Favorite Sources for Affordable Pillows

By Kate Riley March 6, 2013

This week is pretty crazy, we’ve got several projects in the works and we’re celebrating a birthday, so I’ve been away from the computer a lot but I got a great question the other day and I had to smack my head because I can’t believe I haven’t answered it yet.

“Dear Kate. How can I get to the information from February where you were describing how to combine patterns of throw pillows? And where can you find a variety of reasonably priced pillows?” ~ Loretta in Kentucky

Loretta that post you mention on pillow styling is here and I have a lot of places I like to shop for pillows. I’m a frequent pillow changer by season so if I don’t make them myself, I hunt for ready made ones that are affordable and by that I mean under $50.  I’ve kept a master list of retailers in a document on my computer and was reminded to post it here when Loretta prompted me.

Here are my favorite sources for affordable pillows (under $50):

1) Etsy.  I like to support small businesses so I shop around on Etsy for pillow covers made with designer fabrics, some of my favorites include Festive Home Decor, NenaVon, Pop O Color, Pillow Mood, Kassapanola, and WillaSkyeHome.

etsy designer pillows

chevron ikat / flamestitch / yellow ikat

2.  Pier One Imports

pier 1


3.  Wisteriawisteria pillows


4.  Ballard Designs

ballard designs


5. Bellacor

bellacor pillows



6.  Crate + Barrel

crate and barrel pillows


7.  West Elm

west elm pillows

8.  Target

target throw pillows

9.  Fabricadabra

fabricadabra pillows


10. CB2

cb2 pillows

11.  Pottery Barn

pottery barn pillows

12. World Market

world market pillows



13. Chiasso

chiasso pillows

14. Zara Home

zara home pillows


15.  Grandinroad

grandinroad pillows

16.  Pillows by Dezign

pillows by dezign pillows



17.  Tonic Living

 tonic living pillows


Can you sew?  Know someone who can?  If so, here are over 25 fabulous online sources for fabric to make your own.  Also, I’ve picked up half a dozen pillows on Joss & Main in the last year when they have sales, even some designer pillows like Trina Turk  – here’s a referral if you’re not signed up yet.

affordable pillow sources


If you’re ready to spend more than $50 on a pillow, check out Burke Decor, Zinc Door, Room & Board, Horchow, CS Post, Williams Sonoma Home, Pine Cone Hill, Jon Robshaw, Horne, Jayson Home, Serena & Lily, Z Gallerie, and Layla Grace.

So glad I was able to finally create a list like this, thanks for the kick in the pants Loretta! I finally finished painting my thrift store credenza for the studio, hoping to share that next.




  1. THANK YOU! I have been staring at my brown leather sectional thinking how I desperately need to brighten it up with pillows so this post comes at a perfect time :)

    • Ha! Dusty, I remember your post years ago about the 40+ toss pillows you bought to find the perfect set and returned the rest, too funny. :)

  2. You rock Dusty, I love it! I think that was the post where I fell in love with you! xoxo

  3. LOVE Tonic Living. Great fabric at great prices. Great customer service too. I have gotten about 35 yards from them. Thanks for including such a cool company! Yeah Canada!

  4. I am a pillow ADDICT….We have similar taste….There is no such things as TOO MANY PILLOWs……Love your blog

  5. I’d also like to add TJ Maxx to your list! The last time I was there they had an entire row of fabulous pillows – all ranging $15 – $25! Thanks for the list – I’ll be using it!

  6. I’ve never known what a reasonable price for a pillow is. So $50 and under is the norm?

    • Hi Michelle, I actually prefer to spend less than $50 but I made that the cutoff since quality factors in too…. I love love love to pick up pillows in person at places like TJ Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods too – this list is for companies that offer online selections. :)

  7. Etsy is a new fave source for me too. Always love west elm, world market, c&b, target, pier 1. i also love urban outfitters & anthropologie (when i have bigger budgets)… those are my go-to sources when styling. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  8. thanks for the list, kate. just bookmarked it in it’s own folder! love tj maxx, too!

  9. Hi Kate, I get your post through my email and wondered if I have questions regarding paint or decor where should I send them. I tried emailing them to you but I’m sure you got them.

  10. I’m more into making my own pillows, so the list of online fabric sources is going to come in handy!!
    Thanks a lot!

  11. Hi! Just found your blog and love it! Love your style and design savvy. I have a question not related to this post for you. I love the rug in your home office and want to purchase however I am skeptical to buy because of all the reviews saying it’s more blue in color then true gray. It looks grey in your room but would love your opinion. The room I plan to use it in has gray striped walls so definitely looking for something gray to match not blue! Thank you :)

    • Hi Tanna, that rug is definitely a gray blue, so yes there is blue present in the rug.

  12. THIS is what I need! My living room looks like a sand box (cream/ beige sofa and chairs). Definitely need some pops of color to spruce things up!!

  13. How timely. I bought some at home goods yesterday in time for some out of town company and while they look ok, they aren’t wowing me. I can sew. Very well in fact. But I’m devoting my time elsewhere. To etsy I go! I have tons of feather inserts!

  14. Thank you! I’m sure I will come back to this post in the future. I used your fabric website suggestions last week and instead of paying $20/pillow I was able to make my own in the same fabric for only $4!!!! I really appreciate your time and energy in sharing all these resources :)

  15. My wife LOVES pillows! She has them on every piece of furniture including the bed. Right now she has ELEVEN pillows on the bed! I like the pillow designs very much here…

  16. For those who can sew, I love picking up napkins (Pier One, World Market, etc) and using them to sew my own. WAY LESS than $50 for a pillow, and stunning results. Easy to make seasonal changes in the decor, too!

  17. Oh. My. Wordness.

    I’m sitting here drooling! Our new mattress was just delivered and I”m dreaming of new bedding and throw pillows and just LOOK AT THESE!!!


  18. That’s fascinating – I’m putting something toghether on a pillow project I just finished, and I ran into fabricadabra on a google search. I had never heard of them before, but they have some GORGEOUS fabric, and great prices! I didn’t know anything about their quality or service, but then I come over to your blog and see that you’re recommending them. Well, that settles it, then! (I was especially taken with one of the charmeuse ones, too – this one [http://www.fabricadabra.us/slprsichpico.html] – tempts me to violate my pillow price limits!)

  19. A great roundup of sources and pillows! I’ve bought several from Festive Home Decor and been very happy with them. She does beautiful work. My husband laughs at me…he says I have a pillow addiction. One can never have too many pillows!

  20. This is a fantastic list you have put together Kate! Since I have a pillow addiction as well, I have pretty much purchased pillows from everyone on your list. My favorite source used to be etsy, but after a few purchases gone awry, not soooo much. Pillows from bellacor and west elm are also part of my pillow collection. I have recently started purchasing from pillows by dezign. I am surprised you have them in your list! They are a really small company and not very well known. After 2 fantastic purchases (1 custom order, 1 retail) I have been recommending them to everyone. If your a designer like myself, they have a trade program that gives you an additional discount + free shipping. Double bonus!

  21. Great sources! Thanks so much for sharing these with us. Now, do you have any great sources for affordable custom draperies too??? Pretty please!!!

  22. I can make pillow covers and love all these ideas? But where can I get good pillows to cover? Those heavy down ones? Not having a lot of luck with that. Thanks for any ideas.

  23. I am a bit slow on the uptake, or uptick in this instance. Thank you so very much for including Fabricadabra in your list of favorite affordable throw pillows! I very much appreciate it and am always happy when a shrewd and savvy person such as yourself recognizes that I try to bring great values to market without sacrificing authenticity.

    Donna Halloran

  24. Have you checked out Claudia Lee Design? They have some great styles in different patterns, sizes and colors!

  25. This may be WAAAAaaayyy too late for follow-up from you, as I know you are very busy, but I see the second to the last commenter had the same question as me… where to buy reasonably priced, but really good heavy karate chop-able inserts? have you tried the ones at Robey’s? I just ordered some, I HOPE they are good… I didn’t get down-filled, because my people have allergies. :-(
    Any suggestions would be FAB!!

    • I think down fill make the best fillers for a karate chop, but if you can find down alternative, they might work too.
      I use West Elm’s pillow inserts for my 20″ pillow covers.

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