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By Kate Riley March 26, 2018

I visit antique shops out of curiosity just to browse what’s there. Every once in awhile something will speak to me and if it’s the right price and a good fit, I bring it home and put it out on display.

Several years ago I stumbled across a rectangular seascape oil painting in a vintage shop and it reminded me so much of the coast near my home, a place called Bodega Head where you can look out over the cliffs down at a stunning sea view where waves crash against jagged rocks. (See today’s Instagram post for a 10 second view).

That painting now hangs above my fireplace in my family room and has for several years. It captures the look and feel of the Northern California coastline so close to home, and also shares the colors of the space: teal blues and brown tones.


I’m drawn to seascapes not only because of the subject but also because I recognized the challenge of painting the movement of water, and how difficult it must be to recreate the waves and the reflection of light.

Large scale seascape paintings will take the spotlight in a space, but smaller seascapes clustered in a gallery wall arrangement are equally alluring.



images: southern living / emily henderson


If you love seascapes too, but want something vintage, do a search on Etsy or Ebay for “vintage seascape painting” and you’ll find a variety of oil paintings to choose from. Or visit your local antique shop, you may stumble across a good one!

If you’re looking for something new or original, here are several sources for oil, acrylic, and watercolor seascapes from Etsy artists:

Landscapes & Sea



The Painted Life Studio




Carmen’s Art



Virginia Lawton



Watercolor Story





Johnsen Arts




John White Studios



Agostino Veroni



Australia Art



If you know of any other artists that paint seascapes, feel free to share in the comments!


  1. Love this Kate! And a very timely post for me as I’ve just been given several seascapes by my parents. What are your thoughts on frames as they all have different frames. Can they hang together if they share the same subject or should I paint the frames? Many thanks!

    • I love a medley of frames, keeps it interesting and not too matchy matchy. I’d stick with no more than 3 finishes though. Two kinds of wood and gold, something like that.

  2. I get an art newsletter called My Informed Collector. On it, I follow an artist named Brian Blood, who does the most gorgeous scenes from the Carmel/Pebble Beach area. Absolutely stunning. You should check him out.

  3. Kate, just a more general THANK YOU–I was reading some past CS blogs yesterday and in response to the one on watercolors, purchased one you introduced us to on Etsy. You are my source for SO MUCH good design, products, lifestyle ideas. This week I was wearing the raincoat you recommended in a travel blog and thanking you in my mind! :)

    • Very kind Jenni, I try to gather up a good group of products to recommend, so happy to read you enjoy them! Love that raincoat, I know the one you’re talking about. ;)

  4. Seascapes are so pretty. I don’t have any but my mom has a collection of seascapes and abstracts that her grandfather did in the 60’s. They are gorgeously weathered and lovely. The best one tho is of his wife playing in the waves: a buxom nude lady with a huge white beehive hairdo ??? it’s great.

  5. Well I’m not a seascape artist as ironing out wrinkles from my husband’s and children’s clothes are as artistic as I get, but I have been drawn to seascapes for decades. Every one you posted is stunning and I would love to own each of them, but I live in Ohio…not even on the Lake nor the gross Ohio River, so hanging a seascape seems so out of place. Am I wrong? In the local homes I frequent, when I see a beach-y theme, it just feels all wrong. Can I claim it honestly if I give an excuse (like growing up in WA state and hitting those Oregon/WA coastlines yearly) or is no excuse needed?

    • I disagree Christina! I believe in decorating your home to reflect your own tastes and personality. While an entire coastal theme throughout the home may feel off in Ohio, don’t hesitate to hang art that speaks to you especially the undeniably soothing nature of the ocean! No excuses necessary!

  6. I have a friend from college that is an amazing painter!! You can find his wonderful seascapes (and other works) on

    Thanks for this post. Loved seeing all the art!!! I love Etsy but find it overwhelming at times.

  7. Thanks for the tips. Do you happen to know any Sonoma county artists whi do custom pieces? Looking for a large oil painting of the view from where I got married in Petaluma. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Love you SoCo blog!

    • Wow great question! I have a good friend who does paintings, she is AMAZING and may be just who you’re looking for. I’ll email you!

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