! My fav is Butterfly in Cobalt. Di

  136. They are all so lovely! Since I have to pick just one…Blue Feather Watercolor Print ‘Kingfisher’

  137. I love the Chinoiserie Print in Ruby, such a striking piece of art! Love all her work.

  138. Sea Coral IV in Denim Print is my favourite but I pretty much love everything in the denim colour. They have some of my other favourite colours too! It was hard to pick a favourite :0)

  139. So hard! Can’t decided between Sea Fan IV in Denim or Sea Fan Charcoal IV… and that dragonfly! (sigh)

  140. I love her whole shop!! I think the feathers and abstract art are my favorites! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  141. The feathers and the sea ferns (as distinguished from the sea fans)…
    (sorry, typo in previous email address)

  142. I love the Feather Print for my son’s room and the emerald and ruby sea coral prints for the adult spaces.

  143. Sea Coral in Ruby Print IV would finally tie together the colours in my bathroom. thanks for the intro to her work.

  144. I love the prints in denim but I don’t know which ones I would get. Maybe the sea fan and sea grass…

  145. Abstract Watercolor Print – Splice 11″ x 14″ – Abstract Giclee Print – Pink and Orange Watercolor Art is so pretty!

  146. I have to say it’s a tie between the blue feather and blue dragonfly. I have this tone of blue as an accent color in my living room and love it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  147. Sea Coral in Ruby Print IV
    I would LOVE to have some of these prints in my bathroom! Thank you for the giveaway!

  148. All of the work in Denim is gorgeous, especially the sea fern! I also love the Sea Fan in Natural.

  149. Beautiful artwork. Love the feathers and Butterfly Print in Celadon – Petit Papillon Series!

  150. My favorite piece is Sea Coral in Natural Taupe. It is beautiful and feels earthy.

  151. I love the Sea Fan II in Natural. I would use it in the hallway to the bath. I hope I win.

  152. I would pick the Abstract Watercolor – Ombre in Denim 11 x 14 – Modern Abstract Print – Contemporary Abstract Giclee – Blue Watercolour Print

  153. The sea fern in charcoal would be a real conversation piece in my red/black kitchen! Love it!

  154. Either the Shirbori Butterfly in denim blue or the Colbalt Dragonfly. Actually any of the butterflies and dragonflies – they are all gorgeous.

  155. Oh my hard to chose a favorite. I love the Sea Fan II in Ruby!Thanks for the chance!

  156. Our bedroom has a dark wood bedroom suite and deep blue bedding and I can’t for the life of me figure out how to decorate in there with those colors. These prints in denim blue, like the Sea Fern III, Sea Fan IV, Tropical Leaf wall art and Seagrass in Denim look like they’d be perfect in our room!

    thank you!!

  157. Sea Coral in Charcoal. I love the naturals and charcoal prints the most! All are lovely!!!

  158. My favorite is the Dragonfly in Cobalt 11×14 Watercolor Print – Cabinet of Curiosities Dragonfly Wall Art. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  159. I like the fact that there are prints with bright, fresh colors but also grays and blacks. I really like the butterfly print in black and white and the sea coral in charcoal.

  160. I really love the Butterfly…celadon. Truly beautiful! Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  161. “Resist in Turquoise” – hands down! It’s the perfect merging of sea and sky in an endless backdrop of gorgeousness in tropical far north Queensland. It inspires me.

  162. I have to say the Blue Abstract Watercolor made my heart smile.
    While the large Feather Print called to me.

  163. Beautiful prints and my favoriteb is Shibori Butterfly in Denim, it is so pretty! Thanks for the chance!!

  164. Absolutely gorgeous! How does a girl pick just one?
    The Butterfly in Black and White-“The Monarchist” spoke
    to me.

    Thank you!

  165. The Seaweed II in denim or French blue– but so many to choose from. Love that you featured this beautiful artist!

  166. I have been looking for a blue dragon fly piece of wall art for several months, the Dragonfly in Cobalt is perfect. Love the butterfly series also

  167. I love so many of them it was tough to choose just one… The Dragonfly in Cobalt is pretty awesome though =)

  168. Aqua Blue Butterfly Watercolor Print is simply gorgeous (and would look amazing in my study!)

  169. I like the abstract series, especially the blue Plume. Lovely. If I don’t win, I will just have to buy it for myself, but I hope I win.

  170. Love the ‘Feather Print Collected’ print. I can see how these pieces of art look great as a group. Beautiful work. :)

  171. I love all the watercolors of interiors, especially those featuring settees.
    Her work is just beautiful!

  172. The Sea Life and Coral collection was all beautiful, but I was really struck by the feather watercolors.

  173. I was looking at the abstracts and really liked the pink/orange combinations but the Blue Abstract Watercolor Print- “Plume” really stole my heart. It would be perfect in my daughter’s turquoise based room!

  174. Abstract Watercolor Giclee print ‘Equinox Rising’ is my favorite! As a new watercolor artist, I love her art and find it very inspirational!

  175. I love her Butterfly watercolor print in celadon. I also love many of her sea coral prints.

  176. I adore this one – Blue Abstract Watercolor Print- “Plume” 11 x 14″ – Blue and Green Watercolor – Abstract Art – Modern Abstract Print – Contemporary Art

  177. Loving “China Blue” – though all in the blue and white series make me happy. :)

  178. WOW! I love the Tropical Leaf II Watercolor Print in Denim Blue 11×14 – Watercolor Art Print – Tropical Wall Art. Gorgeous print and color.

  179. Oh it is so hard to narrow it down but I would go with a tie between the abstract “Equinox Rising” and “Blue Feather”. I love the bright color of Equinox Rising it just makes you happy and the simple colorful feather is very classic.

  180. They’re all very beautiful, but I really love the butterflies especially Watercolor Print Butterfly in Celadon .
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  181. This was tough! I really like Feather Print “Collected”. Such beautiful prints. Have this site bookmarked. Thank you.

  182. I think my favorite is the sea fan in Woodlawn IV print. Although, the sea coral in charcoal is a very close second! Beautiful work!

  183. It’s hard to choose! I really love the Butterfly Print in Celadon and Feather Print ‘Collected’. Beautiful pieces!

  184. I love the Fan Palm Watercolor in Denim Blue Print 11×14 – Watercolor Print – Tropical Wall Art

  185. Great Etsy site! I really like the Calypso 11″ x 14″ – Abstract Art Giclee. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  186. Hi, I would love the Sea Coral in Turquoise watercolor. Too many to choose from.

  187. It was hard to pick just one print! My favorite is “Fushion,” I love all the vibrant colors. Thanks for hosting this sweet giveaway!

  188. Great options abound! I’m digging the tropical leaf series in the darker blue/indigo color

  189. I love the sea fern in french blue, but the butterfly in black and white is a very close second!

  190. I am a big fan of the coral prints in light blue as well as the tropical foliage prints!!

  191. Topical leaf II watercolor in blue demin Would look great with new sofa being delivered today! Is this fate!

  192. I love the sea grass and coral prints in denim! This shop is definitely getting added to my favorites list.

  193. I Love The Butterfly In Black And White Watercolor print. It Would Be Perfect In My Daughter’s room. All Of Her Paintings Are Lovely.

  194. I really like any of the “sea” prints, sea coral, sea fern, sea fan, etc. Very pretty!

  195. All such beautiful artwork. My best favourite is Pink Floral Watercolour – Bouquet in Blue… closely followed by the Denim Watercolours… the naturals work is amazing too… also the Ming… LOVE THEM ALL!

  196. Love the Sea Coral in Ruby Print IV. It is very difficult to choose a favorite; all of the prints are beautiful.

  197. I’m loving the large Ginger Jar in Cobalt! Thanks for the link to Kerri’s beautiful work. Vikki in VA

  198. I absolutely love the colors in the Abstract Watercolor Print – Calypso 11″ x 14″ – Abstract Art Giclee – Watercolor Print – Pink and Orange Giclee Print – these were the colors of my wedding and I would call it Cherry Colored Funk — very lovely and brilliant – jc

  199. I love Blue and White Vase with Sweet Peas. That would look amazing in the gallery wall in my daughter’s room that I’m creating!

  200. I loved the Sea Coral in Ruby print IV. Would love to have it in my beach cottage someday.

  201. I’m loving the Sea Coral IV in French Blue print. Such a pretty design in a lovely color! Would love to have it displayed in my house.

  202. I love her seaglass and sea coral and her watercolor giclee!! Such gorgeous work she does!

  203. I am a fan of Keri Shipp and have a couple pieces in our bedroom, I’m so pleased to see you featuring her! I love the tropical leaf prints. SO pretty.

  204. The colors jump out at you on these prints, they’re striking. I love the
    Blue Feather print and the Sea Coral in French Blue

  205. I have been looking for something just like the watercolor ‘Equinox Rising’ it is stunning!

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