Sunny Yellow Desk + Hutch

By Kate Riley March 11, 2015

I partner with Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart every two months in a “create or decorate” project and this month’s focus was on adding color to your home, so I decided since the one room I’m making into a kid’s room at the Las Vegas house was in need of a desk and storage hutch I would paint one of theirs.

yellow painted desk hutch

This project is an example of how you can take just about any piece that is store bought or mass produced and personalize it to fit your space, your needs, your style.

black desk and hutch

yellow desk right side view

The directions were very easy to follow, but it was time consuming to assemble by myself, however I was thoroughly engrossed in the Serial podcast so time seemed to pass quickly. To be frank, I was disappointed to discover the desk is particle board with a printed oak veneer; but the description read “oak finish” so perhaps I should have expected that. If you wanted the desk and hutch to remain a black one, you’d have to touch it up with a paint pen or black paint which is not provided. The fact that I was painting mine a sunny yellow negated the issue for me but I thought I’d mention it.

chipped particle board

Painting it, I followed the same steps I always use, prime first with Zinsser Cover Stain (it clings to laminate or other slippery surfaces like veneer); patch any holes or imperfections with spackling (you can also use wood filler with real wood furniture); then follow up with two coats of Ben Moore Advance paint, I use a foam roller for most of it and a high quality paint brush to fill in the cracks. This paint levels extremely well so with a foam roller you can achieve a really smooth finish.

painting furniture steps

I always apply two coats of primer and three coats of paint to the higher use horizontal surfaces, so the top of the desk, the top of the hutch, and the bottom of the cubbies got three coats of paint – those areas where stuff is layered and the surfaces are more frequently touched, it helps maintain the durability of the painted surface over time.

The hutch is designed to have four cubbies but I reduced it to three during assembly to create a larger opening in the middle. I think I’ll line the backs of the cubbies with the same geometric print paper for consistency next time I visit.

black hutch

yellow hutch with fretwork back

I layered the back of the hutch with a wrapping paper in a brushstroke fretwork pattern I designed, it’s a sneak peek at one of my new spring prints, soon available in several colorways in fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap.

watercolor fish print

The picture frame and sweet aqua table lamp are both from the Better Homes and Gardens collection at Walmart.

aqua blue table lamp

The carved wood shark was a lucky antique store find from last summer when I was making my rounds through various second hand stores in the area. I loved it at first sight, it is hand carved on the back by either the woodworker or previous owner so Brian Young of Pitcairn Island wherever you are, your shark has a great home! I just love that it is missing a few teeth.

carved wood shark

You can see the other side of the room showing the bunk beds in this progress report post, including the link to the rug; the soft aqua paint color on the wall is ‘Melting Moment’ by Behr.

watercolor sea prints


white open back desk chair

Sources for additional décor if available:  white resin chair; just keep swimming and fish watercolor art; crab watercolor art. This beautiful sunny yellow paint is Benjamin Moore’s ‘Limon’.

painted yellow desk hutch

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walmart gift card

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  1. I looooove BHG stuff at Walmart!! I could seriously spend hours looking around at their stuff!!!

  2. Hi Kate great colour choice. I always enjoy your posts on painting furniture. About the shark – Brian Young would probably be the woodworker who carved it as this is a traditional craft on Pitcairn Island. He would also be a descendant of one of the original Bounty mutineers, Ned Young. So what you have their is an interesting piece of history. My Dad was an executive with Shell Oil & worked with a descendant of Fletcher Christian who instigated the mutiny. Pitcairn is in the South Pacific & is still a British Territory.

  3. Great desk! I’m so glad that I am not the only person who paints brand-new furniture! LOL! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I painted my kitchen table with Advance paint, after you recommended it in a previous post. It truly does provide a smooth, even finish! The desk looks great!

  5. I love that color! And it’s name :) BHG has lots of wonderful things to decorate my home with. As a matter of fact, I’d say about 50% of the decor I own is BHG. The only store nearby is Walmart, so other than garage sales and flea markets, that’s where I shop for my home.

  6. Love the style of this desk and the possibilities of it! BHG at WalMart is my go to spot for great items at an affordable price.

  7. Great transformation! You’d never know it was a particle board workspace. Beautiful!

  8. The power of paint! What a great transformation. Makes it looks like it came from a high end furniture store. Love it!

  9. BHG and Walmart are are a great match — I love that Walmart goes the extra mile by using talented bloggers like you to show us how to make our homes drool-worthy by using their merchandise. Nice job, as usual!

  10. The desk turned out darling. Love the bright color, perfect for a kids room! Thanks for sharing the process of the transformation with us.

  11. Awesome transformation! Love Walmart and the BH&G collection. Thanks for the chance to win. xo

  12. I know that dark furniture has its place but love that when you painted the piece it finally became multidimensional. Also like that you omitted that middle piece up top to make a wider slot. Looks beautiful and fun.

  13. The desk looks great – such a fun transformation. I love the cheerfulness of this room.

  14. Ive been searching high and low for a cute colorful desk….and I had completely forgotten about the BHG line at Walmart. Thanks for sharing your tips on painting their furniture….I think this has opened a whole new avenue for my search!!

  15. Too cute! Love your honesty about the furniture but love even more how you make it look higher end and cheerful–perfect for a kids space!

  16. I declare, you can make anything look beautiful, Kate! Great desk, and thank you for the pointers on painting furniture.

  17. I love the wrapping paper and will be looking for it when it becomes available because it is exactly what I’m looking for to add some color to the back of my dining hutch!

  18. I love that sunny yellow you picked. Do you stand in front of the paint chips and fret about which to pick for hours like I do, or do you just see one and go for it?
    I never think to transform new pieces, but now I have a few in mind that I might try!

  19. That’s a beautiful shade of yellow. I’m so excited for your spring line to come out!

  20. That is exactly what I have wanted to do with my husband’s dark teal desk and hutch. Thank you for your instructions for accomplishing beautiful results. The rest of the room is done in the same colors as your room, so everything about the desk and the decor could be copied with your new paper and the Walmart products!!!

  21. The lines of the desk look good and you have styled it beautifully. I wonder about the quality of the drawers, do they slide in and out smoothly?

  22. The Walmart Better Homes and Gardens idesk is such a pretty transformation! Your excellent accessory choices are so springy. Thank you!

  23. I love the sunny yellow colour – can’t wait to see the rest of the room – looks like it will be a cheerful room.

  24. I love it! I’m deciding on a bright color for my daughter’s desk and this is perfect. Thanks for repeating your paint directions too so I don’t have to go searching. Another beautiful project!

  25. It’s amazing what a few coats of paint can do! I’ve got to try that primer that works on laminate.

  26. Doh! I just forgot to use that primer when I did some painting this weekend. Looks like I’ll be redoing part of it because I wasn’t thrilled with the adhesion when I tested it. I do love my Benjamin Moore Advance paint, and BHG products!

  27. I never think to take brand new items and transform them with paint, great idea!

  28. Kate, I’m always amazed at your transformations, taste, and fine work! You are soooo talented when it comes to color and design!

  29. Love it! I just purchased a Modway chair for my daughter’s vanity and she loves it!

  30. What a difference that yellow makes to the furniture! It looks so great. A little effort like that can be huge and change a room! Just goes to show :)

  31. I am sitting at my giant oak desk which has hutch on top like this yellow desk. I have been thinking about painting it dark blue for a while now. I think this has given me the inspiration I need to start on the project. No time like the present!

  32. Beautiful!
    Love, love, LOVE the happy yellow!! I did my sewing chair in the same colour :)
    Can’t wait to see your new spring prints!

  33. i don’t even like the color yellow but I LOVE this desk! It is sooo pretty and I love the paper you put on the back of it to make it different! LOVE IT!

  34. What a great example of how paint can transform a piece of furniture , a room , a whole house even! It completely gives new life to everyday objects and the yellow is so fun for a kids room. Such a happy colour:) Luv how you pulled everything together with the paper and the aquatic prints too.

  35. Fascinating comment by Jeanine. So cool to know a find’s provenance. Thanks for the reminder about the zinser primer, as I am just about to paint a small end table. Thanks to bhg for consistently making beautiful but affordable products available to “normal” people like me!

  36. What a great transformation! And I love the watercolor crab and fish prints. I’m getting ready to update my son’s room and the painting tips are perfect! Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. I love what you did with that desk! I’m getting ready to create a basement play room for my son and I have an old desk, this has inspired me to paint it and reuse it!

  38. I love the Better Home & Gardens collection at Walmart! It matches the colors I love in my home and is affordable! I love the bright color! I want to add more color to my home and this is a perfect way! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. LOVE the way you transformed this otherwise ordinary desk! Really sheds light on how it’s possible to make anything extraordinary–with just some imagination. Creativity is at my core and I am constantly finding inspiration wherever I go. Including the BHG sections at Walmart! Thy really have some amazingly cute finds which are extremely affordable. I have this very aqua table lamp and love it.

    Always enjoy reading your blog!

  40. Beautiful, bright and cheerful. I love the pairing of the desk with the rug. Any tips for picking paint colors? The shades I choose never come out quite like I imagine.

  41. Love this desk makeover! Sunny and cheerful…just what the doctor ordered after a long winter! :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  42. I love the way your kids room is coming together. The desk painted looks so nice! My favorite things are the white chair and the cute lamp and lampshade.

  43. I just bought lamps from the better homes & garden line at walmart, great stuff! Easy and affordable!

  44. The yellow is so bright and cheerful with the soft blue walls. You truly have such a wonderful sense of style. I am planning on painting my office desk (Alve desk from Ikea) and haven’t yet decided on a color, but I’m leaning towards coral.

  45. I love that you painted a boring, store bought desk and turned it into something fun and colorful. The aqua and yellow together are perfect!

  46. I love the color of the desk! Yellow is one of my favorite colors to decorate with, it is so sunny and happy.

  47. Thank you for introducing me to the bhg line at walmart. I have been sooo impressed with the peices I have seen there. I never would have known about it if it weren’t for you!

  48. Love the combination of new touches and vintage shark. The pattern on your line of paper and the rug create an echo without going “matchy”. Great look.

  49. as always… “Centsational!” I am so glad I found your blog over a year ago. I appreciate your style and discriptions of your projects. It has helped me complete my projects with better outcomes. Thank you.

  50. Love the yellow. Thanks for always giving all the steps and reasons why you do things in the posts. Three coats of paint seemed a lot until you explained why.

  51. Can’t wait for your gift wrap & fabric to come out–that yellow brush stroke pattern is just what I need to cover up a bulletin board that one of my kids drew on!

  52. As always, so cute! Way to take something from “drab to fab!” I like the Novagratz line at Walmart, too.

  53. I love the transformation and that chair is too cute!!! Also, I’m such a sucker for beachy décor so the prints and shark got me right off the bat.

  54. Yellow! My favorite go to colour! I am always finding ways of sneaking it in to the decor!

  55. What a cheery space to do homework, etc.! The accessories and yellow are all so bright and sunny. I need to check out the BHG line at Walmart :)

  56. I am so enjoying watching the transformation in your rental home. Love your style. I might just be a copy cat!!

  57. Thank you for providing instructions and specific products for painting this type furniture. The desk is beautiful and all the colors in the room are perfect.

  58. I just LOVE the bright yellow paint! And thank you for the instructions for painting veneer furniture. We have a desk that is in desperate need of a facelift!

  59. Adorable! You’ve inspired me and I’m going to start working on it next week! Thank you for thorough “how to” information!

  60. Love the BHG stuff at walmart! This desk makeover is so sunny and bright :)

  61. You have the best tutorials!! Thank you SO MUCH for all of the details on this how-to! I am starting a project like this today! And the Walmart gift card giveaway is super sweet too! I love all of their new BHG home decor!! It really improves my opinion of WalMart that they have such affordable, quality home decor stuff by BHG! :)

  62. I have never thought of painting a piece like that. It looks great! Love the nautical items and art!

  63. Kate, I think your taste is impeccable and your ideas are brilliant! I have a question for you. This Las Vegas house is something you bought as an investment, right? You hope to sell it when it’s complete? Do you sell it with the furnishings or are they for you to use while you are there and to stage the house? Do you take them when you leave? Just wondering how you do these things.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’m headed to Walmart for that lamp and some frames!

  64. Normally yellow is not my favorite color however the flawless finish looks great. I live the whimsy of the shark too as well as the patterned paper. Your ability to look past to the final product is an inspiration!

  65. Thanks for the inspiration – I love the yellow desk and the creative way you have styled the hutch shelves.

  66. Great incentive for a Spring fling with updates. I all ways enjoy your blog!!

  67. Ahhh, the transformative power of paint! I’m looking forward to your new spring prints, especially after the peek. And the shark — love him!!!

  68. LOVE THIS COLOR! It’s amazing what a couple of coats of paint will do to a piece of furniture! I also use the Zinsser Cover Stain, it’s a godsend, especially for laminate :) I had not thought about painting brand new furniture, I think you just opened up a whole new world!!!!

  69. ADORABLE! I have a desk similar to this that is dark and dreary this is so bright and pretty!

  70. Love it – looks like a custom piece rather than a box store piece of furniture. Nice job and love the design on the paper.

  71. I absolutely love how beautiful the yellow desk and hutch came out. You’re always such a great inspiration. Thank you especially for providing us valuable tips and process details. I too am heading to get that lamp! And maybe that chair.

  72. I love the happy color of the desk … What a great transformation! Thanks for your inspiration…I’m now ready to start painting my grandmother’s hope chest.

  73. Thanks for the inspiration! I have a desk with a broken roll-top that I can re-purpose using your ideas!

  74. Love the idea of taking something so plain and bland and making it bright and cheery! How did you attached the paper to the back?

  75. I love what you’ve done with the desk, particularly your paper inset design, looking forward to a peek at the whole line. My daughter is buying her first home and they left behind a dreary large desk that we couldn’t figure out how to make it work. NOW We Know just what we want to do with it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  76. Love it! You’ve inspired me to take on projects. I got a free West Elm narrow leg vanity because of water damage to the top. I sanded it down, filled in the low spots, and then repainted it a lovely light lavender – Behr’s Purple Essence. It’s amazing what paint, elbow grease, and a little love can do!

  77. OMG, I would have never thought to just outright buy a new item and then paint it… I’m always thinking about painting old pieces, but this is a great idea!!!

  78. Love the paint tutorial. I was wondering if/how to paint laminated furniture. And I love the artwork – very cute.

  79. You took what I would consider an okay desk and turned it into something so adorable and functional. I never would have thought of painting new furniture – mind blown. A whole new treasure trove of ideas has opened up for me. Thank you! Previously, I would just keep searching for something different. I love this and have this pinned it to implement in my daughter’s room. But now the idea is in my head and furniture shopping will never be the same. :-)

  80. Kate, you did it again! Just the right balance of bright and cheerful, with a bit of sophistication thanks to the hutch back board paper. What kid wouldn’t love that combination?
    Looking forward to seeing your new line.

  81. Great inspiration for RTB furniture. I usually avoid it because it doesn’t fit my taste, but now I know I can transform it to suit me!

  82. I love the idea that you can paint veneer! It’s brilliant! I also love the BH&G collection at Walmart! On trend and timeless products for reasonable prices.

  83. Love the desk and the pretty wallpaper background. Smart to take out a cubby too. Good work once again!

  84. I love how you made the desk your own by painting it this beautiful shade of yellow! And I’m loving all the BHG products at Walmart!!

  85. Beautiful! Just what is needed to bring a little spring sunshine into a room.

  86. I can’t wait to try this. What an inspiration and I will try the paint at Walmart.

  87. Love it. I am also interested in the chair, but the link goes to Rack Room Shoes.

  88. What a beautiful new look! We are all so starved for Spring and that gorgeous shade of yellow is perfect!

  89. Oh wow, I just realized that I have a desk just like that in real wood! I need a surface for my craft room where I can do paper projects so l’m going to drag it down stairs and pick a pretty color to paint it. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  90. An amazing transformation. Love the paint color choice, and the decorating inspiration. Thanks for the instructions for painting the desk too.

  91. You have just totally given me the freedom to take something mass produced and give it a new look. I need a new media console and want one that is really fit to handle all of the components of modern life, but I want the look of a vintage find. I’m totally going to check out the Better Homes and Gardens consoles through Wal Mart and think about a vintage finish for our upcoming Media Room redo.
    Nancy @ Slightly Coastal

  92. This post is reading my mind! I’m currently working on my study and I’m looking for a pop of color! Love the cheerful yellow and this desk would be perfect! Might do it in turquoise! Thanks for the idea – it’s like a breath of fresh air! Can’t wait to get some paint brushes!

  93. Love how you re-styled the hutch. The sunny yellow is fabulous!!! And I think I am going to use that gorgeous Behr color in my guest bedroom. LOVELY!!!

  94. Love the cheery yellow. I am not much of a yellow fan but I love this color and the pairing with the mint green.

  95. What a beautiful, sunny transformation! I love the cheery yellow. Thank you for the great advice and generous giveaway. Blessings!

  96. I didn’t know you could paint laminate! Thanks for the tips. It’s a lovely, cheerful desk now!

  97. Wow–what a great idea and a wonderful transformation. I love the colors!

  98. Wondering what steps you take to protect the fragile wrapping paper used on the hutch?

  99. Wow! Well done. I am also wondering about how you protect the wrapping paper.

  100. Kate, if you were to put the house up for sale today, I’m sure you’d not only get a buyer real quick but there would be a demand for that room with all its content be part of the deal. Totally delightful!

    And thanks for the inspiration. I just recently found an old student desk to use as a night table in my bedroom. Wanted a desk so that I could set a small slipper chair which I inherited from one of my grandfathers who was a carpenter and wonderful woodworker. I’ll recover the chair eventually but the washed-out white desk is just begging for a happy color and I’m deliberating on that as I write.

  101. That looks awesome! Love the color you chose. I’ve been searching for a secretary, but that desk is so nice I may have to get one of those instead! Thanks for the painting tips too.

  102. Printable artwork? How could I have missed this? I will have to investigate further…

    Love the yellow desk. Yellow is one of my favorite colors for my home. My living room, bedroom, guest room, kitchen and hallways are all painted a degree of yellow. So maybe yellow IS my favorite color for my home…

  103. Love the color! I’m always interested in making something relatively inexpensive look expensive!

  104. Love the choice of color of the desk and the color combination with the rug and chair!

  105. WOW that sure is an instant change. Wish I would of know about the Zinsser paint before .. Last thing I repainted I had to sand it and sand it ..LOL That sure would of been a whole lot easier ..

    Thanks !

  106. Painting non-wood surfaces has always made me nervous. No more! Great not to have to settle for something that doesn’t fit into your decor.

  107. Love the sunny yellow desk! My two 11 years old would love to have such a bright and cheery desk in their bedroom!

  108. Love the desk makeover, but super excited about your spring line. I just bought some fabric to make a valance for our kitchen window, but I’m absolutely in love with the brushstrokes! I’m sure I can find some use for the other fabric I bought ;)

  109. Kate, It’s not blue haha! Love the yellow. Thanks for the great gift card drawing.

  110. Love the yellow desk. I am kind of on a yellow kick. We are in the process of repainting a book table in a great shade of yellow!

  111. I’m disappointed that you are partnering or plugging Walmart. I never shop there because I think the evidence that they treat their employees poorly and have unjust and unethical business practices is pretty overwhelming. Not to mention ruining many small communities and driving small stores out of business. I belong to part of a group fighting tooth and nail to keep Walmart out of our town.

    I know you want to make money, but why would you push a piece of furniture that is poorly made? No amount of happy paint is going to upgrade the quality or durability of this desk. I would have gotten more inspiration if you had found a vintage desk and done your CG magic on it. Sorry to be a downer, but I felt I had to mention my disappointment.

  112. This color is so happy and the transformation is amazing! I love how you used paper to liven it up even more! What a great idea.

  113. Love that sunny yellow that’s not too overpowering! Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway! Also, to respond to the above comment, unfortunately some people don’t have the option of many other places to shop other than Walmart. Both in location and in prices. Thanks Kate!

  114. I love the desk! So bright. But, I would totally DIY the watercolor art! easy project for young kids or artistically lacking adults… water color a random pattern, on a separate sheet of white trace and cut out the outline design (leaving the outside intact), but the water color under the outline page.

  115. OMG I am so glad I found this post today!!!!!!!! I have been searching high and low for that lamp in exactly that color. However, everyone I have found similar to it is in the $100+ range and I am not paying that for a lamp. I just love the color Yellow in a home to brighten it up. It makes everything seem happy and cheerful. Great job on the transformation of the desk. I have a similar desk and have been wanting to paint it but was afraid to since it is the “oak finish” lol. Thank you so much for sharing this post. Now I know how to redo my desk and other furniture items I have been wanting to change from the darkness of wood.

  116. What a great transformation, so cute with all of the accessories too!

  117. That shark is the kind of thing I would completely overlook at a thrift store, but it looks so dynamic paired with those modern prints. Great find!

  118. Looks great! What a pretty color and it’s nice to know that you can successfully paint over the fake finish.

  119. I was just shopping Walmart’s site yesterday for a new dresser, so I’d love to win the gift card! The desk looks great!

  120. CG Kate, I applaud you! Personally, ‘Kate’s’ comment is inappropriately placed, for numerous economic and editorial reasons.

    Look around blogland – tons of items are being upcycled from both ‘big blue box’ stores.

    From personal experience I can say, a) retailers selling genuine solid wood pieces are few and far between with prices being cost-prohibitive for most families these days, and b) the ‘right’ piece is not always available second hand to refinish.

    Lovely transformation Kate! That yellow is like a dose of sunshine in a room

  121. Looks so nice! Yellow is a difficult color for me to pick but this one looks great! Love the wallpaper too. :)

  122. Love the new color. it’s so cheerful and sunny. I have a dresser about the same shade of black as your original. I use it in my quilt studio and that yellow would look amazing on it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  123. Kate, you rocked it again!!!
    You never cease to amaze me with your incredible eye and talent!

  124. Simply beautiful! Love the shade of yellow on the desk, yellow has always been a a favorite of mine but I have always been afraid to use it in my home decor! This gives inspiration and courage to take the plunge though!

  125. I love the yellow but my favorite part is the wrapping paper background. It’s such a perfect pairing.

  126. Where to begin? I’m not a painted furniture fan. Especially yellow. But this works! I love everything about the entire room! I can totally see this in my daughters room! The prints are so cute! The chair, the lam…oh and that paper! Swoon. I can’t wait to be able to buy that! It’s calling my closets walls’ name!!

  127. it is just amazing what a coat of paint will do, from family room to kids room style

  128. Love that Limon BM Color! I don’t have anything yellow in my house, but, I will soon after seeing this lovely transformation. Love the paper you used in the back splash. Looking forward to your new collection.

  129. Oh my goodness! I absolutely adore this!! That paper! That yellow! This….is….perfection!

  130. Thanks for sharing the steps! Painting the new furniture would not been something I would have thought of at first. But now you opened my mind to the possibilities! The room is beautiful and personal!

  131. Love the yellow color. It gives me ideas of repainting an old desk for my son’s room in a bright color.

  132. The yellow desk is very pleasing to my eye! I like how you used it with the turquoise colors. The globe really adds a nice touch of color and is a very useful object for the student to enjoy.

  133. Loved the painting tutorial!! I just may try it on a mass produced piece! Thank you.

  134. Oh my gosh, this is absolutely adorable! I am always up for a fun DIY and this project looks super fun. I love the shade of yellow that you chose. It perfectly compliments the space.

  135. Beautiful transformation!!… It ignites my motor to finish up the few projects I been planning and working on.
    Love your blog.

  136. I love that cheerful yellow color and have to hunt down that aqua lamp ASAP! What a lovely project.

  137. I love the BHG line at Walmart- personalizing the furniture with paint makes it even better!

  138. Love the color! I’m always on the hunt for a cheap used piece of furniture to paint!

  139. This is such a pretty color combination…ready for spring! The accessories are perfect, especially that fish watercolor.

  140. What perfect timing! We inherited a kids table and chairs. Great frame but a lot of scratches. I’ll definitely be using your tips Kate!

  141. Gorgeous yellow color! Thanks for the tips in priming and painting. Cool that you left out one of the separators on the top of the hutch for one larger storage space.

  142. Love the colors. I walk through Walmart all the time wondering how customized their cheaper furniture could be.

  143. This desk is amazing! I have always hated the look of mass produced stuff and it never dawned on me that I could paint it. Thanks for sharing!

  144. I really like black furniture but that yellow makes that piece pop! I also love the wallpaper design inside the hutch.

  145. Love this idea! Your are truly the queen of painted furniture–your creativity amazes me :)

  146. Love this! You’ve just given me inspiration on what to do with a particle board computer desk we no longer need in the den, but my about-to-enter-middle-school son could use in his room! Thanks!

  147. Love the yellow color! Makes me want to change the color scheme of my office.

  148. Inspiration achieved once again Kate!!! You make me want to pick up a paint brush every time!! Love the colors combos!

  149. Way to take a mass produced piece and give it a high style, one-of-a-kind look! The shade of yellow is so light and fresh and the soft turquoise/blue accents give that beachy feel. Great score on the wood shark plaque! If only Brian Young could see that his thrift store donation is now high art!

  150. You always do beautiful work Kate! I love the bright and sunny yellow. So cheerful. I am looking forward to your new prints. This brushstroke one is wonderful!

  151. Thank you for reminding me laminate pieces can be refinished and look lovely! Great post!

  152. Great re-do on that desk. Your wrapping paper design caught my eye immediately. I really love that pattern. Your Vegas home is so much fun to read about and I am in awe of your talent. Have you ever watched Flipping Vegas? I’m not a fan of the show…they always complain about everything. I’d love to win the Walmart card! Vikki in VA

  153. Well, this just could not be any cuter! What a transformation. And the white and yellow background on the hutch is the perfect amount of pop without being too busy! Great inspiration.

  154. Love the sunny yellow! You make it look so perfect with all the accent pieces. Thanks for helping the rest of us with great ideas & tips!

  155. I love everything you do, Kate! It’s so fun seeing everything come together!

  156. One word comes to mind…. WOW!! What a transformation. Very creative and so fun.

  157. Love your blog! You always deliver beautiful designs. Such a fun transformation I especially like the addition of watercolor art.

  158. Thank you for this tutorial. I have a hutch that I need to bring life to, so this will be very helpful.

  159. Kate, great job (once again) on the desk & hutch!! I love the wrapping paper accent and the modified X design is not too bold – just right. Thank you for the WM gift card giveaway. I love everything you do Kate – especially how you transform thrift store finds. Thanks for a great blog! Melody

  160. Love this project. The yellow color is so refreshingly spring-like!! I need that :)


  162. I am constantly surprised at the cute things that can be found at Walmart! I think that desk turned out absolutely perfect for the room!

  163. I love the Behr Melting Moment color. I need to repaint the guest room before our baby comes and I think I might have just found my color.

    Beautiful inspiration as always!

  164. Always love the Better Homes & Gardens line. And what a find, Brian Young’s piece! Brian where are you?

  165. Yellow is such a cheerful color. This whole post has gotten me even more excited for Spring!

  166. We needed more storage in our kitchen and bought an old dresser. It’s cherry and big and very heavy, sorry wood lovers. Anyway, we followed your exact instructions to prep and paint as seen in a white dining room table done for a friend post a long time ago.
    My husband kept asking “what does super girl reccomend as the next step?”
    I’ve painted tons of wood work and walls but not much furniture. That Advance paint is not the easiest to work with, pretty thin and runny. But it makes for a really really gorgeous finish, feels liike oil based enamel paint. A few years ago, I painted bookcases with regular Ben Moore latex and floetrol, while it was much easier to work with and looks just fine, the Advance finish is special.
    Thank you for all your information and hard work.

  167. Now I really want a yellow desk (and I’m not normally a big fan of yellow). I love everything about this makeover!!

  168. Beautiful transformation! I am looking to do something like this in my bedroom. I love Walmart! They have so many things from Better Homes and Gardens that are just perfect to help me update my home.

  169. you are right its a great way to make something generic very cute.

    Love your new paper!

  170. A true sign of spring…Your color choice is very uplifting. You are very inspiring. Thanks:)

  171. Very nice! I love the color too. I could see something like this in my office or guest room.

  172. I love yellow and have been seeing a lot of rooms and furniture with yellow. Thanks for the inspiration, I am thinking I will take that step and paint me some sunshine!!! so uplifting!!!!

  173. So fresh looking! It inspires me to makeover some pieces around the house. Thank you!

  174. Awesome job and thanks for all the great pointers. Enjoy reading your blog.

  175. I never think of yellow for an accent color. I love the way it brightens the space!

  176. It looks amazing! What a beautiful color!
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  177. The desk looks so fresh and “springy”. Boring black to, well, “who would have known it could be so pretty”. Love the paper lining the back. The color combination looks so lovely. And the chair is perfect! As always, thanks for the inspiration!!

  178. Cute yellow desk…I wouldn’t have envisioned yellow, but it really works. Great inspiration!

  179. Lovely job and thanks for the tips. I have painted a lot of furniture with chalk paint but dislike the waxing step so these instructions are going to come in handy!

  180. Love the desk, unique. Always drawn to different pieces that do not look like anyone else’s

  181. I love Better Homes and Gardens items at Wal-mart, I always make sure to check out the wonderful items, I recently purchased a area rug from the brand and it really brought the room together. I love what you did above. The backboard on the desk accents the rug so well. Love it!

  182. Love the new look of the hutch, and I needed the info on how to paint furniture.

  183. I have always thought to do this, but wasn’t sure painting over this type of particle board was possible. You just opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilites. What a constant inpiration you are. That is why I constantly read your blog. Keep up the good work. You show us it possible for all of us to have designer homes. Love, love love.

  184. The painted desk/hutch looks like a good choice for this bright children’s room. I love the wall color and the desk lamp. I’m looking forward to seeing your new collection.

  185. great info and tutorial from you as always love all your ideas!!
    thanx :):)

  186. I love how you turned this desk into an amazing color and it really looks so much better! I love shopping at Walmart and buying the Better Homes and Garden Products-I recently bought a really nice comforter set for such a good deal!

  187. Cute desk. I love painting furniture and adding unique desings. Makes it more one of a kind.

  188. i would never think to purchase something and paint it right away. LOVE IT!! I repainted our very old and sticky dining room set because of functional reasons. But LOVE this hutch!

  189. What a cute desk – would fit in anywhere even in it’s original state, but it is certainly something else one you painted it!

  190. I love shopping at Walmart and love the Better Homes and Garden Collection bedding! They have a great selection and it is so pretty! I like what you did to your desk/hutch!

  191. This came out great. I would have never thought of buying something new to repaint it – I only think of doing that with old things that need freshening up. Now I know that if I see something I want and it’s the wrong color, I can fix it.

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