Maxi Skirts for Summer

By Kate Riley June 4, 2014

In winter, my uniform always includes yoga pants, often ones with paint splatter here or there. It’s in them where I find peace, comfort, and enough Lycra to hold everything together and create the illusion of smooth back end. Now that summer has arrived, my uniform has changed. Recently I’ve discovered that a long jersey skirt is the secret to comfort, style, and happiness. Dubbed the “maxi skirt” by all, I being all of 5’3” suffered from the misconception that these waist to toe skirts were only for tall girls. I was wrong.

My love affair began very casually, I tried one on in a dressing room a month ago and found myself buying it. Then I wore it for three days straight. Then I purchased a second and added it to the rotation. In Oahu, I popped into the Tommy Bahama outlet and scored two more. And then yesterday I ordered this one in blue tie dye (yes tie dye, how boho chic of me). 

I now have a maxi skirt for every day of the week and I confess I have fallen asleep in them more than once. I declare I shall rotate them all summer long until my friends and family stage an intervention. Here are some stylish patterned ones but I warn you, once you start wearing them, it’s hard to stop. summer maxi skirts

alley spots / starry light / striped / regatta ikat / sun lovva / ikat multi / linen crepe / lucky untamed / tribal blue / topshop floral / palme / seychelles 

Pair them with a tank and some beaded sandals and you’re set for any summer outing from neighborhood picnics to travel abroad. What’s your go to summer skirt, found a great one lately? .



  1. That is my go to as well. It used to be my air travel attire but have learned that they have to frisk you a little more closely because I guess they know you could hide all sorts of things under there :)

  2. Kate – I had no idea that maxi skirts would work for us shorties! thanks so much for the post – I’ll be gathering my courage and trying on some this coming weekend!

  3. I’m 5’3″ as well and never thought I could wear maxi skirts. I broke my foot over the weekend and realized oops too hard to get pants on. My girlfriend picked up a couple maxi skirts at Target for me and I love them! Very comfy and actually the perfect length. Now I want more! Great selection here Kate. I’m loving the Ikat one.

  4. I meant to mention one of the skirts my friend picked up for me was a tie dye looking one at Target. Tie dye is not really my thing but I have to say the skirt has grown on me. It’s pretty cute! Can’t beat the price at Target in case you want another skirt, Kate.

  5. Yay me! I also bought a black one at Target recently- and I haven’t been brave enough to actually wear it yet. Why am I nervous? At 58 (when did THAT happen?) I have more lumps and bumps than I care to acknowledge, so I have to look into a body smoother of some sort to counteract the ravages of time. But I tell you what- I will work on that and keep my eyes out for a few more maxi’s.

  6. I have fallen in love with the maxi dress! I myself, standing tall at 5’2″, always thought I would never be able to pull them off. But I tried one on, and have never looked back. I love the jersey material, it makes me feel like I wearing my pj’s all day.

  7. I am totally with you! I am tall, but I love maxi skirts and dresses. I hope they never go out of style!

  8. Does any one have a source for “petite” maxi skirts? Kate’s 3″ taller than I am :),

  9. I purchased a maxi skirt just last week at Macy’s. Since the waistband is a foldover kind, the length can be adjusted (I’m only 5’2). Love it! Plus, it has diagonal stripes, backside minimizing and very forgiving. I really like that maxi skirts can be dressed up or down. And it looks like you tried more so than yoga pants, even if just going to the grocery store!

  10. Oh they look beautiful and lovely. I guess the best part with maxi skirt is the level of comfort and relaxation offered. Especially when it comes to summers, you need to have something which is smooth and fun wear. I second that!

  11. I thought I was the only person who wore yogas with paint splatter! Have thought about the maxi. But, at 5’6, thought I was too short to wear them. Will have to give it a try. There are lots of free patterns for sewing them floating around as well.

  12. Kate, this is a funny post, yet from the comments, I can tell that a lot of women agree with you, asI do! I am in love with maxi skirts, and my next step is to see if I can try and sew one up? But I have heard that the Lycra Knit can be tricky to handle. But, I have to try, bcuz that’s what we do, right? See something then try and make it, LOL!!
    P.s. Here is a secret: you can wear those same skirts in the winter, with a cute, snuggly sweater and a comfy pair of BOOTS!!!!! Or in the spring and fall, with ballet flats…. In my opinion, they are all-season wear!!!!!

  13. I’m a shortie, too, and I adore maxi skirts. I wear them almost every day. I heard them described as crotchless yoga pants. Ha- so true! But, oh, they’re so much cuter! Love this post!

    • Ha ha ha “crotchless yoga pants” Pam – no wonder we love them!

  14. Ha! I’m 5’4″ and have always steered clear from maxi skirts and dresses. Wasn’t it Stacy and Clinton that said petite girls shouldn’t wear them? lol I love them!! I just found a couple of maxi dresses last week that actually didn’t drag and have already worn them multiple times. I’m hooked. I will probably make the plunge soon into maxi skirts…. Thanks for sharing such a pretty round up! Gorgeous prints. Speaking of prints, I saw your new line yesterday. So pretty. They remind me of a tropical plantation!

  15. I am even shorter at 5’1″ and also love them. I have always felt I look taller in very long skirts and look like a small child wearing a short skirt!

    Perhaps it’s the longer length of material, which creates (from a distance) the illusion of length.

    Actually long skirts are the only sort of skirt I will wear (and I very rarely wear skirts at all).

    Nice selection you have shared.

  16. I am also only 5’3″ and hesitated to jump on the maxi trend for a while. But I think it actually makes me look taller! And even more than maxi skirts, I love maxi dresses…I don’t even have to think about a top, just pop the dress on with cute sandals and rock it. :)

    • I agree Jessica, they “lengthen” – so great! I added wedges a few times and whenever I do I feel taller!

  17. I wish I would wear these skirts. I am only 4’11” and even the petite lengths are too long for me ;) Maybe I should buy some and have them hemmed. Super cute prints!

  18. Had to laugh at the ‘crotchless yoga pants’. I’m 5-4 but all legs/ no trunk so maxis should be great for me? I was inspired by your post and dug out a black maxi I had, styled it with a decorated T and jean jacket for casual Friday. All was well, so comfy, then I arrived home and my teenager said “why are you wearing an old lady skirt?”. I told him to check out the style pages and keep it to himself. Still want to find a few more…they rock comfort and as a woman who works with little kids, it’s easy to sit on the floor and be appropriate.

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