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By Kate Riley August 12, 2014

I was working on a dresser makeover yesterday, I inherited a plain Jane dresser from Matt’s late grandmother and I want to repurpose it so I added some trim to the face and will prime and paint it later this week. I have a thing for giving furniture a facelift, I love to modernize something second hand and give it new life. I frequently pin inspirational pieces with great knobs or pulls; it’s a universal truth that unique hardware will make cabinetry or a piece of furniture shine, case in point:

asian gold pulls

I pinned this photo months ago, it was captured by Zeke Ruelas and I’ve been fixated on those Asian motif gold pulls ever since. I found a similar style on Etsy and when they arrived they had a duller brass finish so to brighten them up I gave the hardware a dusting of a favorite spray paint, Krylon’s Gold Leaf, the same I’ve used here and here.

gold hardware

I’m also crushing on gemstone knobs right now, jewelry for your cabinets! How cool is this idea to add crystal or agate to your drawers? You can be consistent with one stone or eclectic and mix it up. I want to use agate pulls on a bedside chest someday soon, so elegant!

agate cabinet pulls

via Casa Sugar

Last week I ordered a vanity from Home Depot for the downstairs bathroom remodel in the Nevada house but plan to upgrade it with some pretty knobs I found on Etsy from Knucklehead Knobs, here are a few others carried in the shop:

gemstone pull knob

The shop sells DIY knobs so you can created something like this with any stone, shell, or bauble. 

brooch door knob

better homes & gardens

We adorn ourselves with jewelry, why not our cabinets too?!

Landi Designs sells some pretty agate pulls, knobs, and napkin rings.

agate drawer pulls


Also visit The Hob Knobery for more gemstone selections:

hob knobbery gemstone


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If you know of any other sources for unique hardware on Etsy, please share!

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  1. I love this! I need to remember etsy for drawer pulls. Drawer pulls/knobs can completely transform and personalize a piece of furniture.

  2. I would rather have a comfortable handle or knob. Function, comfort – smooth & easy.

  3. Oh, those gemstone knobs. Those are totally me. I wish I had a cabinet to fix just so I’d have an excuse to buy them.

  4. My mother-in-law has the nightstand that you featured as your inspiration from Zeke! She’s had it for years and years. Believe it or not, she purchased it for only $50 at a going-out-of-business sale for a local hotel. So maybe one day you will get lucky enough to find it. Goes to show that high style doesn’t have to be expensive! She’s a thrifty decorator. :)

  5. I recently saw some bin pulls made of coloured glass, Depression glass and jadeite inspired. I can’t stop thinking about them. This could be a dangerous new interest :).

  6. Etsy is such a great place to find such unique and great pieces – you have opened my eyes! Thanks

  7. Next time you come to San Francisco, you must put the Bauerware shop on your list! Floor to ceiling knobs and all kinds of cabinet hardware – antique, vintage, contemporary, etc. 3886 17th Street. Such a vast collection and I could spend hours looking!

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