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By Kate Riley January 10, 2012

Leave it to Nester to kick my boo-tay in gear every year and get me to put pen to paper and make a list of goals for around the house.  So I did.  Last year, I did alright, met at least 80% or something like that.  This year, I’m feeling just as ambitious.  I’ve got big dreams so let’s take a peek at the *official* CG Home Goals for 2012.

#1  Prettier Powder.  First up, I’m giving our powder room a mini makeover ~ it’s in need of some piz-azz.  It’s been that soft RH Silver Sage color for years but I’m over it. Yesterday I installed some beadboard wallpaper, and I just need to repaint and install the new mirror. Gonna be gorg! powder room makeover


#2  Build a Bench   I’d like to build a long potting bench. I’ve always wanted a potting bench.  I’m thinking of building it with some local resalvaged wood and adding a little sink, it could would fit along this narrow strip of unused space on the side of the house. I could plant and grow and store all things garden right here. 

potting bench side yard


#3  Farewell Pink.  The time has come to give my daughter’s room a more sophisticated look so I’ll be switching out the linens in here. Her pink garden room was sweet when she was five, but I’m ready for a change since now she’s going into the 8 to 12 phase and this space could use some fresh color: grays, yellows, blues and greens. I bought half a bolt of this playful Waverly fabric at Joanns last year when it was 50% off, that’s the inspiration.

girls room makeover 2


#4  Storage Please.  I love my home office, but momma is in major need of smarter storage. I’m switching out those tall towers for two Expedits and building a desk on top of these deep file cabinets, hopefully later this month. I’m on the hunt for a new rug too, kinda loving this one

home office storage


#5  That Hall Bath!  Yesterday I was a pinning fool, with gorgeous bathrooms on the brain, since I’m gathering up inspiration to finally makeover this contractor special seen below, otherwise known as our upstairs hall bath.  Definitely in need a full makeover… not sure where I’m going with this yet.  All those details to consider…

hall bath remodel

#6 Summer Seating  Finally, this summer I’d like turn this unused balcony space into something… it’s just the right spot for a sitting area for lounging while watching the kids play outside with their friends in the summer months… maybe a market umbrella and some bright colorful cushions, an outdoor rug and a unique coffee table too. 

balcony style please


That’s all folks!  Well, actually I’d like to tackle my pantry and my courtyard paving and epoxy the garage floor too, but I’m not gonna put those officially on the list since they’re waaaaaay on the back burner.  Maybe next year? 

Linking up to Nester’s Home Goals party which starts tomorrow … link up yours too, it’s fun to dream about all these improvements whether we actually finish them or not.  Now back to that beadboard… gotta give it a coat of paint!  Or two.  


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  1. I love how you’re like “yesterday I put up some beadboard wallpaper” as if it’s no big thing. You say it the same way I would say I ran to Target or picked up some groceries. That’s why I love this blog because it’s so inspirational. Can’t wait to see the results of all the fun projects you have lined up!

  2. I love to-do lists! I wish mine was more focused on decorating, but we have some big ol’ renovation tasks to tend to first. Boo!

  3. Great goals and ideas! I love the potting bench.We epoxied our garage floor and LOVE it! It only took a weekend :)

  4. Kate, I love all the major projects you have planned this year. Can’t wait to see what you do with that big upstairs bathroom. Your inspiration pins are gorgeous and I know you’ll work your magic. : ) That fabric for your daughter’s room is lovely. I’m sure her room is going to be very sophisticated little lady once you’re done. Good luck with your list!!

    ~ Catie

  5. Great projects! If you sale your daughter’s comforter set…I would love to make and offer!

  6. What a coincidence—-currently giving my powder room a very similar makeover with beadboard wallpaper! Your current color looks a lot like mine (Misted Green from BM) and your new color looks exactly like what I want to go with! I even have a glass shelf in there like yours! May I ask what color your new color will be? I haven’t quite gotten around to sampling yet but would love a suggestion……Also trying to decide if I want to do a sink skirt around my pedestal sink to hide the ugly plumbing…Good luck with your goals!

  7. Can’t wait to see both bathroom updates! I’m in bathroom planning mode and I always thought it would be easier starting with a clean slate…but it’s really not helping me get anywhere faster or make any decisions easier LOL!

  8. We are in a brand new home with a blank slate as of a month ago. My first room to be done is our office/studio space – first thing you see when you walk in the front door. I was inspired by your billys to built-ins post and spent this weekend in Ikea assembly mode. We got the 15″ deep ones – think your span of 4 but only two with a desk space in between. Then on another wall, combination of 15″ deep + a 11″ deep narrow one solve a wall with a little bump out, making it seamless. The 15″ one is getting doors (craft supplies are in oh so practical assorted rubbermaid/sterilite bins and not so pretty) but the 11″ narrow Billy will remain open for all the sewing/craft pretties. But I have 9ft ceilings in this room and I am devising a plan to build a drawer platform for each Billy to raise it to the ceiling for a true built in look. For now, we are getting the room unpacked into the basic billys. But I can’t wait to add trim, raised drawer base, finish the baseboard – it will be so fantastic. Can’t wait!

  9. Hey Beth, I’m testing out different shades of mushroom gray colors in the bathroom, currently loving Coastal Villa by Valspar, Rockport Gray by Ben Moore, and Scroll Beige by Glidden!

  10. Love your goals Kate. I’ve got a few of my own. I’m in New England, so my first priority is tackling our ceiling that was damaged from ice damns last year. My husband just tore the ceiling down, so we’re moving onto the electrical and blue board next week. #2 redoing my kids rooms (2 girls & 1 boy) This will involve painting and making window treatments. #3 Redoing our bedroom. Paint, new bedskirts, new lamps. #4 painting a cabinet I just bought for $25 off of Craig’s List.

    I’m really Looking forward to seeing your finished projects. BTW – Your blogging series last week has also inspired me to start my own blog. I have three kids in school now and have done endless volunteering. I have a lot of free time and a lot to say. The timing is perfect for me to tackle my projects and start a blog. They say 40 is the new 30. I say its the start of a new chapter in my life. Looking forward to 2012! Cheers!

  11. Way to dream big, girl! I’m always impressed by what you accomplish, and I know 2012 will be no different. Love your office…I think the Expedit bookcases will provide great storage for you. I posted about my Home Goals today too. Nothing ambitious, but I may just shoot you an email with a decor question or two at some point. Hurray for 2012 and gettin’ things done!

  12. Love all of your projects for 2012!!! I have to put a list together myself. Great idea!!! I need to be held accountable this year. ;) I actually have the same Waverly fabric, but I’m using it for our Laundry Room. I need to make curtains to hide the furnance and hot water heater. Thanks for the kick in the butt Kate!!! Here is to all of us getting our lists done this year. Should be fun. :D

  13. I can’t wait to see you tackle all of your home goals. I posted my goals today. See you at The Nester’s party tomorrow.

  14. What great opportunities Kate! Those will be some gorgeous completed projects, and oh, how you will enjoy them once completed!:)
    I have to ask where the towers from your office will go? I remember when you acquired them from that closing retail shop – what a find! But then you made them even better, as only CG can do!;) Do you already have their new location picked out for them in your home?
    Our area had a darling gift shop closing out, but the fixtures (beautiful furniture pcs.) were ‘sold’ even before the business announced its’ closing – oh, pooh!

    • Hi Maria, you have a great memory! I forgot to mention…. I have a good friend with a clothing & jewelry shop downtown so I’m going to give those display towers to her for her various belts, purses, etc. They’ll be perfect in her shop and maybe she’ll even figure out a way to light them from up top!

  15. Kate, You are a trooper. Love, love, love all your ideas and look forward to seeing them … but… pulleeeze slow down just a little so old folks like me can attempt to make an effort to try to endeavor to do just one of these ambitious projects. AND remember that children grow at a pace at least eight times the hours required to de-pink, un-clutter, modernize, glamorize, mirrorize, and stylize the spaces they call home. For only a few, breathlessly short years. If you get absolutely nothing accomplished in the next six months, we’ll love you anyway, and so will they.

    Now, where did I leave my potting bench plans? Oh yeah, right next to the pile of dirty laundry on top of the pile of stuffed animals…

  16. Love to see your dreams and goals, Kate, and always a joy seeing them come to life! You’ve got great energy and talent galore! You are an inspiration to me. I love the light fixture you’re putting in your powder room.

  17. Hi Kate! My hubby and I are using a lot of your advice to give our bathroom a facelift (a bit expedited due to a ridiculously old pipe that went bad on us and had to have a plumber in to fix in November).
    Started a blog (see website link) and have two posts up showing progress. I think you can do something like we are (found an old dresser at Goodwill and are turning it into a double sink vanity; talk about design on a dime!) but I understand wanting to get something like you found on pinterest too! Just wanted you to know you inspired us on to greatness and we’re in the midst of our own (slow) bathroom renovation! Keep up the good work! (We even used Floetrol with the paint as you recently suggested…)

    • Wow so cool Steph, welcome to the world of blogging and I absolutely love the idea of using a dresser as a vanity, what a unique way to repurpose and add panache! Send me links to your projects when complete, you knooooooow I love a great before and after!

  18. Awesome goals Kate!! One of my goals is to move my 3 year old into her new room. Any chance you’d consider selling your pink girls bedding? I adore it!

  19. beadboard wallpaper??? amazing! where did you find it? did you do the whole wall or 1/2 way up? if it’s 1/2 way up do they also make a “wallpaper” crown for it? that’s fabulous! love it!!!! thanks

  20. Kate! This is my first time writing to you but I read your blog daily! I have even ventured out to make a few things I’ve seen you effortlessly create (nail-biting to see if you approve).

    Last night my husband and I watched a woodworking show that he had saved on our DVR (Rough Cut by Teddy Mac). Guess what he was building? A POTTING BENCH! It looked relatively simple if you have a circular saw and can understand his Massachusetts accent. :) I looked on his website and Youtube to send you the link but they don’t allow the whole show to air online (boo-sigh). However, the DVD looks pretty cheap.

    Just thought I would share! Love ya!

    • Wow Kathleen thank you so much! I will look for that to see if I can find it! Very kind of you.

  21. Can’t wait to see all you do!

    Can I ask you your opinion? I LOVE the pom pom fabric you are using as in inspiration for your daughter’s room makeover. My question is this: I was thinking of using that as the inspiration for my first child’s nursery!! However, I don’t know what I’m having. Do you think that fabric is too girly? I know it has flowers, but I thought balanced with geometrics and stripes, it wouldn’t be too gender specific. Be honest. I am just drawn to the colors and was looking for something with greys and yellows or citrines and I love Robin’s egg blue. I haven’t found another good alternative with such great color. And all the geometrics I find only have 2 colors.

    I’d love your opinion please!!!! I won’t take offense! Thanks!

  22. Love the Idea of a remodel list. Since we are older and on a fixed income, we put aside money so we can pay cash for what we want, and a list helps that.

    I’ve got the hall bathroom on the brain also. When we redid our master, I used glass tiles in a kind of “tiffany” style – just a box since they are so expensive – and found that they absolutely glow when you use an epoxy type of grout. Epoxy grout, unlike cement, allows the light into the grout and it gives the glass that extra light to just shine. I think the name is “Laticrete” or something. I tried to take a picture, but it just doesn’t do it justice. Just a thought for you if you use glass.

  23. Good luck Kate..I look forward to all of your inspiring projects..I too would love a potting bench..

  24. I’m a fairly new reader of your blog and I love your projects. I have a great (easy :)) potting bench that I make for friends and even as a donation for silent auctions at my children’s schools. I’d be happy to share it with you if you are interested.

  25. Great ideas – you’ll be a busy lady! One thing to give you a heads up on – the glass tile you’re
    looking at. Make sure the background is painted with a solid color before putting this up, our friend
    had a rough wall behind his and it was quite visible once the job was finished. Oops!

  26. Love your projects & all the great photos that go with them. My potting bench is an old door (free on Craigslist) on top of 2 sawhorses – works just fine. May you reach every goal on that list!

  27. I must admit, I am relieved to see that your guest bath looks a lot like mine. I’ll be anxious to see how you update your space. And what great fabric for your daughter’s room! I love your outdoor area too – it would make a great “bistro” area for sipping coffee or tea with your mom friends (at least that’s what I imagine I’d do if my back patio were updated :). Love your style!

  28. I love the potting bench and oh your balcony looks like it belongs to a mansion!!! Love it! We’re actually going to be building some desk cabinet pieces (4 of them for a wall length double desk for hubby and me – 2 filing/drawer cabinets and 2 door cabinets) and adding a wood top that will go in our bedroom. Should be going out to buy the wood this week!

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