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By Kate Riley October 22, 2013

There’s this corner of our home outside our master bedroom that I’d neglected for a long time. I had a hand me down chair there for years but a month ago I upgraded with a tufted linen wingback that I had been eying for months. It’s now my new favorite spot!

It’s a little corner upstairs where I can look down the hallway to see what the kids are up to but also a place to get caught up on reading or my shows on the iPad (I’m halfway through Season 2 of Scandal and I’m hooked – so good.) 

tufted wingback reading chair

My brother-in-law has a gorgeous black leather Eames and my sister scored a near perfect cognac leather wingback at a thrift store for her reading corner (lucky!). When the babies were little, I had an upholstered glider just like in Gigi’s room where we would read every night and it was bliss.

Every home large or small deserves a great reading chair. Having a favorite place to sit for catching up on magazines, a novel, or Facebook updates on your laptop requires a few essentials: a cozy chair, a perch for your reading material and beverage (be it an accent or coffee table) and good lighting of course. I’m a throw blanket gal so I like having one of those to make the corner a tad cozier. Book storage nearby is a plus, lucky for me these bookcases in the guest room are just a few steps away. 

Reading corners can be created in all kinds of styles from contemporary to transitional to cottage. Here are a few other favorites to inspire!

corner chaise

wells & fox

reading chair 1

via Pinterest

reading chair in library

krieger architects

linen wingback caldwell beebe

caldwell beebe

reading chair brad ford

brad ford

jessica helgerson chair

jessica helgerson

reading deck kelly deck

kelly deck

reading chair lkm design

lkm design

leather reading chair

books and libations

courtney giles reading chair

courtney giles

reading chair nate berkus

nate berkus

reading chair bnl design

bruce norman long

Do you have a reading corner or favorite chair in your home where you love to sit? I’d love to see it, feel free to link in the comments!

** just discovered the tufted wingback in on sale today at Joss & Main (referral link).



  1. Thanks for sharin photos. I have an area downstairs by bookshelves that I really want to do this, and now I am even more motivated.

  2. Beautiful reading nook! Love it. Is that greek key throw from Jonathan Adler? I’m hoping its a less expensive version you found!?

  3. I am drooling over your pillow! Perfect color and scale. Do you mind revealing where you got it?

  4. I love your reading corner, you’ve picked perfect pieces. Thanks for sharing the other reading corners, you’ve inspired me to work on one of my own.
    Lori in Atlanta

    • Ha! I get the “gladiator” reference now! Almost to the end of Season 2, obsessed !

  5. Beautiful reading place. I have the perfect spot in my house to do a window sitting. Do you mind sharing the paint color of your room?

  6. I really like the messy bookcase (second photo from the bottom). Makes me feel like this person was doing some serious reading. The pile of books being used as a table itself is great.

  7. This is so weird, I was on the joss & main website thinking of ordering that chair just before reading this post. Is it comfortable? I want something that pretty but it has to be super comfortable as well.

    • the seat is firm Roxanne, but comfortable for sitting for 45 minutes to an hour IMO.

  8. Such great timing on this post. My reading corner is in progress. I finally found the perfect chair. I wanted a wing chair too, and surprisingly the Ikea Strandmon was the most comfortable one I’ve found. See my post at The stump side table I made is off-gassing this week in the mudroom, and I’m picking up fabric for the footstool tomorrow. I can’t wait to have it all finished. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. *I’m* in the middle of Season 2 of Scandal too, LOL! Closer to the beginning actually. Just finished episode 3. Love your wingback chair. I’ve always wanted the second wingback in your inspiration photos … the papa chair, or bear chair or … something like that. I think it might actually be the Papa Bear chair, LOL. Love. ~ karen!

    • Isn’t it great? LOVING the interior of Olivia’s apartment and office too!

  10. Love it! I have several great reading corners in my home. One of them has a mercury glass lamp that truly looks identical to the one in yours! :) There is a reading corner in my living room that is more glam in style with plush fur throws and a great trellis geo pattern ottoman, a reading nook with a bench and lovely plush pillows that has more of a coastal feel in our family room, and a third reading nook in my office that displays a lovely French settee. That is probably my favorite! I love to curl up in it and devour magazines, books, and it even makes bill sorting more fun! :) We also have a nook in our bonus room/theater room that has a day bed that we love to curl up in.

    Totally all about the corners/nooks ;)

  11. Thank you so much for sharing! I have a reading nook in a corner of my bedroom as well and have been having a hard time determining the positioning of a mirror that I would like to hang above my reading chair. Are there any rules around this? Yours looks to be centered above your chair, close to the wall/trim. In my room having the mirror so close to the end of the wall looks odd. I guess I am used to having everything centered! Would appreciate any advice you have on this.

  12. Love the color scheme of your reading corner. It evokes a restful feeling, hence I’m contemplating using it for my bedroom in my next apartment. On the other hand, I like the reading nook in the last photo as part of my future study room. It looks very chic.

  13. I have to say, your reading space is my favorite! I’m almost ashamed to say I don’t have a reading nook/corner although I do love a cozy place to read with a cup of coffee. Its definitely on my to-do list and this post inspires me to get it done ASAP!

  14. Looks divine, Kate! Every home needs a great reading nook. I’m especially eyeing that table lamp — is that mercury glass? Love it! Do you mind sharing where you found it?

    • Sure Erin! Found that mercury glass lamp at Marshalls (sister store to HomeGoods) last year and it was floating around the house for awhile but finally found a permanent home.

  15. I’m loving these reading corners! My reading is in bed for a few minutes before the book hits my face when I zonk out. Reading during the day is a great idea! :) Off to find a corner…

  16. So many gorgeous reading nooks! Honestly, yours is my favorite of the bunch. Love the beautiful colors and accessories! No wonder you love spending time there! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful week!

    ~Abby =)

  17. Can you share where you purchased that throw? I love the greek infinity symbol! Thanks!

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