Creative Uses for Copper Tape

By Kate Riley September 26, 2016

Copper accents have been trending for a few years, and are just as popular this fall as they have been in recent years. I got the idea to play around with some copper foil tape I found online, it’s actually shielding adhesive but I thought it would be fun to craft with it so I ordered a roll from Amazon (also a roll of slightly thicker gold metallic adhesive tape) and got creative with both of them.


 gold copper tape


I started with an art project. I liked the shimmer created from these tapes so I made one piece of abstract art using the two tapes, simply layering stripes of them in a random pattern. I really like the use of the copper tape on the framed art on the right to enhance the art inside the white frame.

 copper tape framed art


 copper tape framed art 2


I created a geometric wall treatment too. Using a level I used a pencil to trace the horizontal lines lightly on the wall. I then applied the vertical pieces of copper tape in a random design. I think something similar would look fabulous on a larger scale as an accent wall, or as a detail on the back of a bookcase.

 copper tape geometric wall treatment


Instead of investing in new copper flatware, how about wrapping a few bands of tape around your existing silverware?

 copper bands flatware


The tapes adhere easily to plain photo boxes or planters, use bands to embellish them too!

 copper tape planter and box


 copper tape planter bands

Happy crafting with these metallic tapes, find them here and here!



  1. Really awesome! I have to look if they are available in Germany too, if so I will definitely make something beautiful with them;-)
    Greetings from Berlin,

  2. Hello,
    Every time we amazed with the creations! Very inspired use of these tapes.
    I love how it looks in all cases presented!
    Warm regards, Mia

  3. Lovely! I especially like the framed abstract. I have used the copper tape (more practically, less aesthetically – haha!) around the bottoms of outdoor planters to discourage snails and slugs from climbing up and partaking of my pretty plants – or even around the legs of outdoor furniture. When I lived in coastal LA, the snails were everywhere and would climb everything. It was nice to sit on a cushion and not wonder if I was going to crush a snail.

  4. Copper tape is versatile, and it is a good idea to incorporate it into your home décor. Not only is it easy to work with, but it is an interesting color and can be used to accent your existing decorations.

  5. Thanks for this article. My wife loves copper colored anything! I designed a rose gold wedding ring for her, and now I have some ideas for presents to make that will also be “rose gold-colored”.

  6. These are such cute ideas, love this article. It could make something simple and drab turn into fab!

  7. So awesome! I did not know there is copper tape. How do you stop yourself from taping everything?

    • I think it depends on the wall, on a wall painted with flat paint it may leave marks but if it’s semi gloss it’s unlikely. It also depends on the brand of tape. :) Worst case scenario, you keep some paint set aside in case it leaves marks and just lightly sand any away and paint over them. :)

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