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By Kate Riley October 23, 2013

I won’t hide my fixation, I’ll acknowledge it openly and proudly. I am a hardware junkie.

I have dozens of sets of hardware sitting in a box in my garage awaiting a new piece, some of it saved from old thrift store finds, some of it from local salvage shops, some of it just brass pulls bought on ebay or rope knot knobs I have yet to use. Clearance hardware bins are a weakness of mine – I find it hard to pass them by without purchasing and storing away a few goodies. Matt says to me when he sees my hoard “What ARE you doing with all of these knobs?” and I reply “Oh, they have a destiny” and he just shakes his head and walks away.

To freshen a piece of furniture or a set of cabinets I’ll often swap the hardware for something more modern, but I have in the past purchased thrift store furniture simply for the hardware alone. You may have a fine piece of ebony stained cabinets or a freshly painted dresser, but what’s true is the hardware is the jewelry and it always makes the outfit.



cabinet hardware

source: SA Baxter

Finding the perfect hardware can be overwhelming, especially if you’re under a time crunch or knee deep in a kitchen remodel or house flip, I’ve been there. Some companies like Top Knobs or Amerock sell to dealers in kitchen and bath showrooms so you have to visit those local businesses to get access to the collections, but they are worth your time. Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowes offer special order hardware since they only want to stock the basics.

The good news is we live in modern times and you can purchase so much beautiful hardware online and there is so so much available. Don’t you just love the internet for the marketplace that’s been opened to us? I compiled this list to share with you but also as a resource for me for future remodels and furniture makeovers.

Here they are in no order of preference, just alphabetical:


amazon hardware


anthropologie knobs


D Lawless Hardware

d lawless hardware



ebay hardware

Going Knobs

going knobs hardware

Hobby Lobby

hobby lobby knobs

House of Antique Hardware

house of antique hardware



knobbery hardware

Knobs 4 Less

knobs 4 less


Knobs and Pulls

knobs and pulls hardware

Lee Valley

lee valley hardware


Look in the Attic

look in the attic hardware


   My Knobs

my knobs hardware




overstock pulls


rejuvenation hardware

Restoration Hardware

restoration hardware


Rustica Hardware

rustica hardware selection


SA Baxter

sa baxter hardware

Schoolhouse Electric

school house electric hardware

Van Dyke’s Restorers

van dykes hardware


wayfair hardware

World Market

world market hardware


West Elm carries unique hardware but not a huge selection. Etsy vendors always have unique collections of pulls and knobs available. Sites like Amazon or Ebay can be overwhelming, so it’s best to narrow your search to specific types like “oil rubbed bronze pulls”. You can find great hardware in unexpected places, I even found my kitchen cabinet pulls at Target!

I’m a believer in honoring the style of the cabinetry or piece with your hardware choices (like with these chests) because if you pick knobs or pulls in a style inconsistent with the lines of the cabinetry or style of furniture, it can be jarring. Find more tips on mixing finishes and choosing kitchen cabinet hardware in this article.

sources for cabinet and furniture hardware


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Have you discovered a great resource for hardware other than the ones mentioned?

C’mon share it!




    • Hi Anny, the most affordable are on Ebay, Amazon, Overstock, and Hobby Lobby – the big sites are consistently offering the most discounted hardware.

  1. Oh it is so like Jewelry and what girl in her right mind can’t say “NO” to the allure of something that glitters. Yes, I too am a furniture “Bling” Junkie and these resources are just a new avenue to get my fix. Thank you so much for the information I will be shopping today.

  2. On my last trip to India, I brought home a bag of coloured glass doorknobs that are sold there very reasonably. When I recently moved, I found it very tough to leave them behind. You can find great hardware when you travel. I spent some time in a hardware store in Paris last spring and brought home a great dragonfly doorknocker.

  3. I did buy some resin button knobs for my sewing room cabinets at Hobby Lobby. I think they are great and inexpensive. I also love Lewis Dolin glass knobs and bin pulls. I have the clear glass with chrome on kitchen cabinets and they have held up well. Great resource page for those looking for cabinet hardware.

  4. I’m not kidding Kate, but this is probably somewhere near 20 times I’ve been thinking about something and I open my mailbox and lo and behold, you’re writing about it! How do you do that??!

    Add me to the list of people with a fixation on knobs. This past week I was in hobby lobby and I find their selection to be the best. Much ‘funkier’ than anything available at other ‘walk in’ stores. I haven’t checked out etsy, although for the dresser in question they may be a bit pricey. Let’s face it, hardware is expensive and many times can cost more than the actual pice cost (especially if thrifted), but worth it.

  5. Thank you for this list! My hubs and I are starting to pull (pun intended) ideas for our kitchen hardware and we need all the help we can get.

  6. Just yesterday I was googling hoping someone had posted an article about online hardware resources, so thanks for this!! I have had a picture of a nightstand (from another of your blog posts) pinned for some time now b/c I loved the brass handles on the piece. Hopefully I can find something similar on one of these sites.

  7. I recently stumbled upon Bauerware in the Castro in SF. Oh my lord, I could have spent hours in there and have all these projects on my list designed solely around some of their knobs and pulls. My two favs – an art deco octopus drawer pull , and a Picasso bust knob. The website is ok, but the store is really where it’s at!

  8. I just did an update in my bathroom and special ordered some pulls from Home Depot. They weren’t any more expensive than what they carry in store and they were shipped to my local store for free. It was worth exploring additional options!!!

  9. I had no idea there was so many options to choose from for knobs but now I feel like going and looking at them all just to see the different styles.

  10. The best article at the exact right time.
    I just did this exact same thing for something I’m working on.
    You are so on target. Gosh you are great!!!!

  11. This is the best post! I love hardware and I never knew there were so many places to find it! Thank you for this post :)

  12. I love the ones at Anthropologie! I didn’t know so many places sold them.

    They opened a Hobby Lobby a couple miles from here about a month ago. Wow, so many knobs and pulls!! Many Anthro knock offs, I thought that was interesting.


    I’ve yet to order (they are American and may not ship internationally, I need to investigate), but they have knobs and all sorts of great stuff, such as a complete line of 19th century door bells very similar to the non-functioning one in my 1872 stone farmhouse in Canada. Everything for the bath too, from taps to claw foot tubs. Definitely fun to check out!

  14. Hi! If you are anywhere in the Bay Area, Belmont Hardware is an EXCELLENT source for cabinet hardware. I have never ever seen a collection like theirs! Many items are in stock, and they can order just about everything that you could possibly imagine. I know that they are in the process of revamping their website, as you cannot order online from them as of yet. You can try: to get a sneak peek!


  15. Thank You SO VERY MUCH for the compilation of furniture hardware !!! I thought I had investigated the internet inside and out and have not been happy with the results until I found your blog. So I am very happy about finding some new results. Have even thought about blinging out the original “pulls” that I have but so far I am only collecting ideas. You will never know how much fun it was to find your blog. Thanxz again for the research.


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