Our Blue Balcony

By Kate Riley June 29, 2012

My 2012 Home Goal #6 is officially checked off the list!  We have a new outdoor space all done up in shades of blue and just in time to enjoy summer outdoors.  We don’t have any travel plans in July – instead we’ll be spending it at home chilling in this new blue balcony space with a great view of the yard.

centsational girls blue balcony


It’s a tight space and there was no room for a coffee table when people sit, so instead I added small wicker end tables all around for drinks or reading material.

blue balcony left side view



left side of balcony

rattan cube

A navy blue market umbrella provides shade from the afternoon sun.  The outdoor pocket pillow covers were a DIY project, I’ll share the easy peasy steps next week plus give fabric sources!  The furniture I’ll call “vintage” since I found it at an antique faire five years ago and recently refreshed it with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

right side blue balcony

There’s a peek at the ”naked” vineyard, so far the grafting is looking good, we’ve got new buds forming which means we will have Pinot Noir grapes next year *slurp*.

view of vineyard cg

right side blue balcony centsational girl

Two weeks ago, it was an unused space . . .

balcony before

Now it’s cozy and chic, my kind of place!

cg blue balcony

Can’t wait to curl up here with some iced tea and a few magazines in the afternoons.

blue balcony by centsational girl


Here is the source list and cost breakdown:  ORB furniture (free!); cream canvas cushions, $60 each;  blue tray: $10; bamboo hurricanes:  $7 and $16; 5 x 7 poolside area rug (no longer avail in navy): $102;  DIY pillows: $42 (will show the easy peasy how to and fabric sources next week); navy market umbrella, $105; wicker table set, $150.

We’re spending the weekend adding the finishing touches to the Alma Project kitchen remodel, can’t wait to share.   Have a great weekend!

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  1. Fabulosity!! (That’s not a word, but I felt like it fit here) LOVE the rug. Your furniture really does have similar lines to mine–it’s those pretty scrolls. You did a wonderful job–what a chic and inviting space. :)

  2. Don’t you just love what a few things with color can add to your outdoor spaces? It looks absolutely smashing! Helen

  3. Your patio looks perfect. I like that you used such a beautiful pattern on your cushions as an accent feature. Very cozy and comfortable to chit chat over wine! Beautiful design work! Have an amazing long weekend!

  4. Drooling over here!!! Gorgeous Kate, absolutely gorgeous!!! I love it all. I can’t wait to see how you did the pillows and what fabric you used. I really need to become more handy with a sewing machine. ;)

  5. Love all the blue! Could you source the blue/cream pottery pot? It’s so pretty!

  6. My deck furniture cushions are blue and white as well! I love that combo for outside, so crisp and fresh! I adore the rug and looked up something similar on Overstock that I’m going to get for myself – definitely was missing a rug in my outdoor area – thanks for the inspiration! Your outdoor space is so nice, I know you will enjoy it now! xoxo

  7. Wowser!!!! I am blue with envy :}
    You’re making me have serious second thoughts about the very old white wrought iron set we have sitting in a heap behind our shed. It’s such a mess that all I could do was drag its sorry self down the hillside into hibernation. We paid a fortune for it an estate sale and would probably get very little if we sold it. So maybe I should refurbish it instead? It has beautiful lines like yours Kate.
    If I ask my Mister he will say ‘forget about it’ no doubt…. this week I took on my first CG-inspired spray paint project with two small end tables, and 3 cans of Krylon Global Blue spraypaint later I’m still not done!!! The tops are just a mess and I can’t get the paint to take. I’ve tried latex primer and then oil primer, no luck. This weekend we are bringing out the big guns (circular sander) to try to get it right. Fingers crossed…. they will look so pretty in my living room.

  8. I love the blue. It’s a gorgeous space. I love the tables all over. That way your drink is right next to you.

  9. Wow with everyone f your posts I just love your home more and more. It looks like a vacation retreat. Can I come visit?

  10. I absolutely LOVE the blue hues!! I would have never thought of those on my own, so thanks for sharing your space! Love me some world market, too ;)

  11. Blue is by far my favorite color, especially this time of year. You created an amazingly tranquil and beautiful oasis. It has such a chic, Mediterranean vibe to it. It honestly reminds me very much of a high-end resort we ogled but didn’t stay in many years ago in Anguilla. The rug, the fabric, the furniture and succulents, and the way they all work together and with all of the green in the plants surrounding the space is stunning. What an awesome retreat!

  12. It looks gorgeous! I gasped when I first saw it because I thought the rug was Italian tile! Holy mole, can you even imagine? I’m going to have to stalk Overstock and hope that rug becomes available in blue again.

  13. Fabulous! Love the pool rug and for triggering my brain for other sources for outdoor floor covering. Cost of all is wonderfully inexpensive . . . Thanks for the great ideas!

  14. I absolutely LOVE the space. Very cosy. Also, love the colour blue.
    Great space and thanks for some great ideas for my space, one day soon…..

  15. Blue and white. Honestly, does that combo EVER go out of style? Love the way this chic space shows off this classic color combo in fresh and fun ways.

    Aren’t you glad you live in California? It must be that sometimes the answer to that question is “no,” but when it comes to enjoying the outdoors in the summertime, I’m guessing your answer is “YES! Definitely yes!!”

  16. That is so beautiful! Can you maybe mention how well outdoor rugs hold up. I have been debating on getting one for our outdoor space but I keep thinking it will be good for one year and I don’t want to have to replace something like that every year.

  17. I would rush right over but I read ‘pinot noir’ and ‘next year’ so I’ll give you some time to break the space in and get the wine flowing and then I am totally there!! So beautiful, peaceful and relaxing looking. :)

  18. Absolutely stunning. Love the pillows and the rugs. I’ve been lurking, but couldn’t resist commenting on this. Thanks for all of the inspiration. I’m pinning away for when we’ve finished decrapifying our house and are ready to fill it with intention and with beautiful pieces that represent who we are and make us do that sigh thing when we walk in the door at the end of the day. Love your site. Thank you for all of your hard work and for all that you do.

  19. Your house seriously has the coolest spaces. I clearly need to move to California. Would you mind if I just happened to appear on your gorgeous balcony? I’d bring snacks….

  20. Great Space!

    Also, I really like the blinds in the window. Where did them come from?

    • I think either 3 day blinds or maybe Home Depot? They carry those plain white 2″ blinds and you can have them cut to fit your window.

  21. Absolutely love your patio inspiration! I have a very small patio in the back of my house that I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it suitable for use. You have given me some great idea. Thank you!

  22. Quite the change. You just need to DIY a little outdoor ottoman or moroccan pouf to prop your feet up on.

  23. your balcony looks amazing! I love how the rug ties in with pillows – different shades of blue is always cool! Since its a small space, white garden stools would be my suggestion for your coffee table/s – movable and would look great beside the umbrella. :-)

    • Awesome Christine, that’s the lighter blue, but so pretty, thank you for the link !!!

  24. What would you think of this rug in a mudroom? I love the pattern (I would get the lighter blue), but am worried it may be too thin. It is super wet and muddy much of the year, here in New England!

  25. It looks wonderful! The rug definitely pulls it all together. It would definitely look unfinished without it. Will you leave all of that out there when it rains?

    • Thanks Robin, cushions and rug come indoors when it rains in late November!

  26. Love this post. Thanks for the inspiration! Just added that wicker end table set from Overstock to my wish list! Looks like its very well made and sturdy, is it holding up well?

  27. Love this blue balcony, your rug looks like a tiled blue and white floor, your suzani pillows look great, a superb combination of blues. It certainly is a feel good balcony with lemonade and a view on your yard.


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