A Day In Des Moines

By Kate Riley August 14, 2014

Hello everyone! Today I’m in Des Moines with Better Homes and Gardens as part of the BHG Style Showcase event with a group of DIY, home, and food bloggers. I’ve always wanted to tour the magazine’s headquarters and get a peek behind the scenes at their photography and styling studios and test gardens, so it’s thrilling to be here!

If you’re interested in the day’s events, you can follow along on social media (FB, Twitter, and Instagram) with the hashtag  #BHGStyleShowcase

Meanwhile, here’s my latest article for BH&G: What Colors Go With Blue?

layered blue living room

I’ll be back to Las Vegas on Friday to finish up a few projects at the house we’re renovating before we leave town and return to California. I’m clinging to these last few days of summer before school starts next week! The group here in Des Moines is making the trip to the Iowa State Fair Thursday night, I think some food on a stick and a ride on the Sky Rider will be a great close to summer. :)



  1. What an excellent bookend to the close of the summer season! Enjoy your time at BH&G and then your short stop back in Las Vegas! It has been a fabulous time and I thank you for inviting us all along!

  2. Welcome to Iowa!! It’s too bad you can’t hit up the State Fair while here – it’s one of the best in the country! But enjoy our capital city and the BHG headquarters !

  3. Christine is right about Zombie Burger! And the State Fair is great. I just moved away after living there for 7 years. Visiting the BHG test garden was on my bucket list for before I moved, but I never made it there. It’s only open to the public a few hours each week.

  4. Originally from Iowa, I will concur that it is the best state fair in the country! You have had great weather too, from what I hear.

  5. What a lovely way to see out the summer hols. Here in Scotland UK we are seeing the evenings getting darker already but when the sun comes out it’s still wonderfully warm. Enjoy the fair and your trip back to California

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