Fabulous Online Fabric Sources!

By Kate Riley June 28, 2012

I’m up to my ears in fabric right now stitching up outdoor pillows, curtains for my daughter, and pillows for the new window seat too, and all of the fabrics I’m working with were purchased online.  This week, my sewing machine is certainly earning its keep! 

Fabric possesses that magical power to transform a space, and brings beautiful pattern, interesting texture, soft comfort, and always great style.  Visiting a fabric store with a beverage in hand is my idea of a perfect afternoon!

villa nova pink and gray living room

  source:  Villa Nova Fabrics

Textiles instantly establish the mood of a space, and I’m a huge fan of using bold bright colors or patterns and also layers of subtle colors that play well together.  I just love when designers mix various fabrics with abandon.

calico corners fabrics

source:  Calico Corners


I was working on a giant list of favorite fabric sources to save on my computer for future use but then thought I’m sure many of you could use a great list of online fabric sources too!  Here are some of the best online sources for modern designer fabrics for decorating around the home (that ship to or are available the USA).       


online sources for home decor fabric


1.  Fabric.com

fabric.com selections


2.  800 Fabrics

800 fabrics


3.  Hawthorne Threads

hawthorne threads


4.  Tonic Living

tonic living


5.  Beautiful Fabric

beautiful fabric


6.  Joann Fabrics

joanns fabrics


7. Warehouse Fabrics Inc.

wharehouse fabrics


8.  Calico Corners

calico corners


9. Ballard Designs

ballard designs fabrics


10. Moona Fabrics on Etsy

moona fabrics


11.   John Robshaw Textiles

john robshaw textiles


12.  Carousel Designs

carousel baby bedding fabrics


13.  Fashion Fabrics Club

fashion fabric club


14.  Villa Nova (avail in USA at some stockists)

villa nova fabrics uk


15. Hancock Fabrics

hancock fabrics


16.  Jans Dotter

jans dotter


17.  Heather Bailey 

heather bailey fabrics


18.  Pine Cone Hill

pine cone hill


19.  Caitlin Wilson Textiles

caitlin wilson fabrics


20.  Spoonflower

spoonflower fabrics


21.  Marrimeko



  22.  Online Fabric Store

online fabric store


  23.  Premier Fabrics

premier fabric


24.  Buy Fabrics

buy fabrics


25.  House Fabric

house fabric collection


26. Layla Grace

  layla grace fabrics


27.  Decorator’s Best

decorators best


Another resource I just discovered via the latest HGTV Magazine is Decorative Buying Service, which allows you access to ‘to-the-trade’ fabrics without going through a decorator.  I haven’t used it, but thought some of you might want to know about it.  A lot more of my favorite fabric finds are on Pinterest too !

Did I miss any good ones?  Do you have a favorite online fabric source?  Any great Etsy shops or textile suppliers that sell online?  Feel free to add them in the comments! 




  1. I just thought I would mention a couple of things to be aware of when ordering fabric.

    Make sure you specify to the vendor that it is packaged in plastic so it doesn’t get wet/dirty. I’ve had to return fabric because of this issue.

    Also, if ordering fabric for drapery panels, make sure you tell the vendor to ship it on a roll. I had over 6 yards shipped from Tonic Living all folded up & creased up. When I called them, they said you have to request it if you want it shipped on a roll. They said it saves them on shipping costs to ship fabric folded. Their website doesn’t mention that fact though.

    • That’s such a great tip Mary! I’ve had fabric shipped both ways, I never thought to insist on a roll for drapery panels, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is just what I needed right now as I am in the market for new drapes in three rooms!

  3. There are tons of fabric remnants from designer houses for sale on eBay. Too many to name. Sometimes, there is only one yard of a several hundred dollar per yard fabric that goes for ten dollars, if you are the only one bidding! I have seen upholstery and even rug weight fabric there too! As to the comment above, I’ve also had items shipped on a roll instead of folded up. Like that soooo much better. Enjoyed meeting you at Haven!

    • Fantastic Jackie – great idea to check eBay for designer remnants, thanks!

    • Thanks for the link to Fabric Guru, Jewels, hadn’t heard of it, now we know!

  4. Thank you for the list. Those will come in so handy! I could also attest to getting good service from fabricguru.com.

  5. Awesome! I was just looking online for new fabric sources and this helps big time! I have a couple of projects in the works and it’s so hard to find something fresh and new at the local fabric stores. Pinning!!

  6. Hi. I find fabric shopping to be my nirvana, especially with an ice coffee in hand. We’re clearly related! Thanks so much for these resources, and I’ve bookmarked it for the future.

  7. I have had lots of luck with Warehouse Fabrics. Beautiful textiles, extremely reasonable costs, good customer service, shipped my fairly large order out in 24 hours, and my order was carefully packaged before shipping.

  8. I am such a fabric junkie and can get easily sucked it browsing all of the online options! Thanks for giving me some new sources to browse!

  9. No online fabric resource list is complete without Lewis and Sheron Fabrics!!! They’re prices are typically cheaper than anywhere else, and the selection is great!

  10. You must check out https://thefabricco.com/ Huge selection of beautiful fabric and trims at amazing prices! They just upgraded their website and it is so easy to navigate! Great customer service too- family owned business – LOVE IT!!

  11. Great resources.. even being a designer for over twenty years now- I always love new
    places to search.. never enough choices..lol.
    Thanks for sharing. And I just took a peek last month at Lewis & Sheron Fabrics- wonderful as well.

  12. this is such a great post! im currently on the hunt for fabric for our living room drapes, and now i have a great resource to turn to!

  13. Great post! I have had great luck with Mary Jo’s a fabric outlet in NC. They don’t have the best website for browsing, but if they have what you are looking for, they have it for a great price: http://maryjos.com/

  14. Thanks for all your research.
    A really good source list….Don’t forget to check EBAY…I have found good “deals” Recently I purchased 5 yards of discontinued Pierre Deux fabric for $90. instead of $75. per yard. Always worth a try…Merci beaucoup!

  15. I just saved this list to file… My area does not have
    very good fabric stores and I’m in the slipcover mode.
    Thank you for this list…

  16. Another great website is Quilthome.com, they carry home decorator fabric as well, but from more unknown and funky designers. If you sign up with them, they send you emails and substantial coupons on a weekly basis. Great post!!

  17. This is a fabulous resource for the fabric addict (me), and many I didn’t know about!

    Thanks SO much!

  18. Thanks for this! I love finding new sources for fabric. My head is spinning….so many choices. I love Caitlin Wilson textiles, LOVE! Now, I’m off to browse some fabric. :)

  19. Really appreciate this post and all the comments! Does anyone know which sites will send you free swatches? Although many sites have pretty good graphics, I’m always a little leery about the true representation of the colors. Thanks!

  20. Such good tips! I’ve only used Fabric.com on your list and cannot wait to check out the rest. Also thanks to all of your knowledgable commenters for their ideas too! I just caught the sewing bug recently and can’t get enough!

  21. Guess this means I need to pull out my sewing machine and attempt to use it.

  22. I love fabric I can look at them for days. I love your choices. I go to BeautifulFabrics.com a lot of times they have a big and great selection. Love Calico Corners. Thanks for sharing this post.


  23. Thanks so much for this compilation! I’m looking for fabric to have bridesmaid dresses made. Do you know if any of these sources carry suitable fabrics for apparel? I fell in love with a print from Premier, but all they carry is upholstery/drapery fabrics.

  24. THANK YOU!!!! I have a parlor set that needs reupholstering (wish me luck!) and I have hesitated to start it because I couldn’t find any fabric locally that suited my tastes. I am sure I find something online now. Thanks again!

  25. Just a heads up- I clicked on Jansdotter (I love Lotta’s simple, bright designs) and found that the shop is closed for vacation until August. You can still see the products but pricing is unavailable.

    thanks for the source info!

    • Thanks Cindy, good to know, she’s taking a vacay, good for her!!!

  26. Wow! Thank you for putting this list of resources together. It will make the next project that much easier.

  27. I have just recently starting following your blog, and I have to say, I LOVE IT!!! And that you so much for this timely post! I just purchased a cane barrel chair and was looking for fabric. I just found some fab stuff on Warehouse Fabric, and found a $5 off coupon online. Thank you so much!!

  28. **thank you so much**, hahaha Was so excited that I can’t type!

  29. **thank you so much**, hahaha Was so excited that I can’t type!

  30. I have had success with BuyFabrics.com. Their fabrics are priced based on the quantity you purchase — the more you buy, the lower the price.

  31. Oops. While I have ordered from BuyFabrics.com, the site that discounts their prices based on quantity is OnlineFabricStore.net. I have ordered from (and had good experiences with) both stores.

  32. I have a section on my blog called THE THE FABRIC FILES that I’ve devoted to a listing of home dec fabrics and I’m working on a comments/ratings evaluation system. Comments relative to specific vendors are greatly appreciated! We have some that overlap, but also some different ones too.

    Have a great weekend!


  33. I’ve only been a follower for few days but what a treat it was to read this post. You listed a few sources that I had forgotten about or never heard of. Thank you! Btw, found you through Pinterest, of course.

    • Wow, thanks Allison, I checked and you’re right, you have to pick up IKEA fabric at the local store – taking it off the list, thanks so much!!

  34. Any chance you know the name of fabric #3 on BeautifulFabric.com? That is spot-on what I’ve been looking for, but can’t find it on their website!


  35. What a timely post! Just yesterday, I was going through your fabric pins on pinterest to figure out where you find such great graphic prints!

  36. Wow, I just made curtains for my son’s room using that first fabric from fabric.com!! Amazing that that’s the first one on your list! Thank you so much for this post. I spent countless hours online looking for inspiration and cheap designer fabrics. It’s great to have a list of sources for future reference. Thank you. I have bought from Online Fabric Store before but this time chose Fabric.com. Their prices were great and they have free shipping, and free no hassle returns. Plus I got a 20% off coupon on top of it. Happy!

  37. Thanks, Kate! This is perfect timing as I am currently looking for fabric to re-upholster my chairs with and have been stumped!

  38. This post was just in time! I’m about to sew some curtains for our bedroom and I was looking for some fabulous fabric.

  39. Perfect timing on this post!! Just last night I was looking for fabric to make my baby girl’s crib skirt seeing as I can’t find anything that’s not too “babyish” for her nursery.
    Thanks for the post, this will make my life a lot easier!!

  40. Nice, thank you so much for this post! I have been looking for fabric to make curtains for months, this is so helpful.

  41. Thank you for this list! I am bookmarking this page for future reference. It will come in handy over the next few months as I decorate our little apartment!

  42. Oh my gosh! The first one on number 25…do you have a direct link? I pinned something made of fabric VERY similar to this yesterday…and their website is so big, there’s no way I could find it! Also, all of the resources are great…I can’t wait to check them out! Thanks!

  43. I’m bookmarking this page!!!! Thanks so much for doing all the leg work. You rock!!

  44. Wonderful roundup! Excited to try a few of these online sources out. I use Lewis & Sharon fabrics (https://lsfabrics.com/) to find many of the above patterns at a much more reasonable price. They have a great selection – though I must say Calico Corners and Thibaut have been my go-to for a long time!

  45. The absolute best place to buy linen online is fabrics-store.com. They carry wonderful colors (mainly solids), send free samples (nicely labeled too), various weights, and have great customer service AND the best prices I’ve seen anywhere. Of course dharmatrading.com is also a good source for white and cream fabric.

  46. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! This is amazing, I love this post! I have recently lost my designer/trade fabric connection and have been scrambling to find sources….I will be looking at fabrics now…for DAYS! yay!!

  47. I found FabricGuru.com is a great place to buy fabrics. I bought a Robert Allen Khanjali (peacock) fabric with slight print mistake (can’t even notice) from $5 a yard, where in a local drapery store gave me a quote of $44.95 a yard. I also bought some clearance fabrics for a nursery glider re-upholstary and DIYing some store bought curtains.

  48. I use FabricGuru.com as well. I bought Richloom’s Cornwall in cadmium for less than $5 a yard when I believe it was about $27 at fabric.com. It described it as having scattered light spots, but they were small and looked totally natural. I also bought a paisley Richloom print for less than $4 a yard. They have fantastic clearance prices from time to time.

  49. What a great article — so many wonderful websites to see such beautiful fabrics! A full list of online fabric sources — Calico is so excited to have made the cut! Thanks for making an online reference guide

  50. Hi Kate, this is one of my favorite posts. I think you should consider putting this in your sidebar. I know you have a lot going on there already, but since you posted it I’ve looked at this post at least 5 or 6 times. Super beneficial!! Thanks!!

  51. I source fabric on ebay. One of my favorites is designerfabrics*rr They have lots of listings for name brands/designers in small, medium and large lengths. Do a pillow or a couch. They also have leather – whole hides.

    Thanks for a fantastic resource. Enough here for a confirmed fabricaholic.

  52. AMAZING!!! you have such an awesome eye for matching patterns, me? not so much… but I am learning, with your help! some of these sources I was familiar with, but found several new ones – so THANK YOU!!! That House Fabrics is unreal!!! that have ‘rooms’ of fabric selected, which is really cool, but their fabrics are TO DIE for, and fabulous prices!!!! This post took me on a 1.5 hour fabric drool!!!!!
    Again – thanks! Your blog ROCKS!!! so infomative, and you are SO talented! I have a big old crush on you right now!!!

  53. I source much of my fabric from DryGoodsDesignOnline.com based in Ballard near Seattle. Keli curates the cutest and freshest fabrics.

  54. Great list. I have one more for you. fabricguru.com
    There are some great bargains to be found.

  55. Great resource! Thanks a million. I have also used Mary Jo’s Cloth Store with good results.
    Do you know the pattern name/number for # 2 on Fashion Fabric Club and # 1 on Buy Fabric?

  56. Since we’re currently touring the country in our RV my fabric selection has grown but my project space is zilch. I’m thinking aprons and a couple of pillows. I did bring my little sewing machine after all. My current favorite online fabric store is called Honey Be Good. They specialize in sustainable fabrics and they’re running a special discount during the Olympics: http://www.honeybegood.com

  57. Your post was awesome. I love fabric, but I have an embarrassing problem which is that I can’t sew. Can’t even do a button properly. How can I find tutorials on how to do things like re-upholster or make pillows or curtains, that don’t involve needle & thread. Thank you.

  58. wHAT A WONDERFUL LIST!! Will definitely be looking up some sights to upholster my Grandaddies wooden loveset. Seat is upholstered, rest is wood. Visions of painting it black with a zebra fabric for the seat . I say that as I sit here reading your blog in my peach-striped pj bottoms and lilac printed sweat shirt.LOL Oh well, Cat doesn’t seem to care what I wear to bed:0)

  59. Love all of your links for fabrics and affordable throw pillows! But what about sources for great pillow inserts and pillow forms? I’ve made pillow covers to refresh my old pillows, but I want to find quality pillow inserts in different sizes. I like to make removable covers because I don’t have room to store “seasonal” pillows. Can you point me to some good sources?

    • Hi Sooz, great question! I like down pillow insert in the 20″ x 20″ size, and I have several from West Elm and Pottery Barn, but there are also inserts you can buy from Crate + Barrel – three great sources! I know Joann’s sometimes carries pillow inserts too but I think they’re polyester fill.

  60. I’ve been on the hunt for a gold confetti dot fabric in a cotton. Have you seen anything like this? I’ve checked many of the sites listed with no luck.

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