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By Kate Riley March 24, 2018

Hello and happy weekend! I’m back from my trip to Southern California, and I have to say my getaway was just okay. The weather was so bad, cloudy and rainy, with brief pockets of sunshine here and there. LA was crowded and uneventful and not what I was hoping for.

Spring break didn’t feel like a break at all, but I prefer to focus on the positive whenever possible. I did enjoy a visit with a favorite cousin in Orange County, hanging out in Newport Beach, that was a highlight. I’m usually refreshed and inspired by travel, but for some reason this trip left me feeling gloomy and restless, so it’s good to be home, back to work, and productive again.

Favorite links:


The sweet and simple Easter table in Magnolia blossom pinks.

Layered blues in a small urban apartment.

Nice work Jen on this Ivar IKEA hack library cabinet.

When in Palm Springs, drive around on this colorful door tour.

I completely agree with Emily’s perspective on Instagram.

10 habits of authentic people.

21 classic books you can read for free online at Project Gutenberg.

He kayaked across the Atlantic Ocean at the age of 70.

25 secret European villages.

Made me laugh: 9 types of Tinder date apartments.

LOL: the “emotional support pineapple” in these unrealistic work spaces.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!




  1. The pineapple was a bit weird and misplaced, wasn’t it? That was a cute read, thanks!

  2. Sorry to hear your time in Southern California was just okay. I live about 15 miles south of Newport Beach. The weather you experienced is typical this time of year. Thankfully. If we experienced what most visitors expect all year long, perpetual sunshine, we would be in serious trouble, considering Orange County experienced a serious drought recently. Visit during the summer months, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed:)

    • I loved Newport Beach! My cousin lives just 15 minutes away and that was the highlight for sure! Also Balboa Island is SO cute, nice little spot to hang out for an afternoon.

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